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At the Goldenrod Game Center, Gold is starting to draw attention with his impressive skills at the billiard table. People marvel at the way Gold's billiard ball bounces around as if it has a life on its own, and Gold grins that it takes a lot of practice to achieve that. Just then, a piece of coloured plastic wrap comes off from the ball surface, and the whole room roars with discontent when they discover that Gold's billiard ball is actually a Pokéball, and his Aipom, Aitro, inside has been manipulating the ball's movement all along. The owner angrily throws Gold out of the place, and warns him not to return again.

Gold grunts that people are lacking a sense of humour these days, and jumps with a start when the phone on his Pokégear beeps. Thinking that it's the cute picnic girl whom he exchanged phone numbers with earlier, he excitedly answers, only to find that it's Prof. Elm calling about the mysterious egg. Elm wonders if Gold has gotten any new Pokémon since they last saw each other, and Gold tells him about Politro which he retrieved on his way to Azalea Town, as well as Sunflo and Sudro who have joined his team not long ago. Elm reminds Gold to keep him informed about the status of the egg before hanging up, and Gold starts to wonder if there are any ways to speed up its hatching.

That evening, Gold is spending the night in his sleeping bag out in the wild again. He holds the egg close to him, and dreams of it hatching into a Pokémon powerful enough to beat Silver as he slowly drifts off to sleep. At one point, the egg rolls off from his hands, and a hungry Gligar that has had its eyes on it all the time quickly swoops down to snatch it away. The noise it makes wakes Aitro, and the purple little monkey immediately alerts Gold's other Pokémon. It tries to get Gold to wake up, but the boy sleeps sound and ignores its shaking. Gold's Pokédex then beeps to show the information of Gligar, and the five Pokémon decide to work on their own to retrieve the egg.

Swinging itself between tree branches, Aitro hurls itself towards Gligar for a scratch, but the flying scorpion delivers a poison sting on Aitro's face and momentarily knocks it out. Gligar flies low above the stream, and Politro hops out to ambush it, but Gligar swipes its tail hard on Politro and throws it back into the water. Gligar then flies onto a tree branch and prepares to feed on the egg, yet the tree it's sitting on turns out to be Sudro in disguise and the imitation Pokémon quickly grabs it tight. Typhlo charges forward to unleash its fire on Gligar, but after a while, Aitro gets nervous about the egg being cooked by the heat, and tells Typhlo to stop. Gligar makes use of the chance to fly away again and hides into a bush, not knowing that Sunflo is lurking on the tree above. Sunflo instantly dives down for a tackle, but the collision accidentally causes Gligar's head to smash on the egg, and everyone gasp in shock when part of the shell breaks off. Just then, the egg starts to roll around on its own, and the Pokédex beeps to alert that the egg is about to hatch.

Aitro, Typhlo, Sudro, Sunflo, Politro, and Gligar look on anxiously as more of the shell comes off. Then to everyone's amusement, the egg wiggles one last time, and hatches into a Togepi. Gligar attempts to approach again, but Togepi slams into it with a powerful headbutt, stunning it instantly and surprising all of Gold's Pokémon. Gligar grunts in pain and hurls it back onto the ground, but Togepi quickly gets up and starts doing a metronome. This manages to generates a psybeam, and Togepi hops up to knock out Gligar with the attack just before the flying scorpion is about to fly away. Togepi plummets right into Gold's forehead, and the boy immediately wakes up and clutches his head in pain.

The next morning, at the PokémonCentre of Goldenrod, Gold contacts Elm via the visual phone system, and the professor is overjoyed to hear that the egg has hatched. He tells Gold to positon the screen camera towards Togepi, and quickly hollers in shock when he sees that the baby Pokémon is skillfully playing around with Gold's billiard cue, trump cards and dices. Gold realizes the egg must have learnt and heard everything when he was at the game center, and Elm throws a tantrum about Gold raising the egg into a naughty Pokémon…

Later, out in the countryside south of Goldenrod, Gold is frustrated that Prof. Elm has given him yet another errand to run. To make up for the fact that he has contaminated the mind of Togepi, Elm has told him to visit the Daycare House old couples, who will be able to tell him more about Pokémon eggs. After wandering back and forth a couple of times, Gold can't seem to find the place Elm mentioned and wonders if he has misheard the directions. Just then, the bushes behind him stirs, and he jumps with a start when a Cleffa, Igglybuff, Smoochum and Magby jump out and start running around. An old woman then emerges with an anxious look on her face, and seems to be chasing after the four baby Pokémon. Gold wonders if she is the old granny at the Daycare House, and the old woman quickly smacks his head with her clutch and says he should address her as the young and pretty miss. She demands Gold to retrieve the four baby Pokémon for her, and Gold has no choice but to comply.

After much hassle, Gold manages to catch all the four little ones, and returns to the Daycare House with the old granny. The old grampy thanks Gold for his help, and reveals that they have been expecting him after their chat with Elm on the phone. He remarks that while they do have had plenty of eggs discovered and hatched at the Daycare House, most aspects about Pokémon eggs is still a mystery to them. While eggs are discovered when certain pairs of Pokémon, such as two Togetics, are raised together for some time, some Pokémon pairs, like a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen, do not produce eggs even after a long period of time. Gold thinks for a moment and thanks old grampy for the informtaion, and says he will report them back to Elm as soon as possible. He then prepares to leave, but old granny stops him and wonders if he is interested in doing some special training that could strengthen his Pokémon' skills.

With his unsettled rivalry with Silver in mind, Gold quickly accepts, but little does he know that old granny is offering the training partly because it will help lighten her workload at the Daycare House. Old grampy sighs that another young trainer has fallen for the tricks of old granny, and decides that he should call Jasmine to inform about the Pokémon hatched from the egg her two Togetics produced. The Olivine Gymleader picks up the phone and is thrilled to learn about Togepi. Old grampy asks if she would like to see it in person, and Jasmine quickly says she will pay a visit to the Daycare House right away…

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107: VS. Gligar!

Volume 09