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At the headquarters of Team Rocket in Johto, a Ditto is told to use transform, and starts elongating its body into the shape of a four-legged creature. As the features become more and more prominent, it slowly gains a shade of blue, and soon stands in the middle of room with the exact appearance of Suicune…

Watching the weird young man who calls himself the Suicune Hunter fly away on his Jumpluff, Crys wonders who he really is, and suddenly notices a trump card falling from the sky. She catches it in her hands, and sweatdrops again when she realizes it's an autographed image of the man. She reads that his name is Eusine, and though apparently they've only just met, she assumes him to be another of those overtly self-centered and arrogant trainers, and decides that she does not like him.

Later, in a barn of the Moomoo Farm north of Olivine, the farmer couple who own the place are troubled that one of their Miltanks seems to be having health issues. Apart from the constant sweating, the dairy cow Pokémon has stopped producing milk altogether for the past few days. Just then, something crashes through the wooden ceiling, and lands in the haystack behind them. The couple quickly turn around to see what has intruded, and Eusine pops out to greet them. To the farmer couple's astonishment, the young man poetically thanks them for placing hay there to save his life, and explains that the strong winds have knocked down his Jumpluff during his flight on it. He starts praising the winds of spring, and the couple think that he must have hurt his head during the fall.

The farmer impatiently ushers Eusine out of the barn, and says they need to talk about his compensation for the ceiling's damage. But Eusine stops him upon spotting the sick Miltank, and says he shall help them restore its health. The farmer's wife wonders if Eusine is a doctor, but Eusine grins that he is going to heal it with magic. To the couple's surprise, Eusine reaches his right hand into Miltank's mouth and pulls out a trump card. The young man states that the number three signifies a traveller while the club pattern means good hospitality, and says the card hints that Miltank will recover once the traveller, who is himself, gets treated well by the couple.

The farmer barks that such tricks can't fool him, but Eusine remains calm, and says he shall prove himself to them if they wish. He pulls out a pocket watch, and proceeds to countdown from three. At the moment the word 'one' is uttered, Miltank glows a little, and the couple gasp in surprise that it has turned healthy again. The farmer's wife checks to discover that Miltank is even starting to produce milk, and the farmer quickly apologizes to Eusine for doubting him. He thanks the young man for helping out, and tells him to forget about the whole compensation thing.

A few moments later, Eusine is happily leaving the farm while sipping on the handful of Moomoo milk the farmer couple offered him. He grins that it's good to have a trick up his sleeve all the time, and decides that he should resume looking for Suicune. He takes out his binoculars and places them over his eyes, but to his horror, the first thing he sees is Crys's angry face staring at him. He jumps back in surprise and drops all the Moomoo milk he carries, instantly shattering the bottles on the ground. Crys calls him a liar, and hollers that the tricks he played on the farmer couple didn't escape her keen eyes.

It turns out that while Eusine was playing around with the trump card in Miltank's mouth, he has secretly fed it a special berry that recovers a Pokémon from all kinds of illness. Crys remarks that pretending to have godly powers when the real ailment is simply a common berry is totally immoral, and says she sincerely hates people like that. Unable to argue back, Eusine admits about not being honest, but grins that Crys isn't exactly doing a noble thing either in following him. Crys demands to know what he means, and Eusine states that he knows she is trying to get near Suicune by stalking him. Outraged by the groundless accusation, Crys shoves her Pokédex into Eusine's face, and says she is there just because the tracking system alerted her that Suicune is around.

Suddenly, an icebeam is fired at them, and Eusine quickly pushes Crys out of the way, narrowly avoiding the attack. They both quickly turn around, and gasp in surprise when they see Suicune standing on the other end of the field. Eusine quickly climbs on his Electrode and speeds towards it, while Crys hesitates a little before dashing after him on Arcanon. Eusine exclaims that he has waited for 10 whole years to meet Suicune, and gets all excited about being able to get so close to the mythical beast. Crys, however, takes another look at crystal-like Pokémon, and states coldly that it is not the real Suicune.

Eusine tells Crys not to be silly, but the girl persists and continues to stare down at the Pokémon in front of her. Without warning, she barks for it to show its real identity, and the creature knows that it has failed to fool her. To Eusine's shock, the Suicune slowly deforms into a pink gob, and reveals itself to be a Ditto. Eusine wonders how Crys knew that it was fake, and Crys explains that she thought something was weird when the position where Suicune appeared did not match the direction where the icebeam came from. Most of all, from what's she heard, it is not Suicune's style to stand and wait after attacking once, and the fake Suicune has certainly failed to imitate the grandness and elegance the real one possesses.

Eusine suddenly realizes something, and asks Crys if she knows why he managed to pull off his trick on the farmer couple. Crys wonders what he is talking about, and Eusine explains that the couple thought he was only pulling a trump card out of Miltank's mouth, and didn't pay attention to what he put in. The key was to distract the viewer from the real thing by a fake motion, and the same applies to their current situation. Crys immediately understands his implication, and Eusine says they have to hurry as the real Suicune is most likely under attack by whomever sent the fake one to fool them. But then, to their surprise, a wall of pink slime shoots out from the ground behind them, and quickly immobolizes them.

Back at the Team Rocket headquarters, the new leader is giving orders to the TR Elite Trio in a control room. Ken, Ryu and Harry report about having encountered the real Suicune, and that Eusine is currently stumped by the fake one they sent out. The leader compliments on their good work, and tells them to finish off any intruders that might come in their way. On the far side of the dimly lit room, a black cloak and ice mask hang loosely on a coatrack…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

127: VS. Miltank!

Volume 10