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High up in the nine-storey tall pagoda, Tin Tower, Jasmine grunts in pain as she tries to wiggle her lower body free from the fallen rubbles. Thinking that higher places are safer during earthquakes, the Olivine gymleader has ascended all the way to the top floor of the tower when the unexpected tremble shook the whole city of Ecuteak. But it appears that the ancient tower has taken a heavy toll from the disaster as well, and Jasmine wonders if anyone will ever come to her rescue. She then remembers the powerful light her Ampharos is able to give off, and decides to use it as a beacon to attract attention. Ampharos pops out from its Pokéball, and starts to create a blinding beam of light from the red jewel on its forehead.

Outside, standing in the crumbled buildings of the city, Gold and Typhlo immediately notice the strong light flashing from the top floor of Tin Tower. Gold takes another look at the photo old grampy and granny gave him, and guesses that it might be a call for help from the girl he's supposed to find. He quickly makes his way through the rubbles towards the tower, but another tremble momentarily courses through the streets again. Gold remarks that time is running out and them, and hurries on his way to the rescue with Typhlo.

Back in Tin Tower, Jasmine starts to pass out from the heavy weight the rubbles are burdening on her lower body. Just then, a young boy with long red-hair comes into view, but she quickly loses consciousness before she could say a word. Meanwhile, Gold continues to climb the endless flights of stairs of the tower, and tells Typhlo that they are only one storey away. He pants hard as he reaches the top floor, and gasps in shock when he sees Silver carrying the girl he's looking for next to an Ampharos that's giving off the strong light he saw. Silver grunts that they seem to meet all the time, and Gold demands to know what he is doing with Jasmine.

Silver coldly states that he is simply trying to help the injured during the earthquake, and Gold snickers that he never thought Silver would care about anyone else. Silver tells Gold to take over if he wishes, and places Jasmine into the other boy's arms. He then turns to leave, and Gold suddenly notices the giant bird Pokémon statue standing in the middle of the room. He reads from the inscription that its name is Ho-Oh, and wonders what kind of Pokémon it is. Just then, the ceiling begins to crumble again, and Gold decides that it is not the time to bother about statues. He heads back towards the stairs, but the wooden planks supporting the tower top finally gives way and demolishes the staircases. The opposite wall is about to fall on Gold when Silver's Ursaring suddenly appears to catch the tumbling planks.

Silver re-emerges and hollers that Gold has to get Jasmine out before the last exit of the floor gets blocked. Gold knows that there isn't enough time for two people to pass through, and quickly flips Jasmine over Ampharos's back before pushing the two of them out. Ursaring runs out of strength to hold up the falling planks, and the opening immediately closes right after Ampharos manages to slip out. Trapped inside a closed room, Gold and Silver look around and think hard to find a way to escape. The air starts to get chilly, and Gold orders Typhlo to warm them up with its flames, but Silver quickly stops him and barks that it will consume their limited oxygen even faster.

Silver grunts that he would have left the tower already if Gold wasn't there to stall his time, and Gold argues that he certainly didn't plan to become a victim himself when he was there to do a rescue initially. The far end of the room all of a sudden bursts open and a flood of liquid cement comes washing in. Gold hurriedly orders Typhlo to crack the ceiling with a flamewheel, but the attack barely chars the tough planks. The liquid cement soon buries Gold and Silver up to their chest, and Silver finds it odd when he notices traces of frozen sand.

After a moment of thought, Silver decides to try evoking the strong water currents running underground to propel out themselves out of the tower. He releases Crocronaw, and tells Gold to get his water Pokémon ready as well. Though resenting the idea of following directions from Silver, Gold fumbles for his Pokéballs and calls out Politro, who is wearing on its head the King's Rock old granny gave. Silver remarks with annoyance that he was expecting Gold to have a better water Pokémon, and Politro suddenly starts to glow and to Gold's surprise, evolves into a Poliwhirl. However, it is apparently still too weak to render help in the situation, and Silver gets a plan and tells Gold to take out his Pokédex.

Gold wonders what Silver is having in mind, but has no time to think as the liquid cement is threatening to consume them completely. He quickly establishes connection with Silver's Pokédex just when the whole Tin Tower collapses and the heavy liquid cement pulls him down along with it. To his astonishment, he suddenly feels himself surrounded by water, and opens his eyes to see Silver and himself shooting out from the tower rubbles on Crocronaw and Politro's whirlpool attack. He then notices that Politro has evolved once again, but to his shock, it isn't a Poliwrath and he angrily demands to know what Silver has done after they landed.

Silver hisses that Poliwhirl has two evolutionary alternatives, and the one that Politro evolved into, Politoed, is the form that excels at controlling water and is evolved by trading. Gold gasps in surprise, and Silver coldly states that he doesn't have time to waste, and tells Gold to stop following him. Silver then crouches on the ground to inspect that inspects the damage done by the earthquake. Seeing the strange way the land sinks and remembering the frozen sand he saw back in Tin Tower, he silently thinks to himself that the earthquake doesn't seem to be of natural causes, and is most likely conjured by a Pokémon that commands both ice and land attacks.

Just then, Team Rocket members start appearing from every direction, and the two boys gasp in shock to find themselves surrounded…

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109: VS. Ampharos!

Volume 09