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High up above the Viridian Forest, the TR battle airship takes a steep plunge while its two engine rotors cackle from the rapidly spinning motor fans. Just before its hits the lush forests below, it skews sideways and gains altitude again, causing the whole aircraft to thrash like a wild animal in midair.

Clinging onto one of the four poles of the open stadium, Storc and Oca struggle to keep themselves from falling, but with every new perilous motion Jagura steers the battle airship into, it gets harder and harder to hold on. Storc curses at Jagura, and thinks hard for a way to get close to the pilot room. Just then, the aircraft angles sharply towards the right, and Oca's big hands slip from the pole. The big man lets out a terrified cry and begins to free fall, but all Storc could do is yell out his name while helplessly watching him plummet, her face white with horror.

Meanwhile, Red and his companions are having a hard time holding on as well. Secured onto another stadium pole by Mewtwo's psychic spoon, Yellow screams from the aircraft's vigorous motions while Red clutches tight onto Deoxys to prevent it from falling. The battle airship's master remote control which he snagged from Giovanni earlier slips out from his pocket, and begins tumbling across the stadium ground.

Storc spots the device from her position, and quickly orders her Persian to grab it with thief, knowing that it will help her take back the aircraft from Jagura easier. As soon as she gets hold of the remote control, Storc promptly deactivates the stadium mode, and the battle airship begins to transform again, reverting the midair arena back into a normal aircraft cabin.

As both ends of the stadium closes in, Red, Yellow, Deoxys and Mewtwo soon find themselves back inside the battle airship. After taking a moment to catch their breaths, Red states that they must find the pilot room to stop Jagura before it is too late. He helps Deoxys stand up, who is still in its defense form, and drapes its arm across his own shoulder to support it. Yellow isn't sure that they should take it along, but Red grins that they can't abandon it in such a weakened state, and starts moving towards the direction of the pilot room.

However, once they get there, Red discovers that the door is fully bolted, and hears Jagura through the aircraft's broadcast system calling him stupid and giggling that there is no way they could break into the pilot room with the impeccable security system. The little man watches Red and Mewtwo struggle with the door from a small monitor screen on his pilot computer, and laughs that it is foolish to think they have gained an upperhand by deactivating the aircraft's stadium mode.

The image of Storc soon appears on another monitor screen, and the tall woman glares at Jagura with vengeful eyes while telling him what a foolish act he is pulling off. Jagura chuckles that Storc should know better than anyone else that there is no way to enter the pilot room unless he unlocks the system from the inside, and tells her to quit trying to intimidate him.

The little man vows to become the next boss of Team Rocket, and he shall wipe every single one of them out to achieve that. Storc says she is doubtful that he will succeed, and Jagura suddenly hears a loud snap right above him. To his shock, he sees a hexagonal red jewel on the ceiling, and recognizes it as Storc's Starmie.

The jewelled starfish swiftly pushes itself off the ceiling, and rams hard into Jagura, knocking him off the pilot seat. Jagura struggles to sit up on the floor, and grunts in realization that the Starmie has used camouflage to assimilate itself with the walls. Storc remarks that they have worked so hard for this special day when Giovanni could finally reunite with his lost son, and she will not allow Jagura to sabotage everything with his foolish aspirations.

Jagura admits that Storc does have many tricks up her sleeve, but she is unfortunately outsmarted this time because he is better prepared. With that, Storc hears a click behind her, and gasps in horror. However, it is too late. One of Jagura's Forretresses who is stationed there delivers a powerful explosion, and blasts a big hole through the side of the battle airship just beneath the right engine rotor. Storc, with her clothes ripped into pieces and her mouth gaping wide in astonishment, gets expelled through the hole and plummets downwards just like Oca did.

From a side window, Red and Mewtwo witness what happened, and are both horrified by how ugly the internal conflict has turned into. Jagura, on the other hand, regains his stance, and giggles that he has placed 10 other Forretresses on the aircraft, all of which have been ordered to use explosion when necessary.

However, that is not all to it. Just like a time bomb, the unexploded ones will all blow up in 10 minutes time, and that shall turn the entire aircraft into complete dust. It is therefore pointless to try stealing the aircraft back, and landing it safely. With that, Jagura calls out his Skarmory, and takes off before he himself gets swallowed by the impending deadly explosions.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo succeeds in blasting open the pilot room's door. Having heard Jagura's words via the aircraft's broadcast system, the genetic mutant states that they must find a way to escape as soon as possible, but Red says they cannot simply abandon ship. The boy remarks that the Forretresses will definitely explode in 10 minutes, and if the aircraft ends up crashing into a town or city, it will lead to a major tragedy.

Just then, Red notices Giovanni and a familiar red haired boy on one of the monitor screens, and gasps that there are still others on the battle airship. He tries to get Yellow to go help them, but only then discovers that the girl is slouching against the wall in slumber.

Red's call snaps Yellow out from her sleep, and she quickly apologizes for dozing off. She slaps her own cheeks, trying to keep herself awake, and Red realizes that Yellow's continuous use of her mind reading ability has severely worn her out, making her more prone to sleep attacks. Thinking back on how Storc lured Yellow into using her ability to read Deoxys's mind multiple times, Red finally sees that the TR secret agent's has intended to exhaust the girl all along.

With a blasted hole on the right side of the aircraft body, the TR battle airship soon loses balance in its flight and goes haywire in midair, thrashing around uncontrollably and spinning along its own axis as it soars across the skies of Kanto. Mewtwo states that it understands they have to prevent the aircraft from crashing into civilian areas, but wants to know what exactly Red is planning to do.

At Fuchsia City, the warden of the Safari Zone and his mecha-pidgey hear the defeaning sounds of engine, and look up in horror to see the broken giant aircraft giving out thick clouds of black smoke. The warden's astonishment causes him to spit out his fake gold teeth, and his mind boggles with fear that the aircraft is about to crash. However, the aircraft manages to speed past Fuchsia, and mecha-pidgey hollers that it is heading for Vermillion.

At the Vermillion harbour, the President of the Pokémon Fan Club and his club members soon spot the failing aircraft approaching their city as well, and cry in terror that a big tragedy is about to happen.

Meanwhile, the speedy liner Sea Gallop has just returned from the Sevii Islands, and the sailor announces that they have successfully docked. Everyone on board looks up from the deck to see the midair terror, and Brinca wonders if it is Team Rocket's battle airship. Green is certain that it is the very enemy aircraft Red and Mewtwo chased after, and Blue switches to the news channel on her Pokégear to discover that there is already coverage on the incident.

The reporter states that the giant airship began losing control over the skies of the Viridian Forest, and after soaring above Fuchsia, is now going haywire right on top of Vermillion. Blue rationalizes that after Red and Mewtwo reached the aircraft and fought Deoxys, something must have happened. She turns to Lorelei and asks if the Beast Warrior Trio are on the aircraft, but Lorelei finds no signal on her compact mirror tracer, and remarks that at least Storc isn't on board.

Green then tries to contact Red with his Pokégear, but the call fails to go through. Green grunts that Red seems to be outside the signal coverage zone, but regardless of who is on board the aircraft, from its current state, it shall lose control completely and crash at any moment, and the one thing they should do right now is to limit its scope of destruction. With that, Green and Blue jump off the Sea Gallop, and dash towards the city center.

Back inside the TR airship, Red surprises everyone by saying that he will need Deoxys's help, and goes on to explain that Deoxys's other companion, named Individual 1 by Team Rocket, has the ability to create black holes to swallow people, just like it did with Blue's parents. He turns to Deoxys and wants to know if it can do the same thing, and the aqua green and orange creature hesitates momentarily before giving a silent nod.

Red tells Deoxys to warp Giovanni and the red haired boy away first, and Deoxys opens up its four thick tentacles while focusing its mind. From the monitor screen, Red sees that a black hole soon appears to swallow up the two, and compliments Deoxys for its great work. He then commands it to do the same to Mewtwo and Yellow, which causes them to bolt with shock. Red assures them that they will be alright, just like Blue's parent were, and explains that the black hole is apparently just an entrance, and Deoxys shall send them to a safe exit.

Mewtwo snaps that it isn't concerned about where they are going, but the fact that Red is evacuating everyone else but himself is totally outrageous. However, despite Mewtwo and Yellow's protests, Red simply puts on a smile as if to assure them that he will come back safely, and turns to walk away from the black hole…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

298: The Getaway Blackhole!

Volume 25