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At the Daycare House, old granny is taking Gold to her special training room when they come across old grampy's chamber where he keeps his collection of various Pokémon-related information. Gold gets curious and goes in for a look. He notices an album about champions of the Pokémon League over the years, and flips to a page with the photo of Red and his full team. Seeing a Poliwrath in the picture, Gold tells Politro that it will evolve into it someday, and encourages it to train harder.

Old granny nags Gold to hurry along and they soon arrive in a pitch black room. After pushing Gold inside, old granny shuts him in with metal bars, and Gold wonders what is going on. Vengeful eyes start to gleam in the dark, and Gold jumps back in shock when they all turn out to be ferocious looking Pokémon. Old granny remarks that Gold's task will be to battle them out until they're tamed, and a Kangaskhan starts to charge forward with a Tauros. Gold gets chased around, and hollers that it must be a joke, but old granny tells him to be serious and says it will be good training for his own Pokémon.

Knowing that he's stuck with no choice, Gold prepares his usual ways of battling and sets a Pokéball in front of his billiard cue. But old granny calls him over to the metal bars, and without warning, snatches away all his equipment except the Pokédex, and says he will have to depend on his own knowledge and skills this time. Gold puts on an annoyed look, but decides to comply anyway. He orders his Pokémon forward to fight, but his opponents are far too aggressive for him, and he ends up being chased around again. He has Typhlo use smokescreen to blind the enemy, and commands Togepi, whom he calls Togero, to unleash a metronome, which randomly generate a glare on an attacking Ekans.

Old granny remarks that Gold should stop using defensive moves and go offensive, and Gold quickly commands Typhlo to fire an ember on a Donphan using rollout. The attack barely hurts Donphan, and old granny barks that Gold should be using water attacks instead of fire ones which are ineffective against ground types. She explains that it is important to keep the foe at a distance by using attacks at appropriate times, and Gold waits until Donphan is two feet ahead before getting Politro to use watergun. Donphan gets knocked off instantly, and old granny grins that difference in body size does not matter as long as the timing of attack is precise.

Meanwhile, in Ecruteak City, Jasmine is hurrying on her way to the Daycare House from her hometown Olivine. She remarks to her two Magnetons that she can't wait to see the Pokémon hatched from the egg, and a tremble all of a sudden courses through the street. An earthquake then follows, and the ground begins to split. Jasmine loses her stance, and cries out in shock as she falls into the deep cracks spreading across the city…

Back at the Daycare House special training room, a Primeape delivers crosschop and Gold orders Sudro to counteract with a mimic. Realizing that none of his Pokémon have attacks effective against fighting types, Gold thinks hard to come up with a plan. Old granny reminds him not to solid moves instead of smokescreen and metronome, and Gold learns from his Pokédex that Sunflo knows a skill that boosts fire attacks. He quickly commands a sunny day from Sunflo, followed by an ember from Typhlo, and the powered up flames instantly knocks out the Primeape.

Old grampy comes by and wonders how Gold is doing, and old granny grins that all of Oak's trainers seem to have unpredictable potentials in them. She remarks that her special training sessions are three birds in one stone, as they not only strengthen young trainers and greatly reduce the workload of old people like them, but also solve the problem of Pokémon staying at the Daycare House not having adequate exercise. Gold and his Pokémon pant in exhaustion, and wonder when will their hard work pay off. Just then, Typhlo starts to glow and suddenly evolves into a Quilava. This lightens everyone up, and Gold jumps with joy. He immediately clutches tight on old granny's hands to thank her, and encourages his Pokémon to keep going.

An emergent news report comes on the radio about the sudden earthquake in Ecruteak City, and the old couple immediately get worried about Jasmine as it is part of the only route from Olivine to their place. Old grampy starts fidgetting around thinking of what to do, and old granny decides to send Gold off to find her.

Later, in the rubbles and collapsed buildings of Ecruteak, Gold takes another look at the photo of Jasmine given to her by the old couple, and wonders if he will be able to find her in that mess. Before he left the Daycare House, old granny has mentioned to him that she has only taught him the basics of Pokémon battling, and he will have to find his own way to improve himself onwards. She has given him a King's Rock as a parting gift, and said it will come in handy some day. Just then, the ground trembles again, and Gold knows he has to locate Jasmine as soon as possible.

High up in the air, Silver is hovering over the city rubbles while clinging onto his Murkrow. After a close inspection around the site, he confirms to himself that the city is having serious land subsidence, and quickly flies down towards the Tin Tower…

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108: VS. Quilava!

Volume 09