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Riding on Arcanon, Crys informs Prof. Oak via her Pokégear phone that she hasn't had much luck in finding Suicune the past few days. Oak briefs her on the challenges Suicune made to several gymleaders across the land, and Crys wonders when she will encounter the mythical creature again. Oak ponders for a moment, and suddenly wants to know how close Crys's Pokédex was to Suicune during their first encounter. Crys replies that the device was in her backpack at the time, and estimates the distance to be two to three meters.

Oak remarks that it should be sufficient, and quickly tells her to access the Pokémon habitat page on her Pokédex. He explains that one useful feature of the new Pokédex is the tracking system, which is able to trace the whereabouts of a particular Pokémon provided that the first encounter was close enough. Crys checks on the habitat of Suicune, and gasps in surprise when a flashing mark is moving around on the map. Apparently the tracking system has been able to pick up Suicune's presence last time, and the mark is indicating the Pokémon's current location. Oak congratulates her, and says she will now know where to find the legendary beast. Thanking the professor, Crys recalls Suicune's haunting elegance as well as its mysterious ability to instantly clear the pollution on the sea, and reaffirms her determination to track it down.

Later, Crys and her Pokémon are searching for Suicune in the tall grass of route 39. However, after flooring out every single corner, Suicune is still nowhere is be found, and Crys starts to wonder if her Pokédex was giving false information. She accesses the habitat page of Suicune again, and is surprised to see that the beast has already moved into another area. Discouraged, she realizes that hunting down the fast-moving creature will still be hard even with the tracking system's help, and knows she will have to count on speed to catch up with it. As the sun begins to set, Crys decides to call it a day, and tells her Pokémon to take a rest.

Suddenly, a shadow swoops by behind her, and Crys quickly has Naton scan the area with its psychic. Positive that a wild Pokémon is around, the girl commands Paron to lure it out with a sweet scent while she crouches down to cover her nose and waits patiently. In a matter of seconds, a four-legged creature momentarily dashing across the field, and Crys instantly recognizes it as Suicune. She hurriedly checks on her Pokédex to see that the beast has somehow backtracked to route 39, and knows that her chance to capture it has come. Yet something feels wrong. Normally, sweet scent doesn't take effect quite so immediately, and truth be told, she never thought a legendary Pokémon would respond to such lures. But she doesn't have time to make the logic out of it. Suicune is right where she is, and she has to find it before it flees to another route again.

Suicune's shadow flashes ahead of her, and Crys quickly orders Chanon to deliver a mach punch, but other than flattening out the tall grass in front, the attack didn't seem to hit anything. Suicune momentarily appears behind her next, and Chanon attempts another mach punch, but again the beast manages to escape just in time. After knocking down all the tall grass around her and still unable to lock down Suicune, Crys decides to use another strategy and retrieves all her Pokémon except Naton. She then lifts herself up in the air with Naton's psychic, and scatters the Pokéballs of her team members across the field in a way that every single corner is covered.

Her Pokémon quickly pop out from their Pokéballs, and start sweeping through the tall grass surrounding them. All but Arcanon instantly signal back to Crys that they found nothing, and the girl hollers that Suicune must be where Arcanon is. Just then, a bolt of electricity zaps Arcanon, and Crys hollers in surprise, wondering why water Pokémon like Suicune can unleash electric attacks. She hurriedly flies down to check on Arcanon, but to her shock, a young man and his Electrode come into sight, and she cries in astonishment that it wasn't Suicune who delivered the thunderbolt. Upon hearing the legendary beast's name, the young man, who happens to be Morty's friend Eusine, gets hyped up as well and demands to know where the Pokémon is.

A moment of silence falls between the two, and they both realize that they're having a huge misunderstanding. Crys checks on Suicune's habitat from her Pokédex again, and sees that it has moved far away from route 39. She puts on a confused look and says it couldn't be possible since she just saw it a moment ago, and Eusine explains that she must have mistaken his fake projections of Suicune as the real one. Crys doesn't understand what he's saying, and the young man quickly shows her his special machine that can generate three dimensional Suicune images. He laughs that it is used to lure the real Suicune by giving it the wrong impression that its companions are around, and Crys sweatdrops at the silly idea.

Eusine suddenly stops laughing and turns serious, and demands to know why Crys is chasing after Suicune. But before the girl could respond, he remarks that they are officially rivals now and wishes to know her name. Unsure of what the other is having in mind, Crys hesitantly introduces herself, and Eusine states that he won't go easy on her just because she's a girl. He then pulls out a black marble from his coat, which without warning, explodes into a bunch of colorful flags and ribbons. Momentarily stunned, Crys chokes from the smoke and looks up to find Eusine already flying away on a Jumpluff while continuing to laugh maniacally. The weird young man giggles that he is the Suicune Hunter, and that no one will beat him in capturing Suicune. Watching Eusine slowly disappear, Crys sweatdrops and wonders who he is…

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126: VS. Jumpluff!

Volume 10