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Out on route 38, the legendary Pokémon Suicune stands on a cliff, and towers elegantly over its assailants. Down below, Ken, Ryu and Harry release Girafarig, Spinarak, Elekid and Octillery from their Pokéballs, and remark that with Eusine currently stumped by Ditto, no one will be there to interfere with their work. The three then get into a fighting stance, and announce to Suicune that it will belong to Team Rocket by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, in a field next to the Moomoo Farm, Eusine and Crys struggle hard to free themselves from the pink slime's constraint. Crys hollers that Ditto must have secretly reached the lower part of itself behind them from underground during their conversation, and tries to reach for her Pokéballs. Eusine orders Electrode to unleash a thunderbolt, but Crys quickly stops him, and says they will all get zapped since Ditto's body conducts electricity. Eusine hollers that there doesn't seem to be another way out, but before Crys could respond, the pink slime reaches up and completely swallows her. Eusine thinks hard to come up with a plan, and notices that Crys seems to be edging closer and closer to the face of Ditto next to her. All of a sudden, Crys's human-shaped pink figure delivers a punch on Ditto, and instantly faints it.

This causes the pink slime to recede immediately, and Eusine jumps with surprise when he sees that the human-shaped figure is actually Crys's Hitmonchan. It turns out that Crys has managed to release Chanon from its Pokéball at the moment she was engulfed, and succeeded in fooling Ditto to think the moving human figure inside is herself. Eusine is fairly impressed at Crys's quick mind, and knows that this girl who's competing for Suicune with him is no ordinary trainer.

Crys then warns that Ditto's trainer must be ambushing Suicune right now, and takes out her Pokédex to check on the mythical beast's location. She learns that it is currently on the western hills of route 38, which is just 3 kilometers from where they are, and Eusine gets all poetic again about saving his Suicune from harm. He jumps on his Electrode and prepares to take off, but Crys abruptly yanks him down by his cape, and says with Suicune's speed, it would have gone by the time they arrive. She remarks that they will have to find a way to slow it down, and reaches for her Pokéball to call out Paron. She explains that Paron can freely adjust how far across its spores can reach, and quickly tells it to set the distance to 3 kilometers. As Eusine watches in amusement, the giant mushroom on Paron's back slowly swells up, and all of a sudden fires off a blast of spores into the sky. The tiny particles get carried away by the wind, and start to scatter across the land.

Back on the mountain paths of route 38, the TR Elite Trio continue to give chase to Suicune. The crystal-like Pokémon suddenly detects something in the air, and quickly hops into the bushes on the right. Harry angrily yells for it to stop, but then white powders begin to fall on them, and the Girafarig they're riding on instantly gets wobbly. Elekid, Spinarak and Octillery soon slump on the ground and fall unconscious, and Ken grunts that they are attacked by the sleep-inducing spore.

Meanwhile, Eusine and Crys are speeding across the Moomoo Farm on Electrode, and see that all wild Pokémon within the 3 kilo area are sound asleep. Seeing the large number of innocent Pokémon being affected, Crys sighs that she really shouldn't have inflicted such a wide-scale effect for a personal cause. Eusine grins that it is Suicune which they're talking about, and it's definitely worth anything to track it down. Crys is too pleased to hear the remark, and starts to wonder if Eusine is just another of those fame-seeking people who are after Suicune simply for pride and vanity. Her words seem to stun Eusine momentarily, and the young man replies that he doesn't have an answer to her question, but right now, he just doesn't want a creature as sacred as Suicune to be contaminated by evil people.

Electrode arrives at route 38, and Eusine puts on his binoculars to inspect the region. He then reaches into his pocket to pull out a doll of himself, and tells Crys to keep it with her. Without warning, he leaps into the trees below after spreading his cape, and Crys cries in shock at his sudden action. To her surprise, Eusine begins to speak through the doll, which apparently is a modified walktie-talkie, and explains that he has spotted the evil gang who're after Suicune currently under the effect of Paron's spore. He remarks that he has decided to stay behind to take care of the evil gang first, and tells Crys to follow Suicune on her own.

Crys warns that the evil gang won't stay asleep for too long since route 38 was quite far away from where they scattered the spore, but Eusine grins that he will find his way and tells her to check where has Suicune gone to. Crys quickly accesses the habitat page on her Pokédex, and learns that the Pokémon has moved to Ecruteak, the same city where it awakened with the other two legendary beasts.

Landing right in front of the TR Elite Trio, Eusine sees that the three men are starting to wake up, and remarks that the icebeam fired at them earlier must be from Octillery. Ken gasps in surprise that Eusine managed to escape from Ditto, and quickly climbs onto his feet. Eusine snickers that he should probably consider them his rivals since they're also after Suicune, but from what he sees, they don't seem to worth his time. The TR Elite Trio grit their teeth in anger, and tell Eusine not to underestimate them, but the young man confidently pulls out a Pokéball, and grins that as the Suicune Hunter, he will teach the three of them a lesson they won't forget…

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128: VS. Ditto!

Volume 10