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Green's sudden appearance draws everyone's attention, and Red is surprised to see that the boy has returned from his journey he set out on not too long ago. A staff of the Pokémon Association demands to know who Green is, but Green ignores him and walks over to grab Red's wrists. Red instantly flinches in pain, and Green remarks that he knew that Red was trying to hide something back on Cerise Island. Red sulks in annoyance, and Green says he should have known better than to force himself into harsh trainings for the selection test.

Not knowing who Green is and baffled by all he's hearing, the chairman of the Pokémon Association yells for the two boys to be quiet, and walks up to Green to holler that everyone has to follow the regulations set by the association if he or she wants to be officially granted the gymleader title. He barks that Green will have to do a proper application like everyone else does, and all of a sudden, the whole gym starts to tremble violently.

The audience become worried, and wonder what is going on. But Red and Green know that certain Pokémon must be rampaging outside, and give each other quick nod before speeding out of the gym entrance. Daisy remarks that Red is in no condition for more battles, and tells Yellow to hurry after and stop him. Meanwhile, staff of the Pokémon Association try their best to pacify the screaming crowd, and direct them to the gym emergency exits.

Outside, Red and Green find themselves face to face with a wild Rhydon, Exeggcutor, Arcanine and Alakazam. Red wonders what made them come into the city, and Arcanine suddenly charges forward to attack. Green quickly tells Red to guard the gym entrance, and commands Scizor to defend. The red steel mantis delivers a metal claw to knock back Arcanine, and Red is greatly impressed by its speed. The three faces of Exeggcutor start to glare at Green with gleaming eyes, and Green instantly recalls his learnings about how the coconut Pokémon often intimidates its foes by its multiple heads. Yellow finds Red at the gym entrance and is shocked at the scene before her eyes. Red quickly tells her to stand back, and let Green deal with the wild Pokémon.

Scizor lifts its pincers up to the sides of its head, and Yellow is surprised to see that Exeggcutor soon flinches in fear. Red explains that Scizor's eye-patterned pincers make it look as if it has three heads, and remarks that other Pokémon are usually scared by it. Yellow wonders if the Scizor used to be Green's Scyther, and Red grins that it must have evolved not long ago. Red remembers hearing from Green that Scyther was the Pokémon he grew up, and thinks to himself how first Pokémon are usually the ones most dependable by their trainers.

Green decides to deliver his final blow, and orders a false swipe from Scizor. He then tosses out four Pokéballs, and instantly catches the wild Pokémon as Red and Yellow watch with amusement. The audience who have now gathered outside the gym cheers with joy, and one man remarks that Green certainly lives up to the reputation of his grandfather, Prof. Oak. The chairman of the Pokémon Association jumps with surprise when he learns that Green is the grandson of the highly respected professor, and Red grins that the boy is also the 1st runner-up in the previous Pokémon League. The chairmna hurriedly runs up to Green to apologize for his rudeness earlier, but Green ignores him and walks over to a van which is broadcasting an energetic tune from its radio.

Daisy recognizes the melody as the Pokémon March, a song which wild Pokémon are attracted to, and Green quickly reaches his hand through the window of the van to turn it off. The crowd learns that the van is the vehicle the Pokémon Association travelled in, and blames the staff of the association for leaving the radio on and subjecting their city to danger. Green turns to the chairman, and says he doesn't mind if the association deems him inappropriate for the gymleader title, but hopes that they will find someone to substitute for Red as soon as possible so as not to leave the gym unattended.

Green then tosses the Pokéball of his Charizard towards Red, and says it will assist him on his quest for the ailment he seeks. Red doesn't understand what Green is saying, but Green tells him to consult Daisy for the details, and turns to leave. The chairman of the Pokémon Association ponders for a moment, and announces to his staff that he has decided to appoint Green as the new Viridian gymleader. One man argues that it is against the regulation, but the chairman says Green has clearly proven himself to be an able trainer by the way he handled the wild Pokémon. He adds that judging by the respect the boy appeared to have gained from the citizens in Viridian, there doesn't seem to be another person more suitable for the job.

The next day, outside his house, Red pulls on his insulating gloves and gets ready to set out on his journey. Daisy and Yellow arrive just in time to catch him, and Red thanks Daisy for helping him locate the ailment he seeks. Yellow wonders where Red is going, and Daisy explains that she has learnt about a place to the far northwest of Kanto, called Mt. Silver, housing special hot springs with the ability to cure all kinds of injuries. She remarks that Green has actually investigated about the place, and discovered that Sabrina, the Saffron gymleader who suffered from the same injuried as Gold, is currently healing her wounds there as well. However, Green also found out that Mt. Silver is also a perilous zone inhabited by powerful wild Pokémon that only very skillful Pokémon can afford to venture in, and thus gave Red Charizard to lead the way.

Red proceeds to release the fire dragon from its Pokéball, and hops onto it. Pika prepares to jump on, but to its surprise, Red stops it and tells it to temporarily stay with Yellow and Chuchu instead. The truth is, Red is afraid that Pika will recall the haunting memories about their battle with the Elite 4 on Mt. Moon, and blame itself for his injuries. Daisy kisses Charizard on the cheek, and tells it to take good care of Red. The fire dragon then lifts off into the air, and heads towards Mt. Silver as Pika watches with a sad look on its face.

Yellow tries to cheer Pika up, and tells it about her plan to visit Johto and investigate about the giant bird Pokémon that disappeared to the west one year ago. She invites it to come along, and Pika happily agrees. Daisy wishes them good luck as Yellow, Pika and Chuchu trot off and prepare to embark on their new journey in Johto…

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116: VS. Scizor!

Volume 09