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Crys gasps in awe when she sees a young man flying above her on a Farfetch'd while talking on a telephone, and gets more surprised when he addresses her by name. The young man, who happens to be Bill, says he recognizes her features from the description of Prof. Oak, and remarks that he's lucky to have her come to his rescue. He quickly tells her to look for a cord under the Pokégear she's holding, and directs her to plug it into her Pokédex. He explains that it is the new Mobile Pokémon Transfer System he invented, and urges her to send over a Pokémon. Crys wonders why Bill doesn't come down to get the Pokémon directly when he's so near, and Bill remarks that he doesn't have enough time. Just then, twelve Staryus emerge from the trees and start hurling themselves towards Bill. The young inventor immediately speeds away on his Farfetch'd, and Crys screams and ducks down as the Staryus swoop by above her to give chase.

Crys wonders why the Staryus are acting so aggressive, and Bill replies on his phone that they suddenly knocked him off from his motorboat earlier and have been chasing after him since then. As Crys speeds off after the Staryus, Bill introduces himself as the inventor and Pokémon critic living in the Cerulean seaside cottage in Kanto, and explains that he is actually the one whom Crys emailed to. He mentions about his job in maintaining the Pokémon Transfer System, but says he hasn't been able to locate the cause of the recent malfunctioning yet.

Bill all of a sudden lets out a cry, and Crys finds herself at the amusement park of Violet City. She quickly hops onto Arcanon and speeds towards where Bill's cries are coming from, and soon finds the young man trapped by the Staryus who have formed themselves into a ball on top of one of a ferris wheel cars. Crys hurriedly orders a boomerang from Cubon, but the twelve star-shaped Pokémon fend off the attack with a harden, and proceed to lift Bill off towards the rollercoaster. Bill screams frantically as the fast-moving train throws him up and down, while Crys thinks hard to come up with a rescue plan.

Unable to count on Smoochon's meanlook or Paron's spore due to the distance, Crys checks on her Pokédex to learn that the core jewel of Staryus are most vulnerable. She gets an idea, and tells Bill to teach her how to use the Mobile Pokémon Transfer System. Bill explains that it is a one way transfer, and directs her to hold down a button on the Pokédex while aiming the machine's circular symbol towards a Pokéball. Crys does as she's told to insert Naton's Pokéball into the Pokédex, and a beam of light instantly shoots out from the attached Pokégear towards Bill. With the rollercoaster still in motion, the transferred Pokéball materializes out from the special telephone receiver Bill is using, and Naton pops out to deliver a drillpeck on one of the Staryu's jewel core.

The whole sphere of Staryus immediately fall apart, and Crys quickly kicks off a bunch of speedballs from her backpack. In a flash of light, all twelve Staryus get caught, and Bill hurriedly lifts himself off the rollercoaster on Farfetch'd. Later, Crys collects the scattered speedballs of Staryus, and Bill thanks her for rescuing him. He explains that he is actually on his way to deliver the special telephone receiver to Prof. Oak, and says it is the only machine compatible with the Mobile Pokémon Transfer System. Crys remarks that she thinks the Staryus were just trying to have fun with Bill, and judging from their tired looks in the balls, they seem to be content now.

Taking another look at the seemingly ordinary girl in front of him, Bill still can't believe that she was the same person who took care of all twelve Staryus on her own, and starts to understand why Oak trusted her in such a short time. He then invites Crys to take a break from her work and have some fun with him in the amusement park. Crys decides that it's a good idea, but then a wild Elekid barges out from the bushes, and she quickly goes into her combative mode. Watching the girl chase after the Elekid, Bill sweatdrops and wonders how is it that a person can change so abruptly from docile to aggressive…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

120: VS. Staryu!

Volume 10