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Gold grinds his teeth in pain as he twists his left ankle after narrowly evading Teddiursa's headbutt. Kurt's granddaughter gets worried seeing the older boy crouching on the ground and holding his ankle in agony, and wonders what to do. Ursaring delivers another slash, yet Gold can do nothing but throw himself on top of the little girl to protect her. To his surprise, Sneasel cuts in to save them just in time and freezes the giant paws of Ursaring with an icy wind. Silver coldly remarks that there are consequences of invading other people's properties, and Gold grunts with embarrassment.

Ursaring melts the ice on its paws with a firepunch, and Teddiursa prepares a scratch on Aitro. The little purple monkey swiftly evades the attacks, but Gold knows that they can't take on two wild Pokémon at the same time. He decides to capture Teddiursa first and tosses out the friendball, but it bounces off the head of the little bear, and rolls back to him. Gold attempts a few more times, yet Teddiursa always manages to fend it off. Gold fumes, and curses Kurt for his useless special Pokéballs. Silver scoffs that he shouldn't be complaining since he's the one who's using the balls with a wrong method. Gold demands to know what Silver is talking about, and Silver tells Gold to watch him demonstrate on Ursaring, but then Aitro bumps into Silver after being thrown off by Ursaring, and knocks the heavyball out of Silver's hands.

Silver glares angrily at Gold, but Gold quickly says that is was an accident. The two wild Pokémon continue their assault, and the two boys have no choice but to run as fast as they could while taking Kurt's granddaughter along with them. Ursaring and Teddiursa corner them next to the edge of a steep cliff, and Kurt's granddaughter begins to sob. She remembers her grandfather's warnings about Ursaring Mountain being a very dangerous place, and how he never allows her to go there. She regrets breaking her promise to stay away from it, and breaks into a brawl. Gold comforts her that they will find a way out, and tells her to trust him.

Gold turns to Silver and for the first time, begs him to tell him about the proper techniques of using Kurt's Pokéballs. Silver hesitates for a moment, but decides that his only choice is to collaborate with the other boy now. Silver remarks that while timing is crucial in captures, the striking point is more important when it comes to using the special Pokéballs. Each Pokémon has one point on its body surface that is the centre of its life force, and when a Pokéball strikes that specific spot, the effect of that particular Pokéball will be maximized and it is almost always guaranteed that the catch will be successful. Silver points out that the energy center of Ursaring is right in the middle of the circular pattern on its stomach, and that of Teddiursa on the crescent moon of its forehead.

Gold thanks Silver and positions the friendball in front of his billiard cue. Silver sees that the heavyball he lost earlier has rolled off behind the two wild Pokémon, and wonders what Gold is planning to do with only one Pokéball. Gold smirks and strikes hard with his cue, and the friendball starts moving in a zig-zagged path as it bounces between the rocks. It hits the heavyball on the far side, and the two balls propel off the ground and back towards Gold. Gold quickly grabs hold of the friendball while Silver catches the heavyball, and the two boys toss them towards the energy centres of the two astonished wild Pokémon at the same time, instantly catching both.

Kurt's granddaughter cheers, and Gold starts bragging about his skills in front of Silver, but the red-haired boy merely says their collaboration stops there, and heads off again after picking up the heavyball containing Ursaring. Gold grunts at Silver's coldness, and walks over to pick up the friendball. He releases Teddiursa in front of Kurt's granddaughter, and says she has made her first Pokémon friend. The little girl puts on a wide grin, and the little bear returns a timid smile. Gold then says they should probably be returning to Azalea Town, and prepares to make their way down the mountain.

That night, back in Azalea Town, next to the Slowpoke's Well, Team Rocket members are piling up the slowpoke tails they've cut off from the Slowpokes living in the area. They are cheering over the large amount of money they will get from selling the highly sought after tails when Silver appears with his Ursaring…

Later, Gold and Kurt's granddaughter have made their way back to Kurt's house. To their surprise, Kurt is nowhere to be seen, and they discover that water has stopped coming out from the taps. Kurt's granddaughter believes that something must be wrong at the Slowpoke's Well, and Gold decides to head over there to check. Meanwhile, Kurt is surprised by what he sees at the Slowpoke's Well. A gang of battered Team Rocket members have been tied up next to a whole bunch of Slowpokes whose tails have been cut off and are piled up on the side. He hears a call from behind, and turns around to see his granddaughter running cheerfully towards him with a Teddiursa. He instantly knows that she has just been to the Ursaring Mountain, and scolds her for not listening to his warnings. The little girl starts to sob, and Kurt immediately softens down. He pats her on the head and says he's glad that she's safe, and reminds her to treat her new Pokémon with love and care.

Gold takes a baffled look at the TR members, and wonders who knocked them out. Kurt remarks that they were already tied up when he arrived, and says whoever did it must be very strong. Something stirs from behind, and Gold quickly turns around to find Bugsy with his Metapod and Kakuna. Bugsy explains that he has heard reports about Team Rocket causing trouble in the area and thus came over for a look, but he too, gets instantly stunned when he sees the tied up TR members. Gold then notices some claw marks on the side of the well, and gets lost in thought for a moment.

Kurt's granddaughter walks over to pat the Slowpokes, and says the well must have dried up since all Slowpokes were taken out. Gold suddenly remembers the legend about Slowpokes being able to evoke underground water by their yawn, and quickly calls Aitro forward to attack a Slowpoke. Kurt and Bugsy holler in shock at what Gold is going, but Gold tells them to wait and see. After suffering a few more scratches from Aitro, the Slowpoke lets out a yawn and water all of a sudden fills the well again. Gold grins that he was trying to tire the Slowpoke, and hopefully get it to yawn and evoke the underground water channels. Kurt and Bugsy are impressed by Gold's wit, and thank him for his help. Gold decides to continue on his journey, and wave goodbye to the three.

As Gold speeds away on his skateboard, he recalls the claw marks on the side of the well again, and believes that they belong to Silver's Ursaring. He rationalizes that Silver must have learnt of Team Rocket's work at the Slowpoke's Well even earlier than Bugsy did, and wonders why the boy would bother to catch an Ursaring simply for stopping Team Rocket. He starts to think that Silver must have some untold intentions in all his doings, and decides that he will find them out some day…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

102: VS. Ursaring!

Volume 08