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In the Ilex Forest, a young man is gathering wood for burning coal with the help of his Farfetch'd's cut ability. The wild duck Pokémon chops down another tree with its green onion stick, and the man remarks that they should probably sum up their work for the day. Suddenly, a mysterious fog fills the forest, and the man instantly gets a shiver. He decides to head back to Azalea Town before their way gets completely blurred, but then he turns around to find that his Farfetch'd has gone missing. He starts wandering around searching for Farfetch'd, and out of nowhere a creepy voice warns him to stay away from the forest. Something slowly looms over, and the young man lets out a cry as it closes in on him.

A while later, Gold checks on his Pokégear to learn that he has arrived at the Ilex Forest. He grunts that Silver always seems to be one step ahead of him, and tells his Pokémon that they should hurry across the forest to catch up. He remembers how Silver left without a word of gratitude after he helped him capture Ursaring, and decides to press the boy for the real intentions behind his actions the next time they meet.

As Gold, Typhlo, Aitro, Sunflo and Politro make their way through the dense trees and bushes, the atmosphere slowly gets creepier and creepier. Gold checks on his Pokégear again, and is surprised to see that they are somewhere outside the available map area. He embarrassedly announces that they're lost, and his Pokémon give him an annoyed look. Gold is wondering how it is that they have wandered off that far when all of sudden he trips over something in front of him. He quickly gets up and finds that a young man has fainted on the grass next to a battered Farfetch'd. Seeing that the young man has lost all consciousness, Gold decides to carry him on his back, while Typhlo, Aitro, Politro and Sunflo help carry Farfetch'd.

Gold takes a look at the wounds of Farfetch'd, and wonders what Pokémon it fought against could have caused such serious injuries. He speeds his way through the forest on his skateboard, but a sudden chill runs down his spine, and he discovers that the young man seems to be getting heavier and heavier. He turns around to see that his Pokémon are having trouble bearing the abrupt increase in Farfetch'd's weight as well, and knows that something is wrong. They quickly throw down the young man and Farfetch'd on the grass, but the two seem to be manipulated by something and gradually climb back on their feet with gleaming eyes. A Gastly soon materializes next to them, and Gold gasps in shock as the possessed Farfetch'd charges forward to attack.

The wild duck Pokémon delivers a wing attack on Aitro, and Gold quickly tells his Pokémon to run. They arrive at a small wooden shrine, and decide to take shelter behind it. Gold wonders who would be sending a Gastly to possess people in the forest, and suddenly realizes that Politro is missing. He looks around to see that it was too slow to catch up with them, and is still lost and wandering in the open field. Not wanting to abandon his Pokémon, Gold hurls himself out of his hiding place to grab Politro, but Gastly instantly spots him and calls upon its companions.

Gold soon finds himself surrounded by Gastly, Houndour, Ariados and Delibird, and checks on his Pokédex to learn that all four Pokémon are double typed. Houndour charges forward with a bite, and Gold quickly has Typhlo stun it with a smokescreen. But then Gastly starts its assault on Politro, and while Gold is distracted, Houndour knocks Typhlo over with a tackle. Gold calls out Sunflo and orders a growth, but Delibird takes the chance to deliever an icy wind on Aitro, and Ariados knocks down Sunflo with a poison sting when Gold is distracted again.

Gold discovers that he is having trouble in the 4 vs 4 battle, and wonders what he should do. A mysterious fog suddenly appears ahead of him, and Gold, thinking that it's another Pokémon, immediately orders an ember from Typhlo. But Houndour jumps in the way to counteract with a flamethrower, and instantly knocks Typhlo down. The fog disperses to reveal a masked man with long hair in a black, massive cape, who apparently is the owner of the four attacking Pokémon. Gold wonders who he is, and the mysterious man coldly warns him to stay away from the forest…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

103: VS. Houndour!

Volume 08