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Enraged by Eusine's arrogance, Harry hops onto Girafarig, and says it's not a wise move to challenge the TR Elite Trio, who have been around since the old Team Rocket in Kanto was established. Ryu orders Spinarak to use its spider-web, and a giant silk net quickly sprawls over to seal off the the surrounding area. Ken then has Elekid plug itself into the net, and instantly charges it up with electricity. Seeing the look of surprise on the Sucuine Hunter's face, Harry grins that their Spinarak's silk is able to conduct electricity, and says Eusine shall soon regret about his attitude towards the three of them. However, Eusine snickers that he knew they wouldn't be brave enough to challenge him one on one, and this immediately ticks Harry off.

Harry orders a psywave from Girafarig, and Eusine clutches his head in pain as the strong energy vibrations keep bombarding him. He falls back onto the silk net behind him, and instantly gets zapped by the electricity flowing through. Harry laughs evilly and wonders if Eusine enjoyed the strong voltage, but Eusine ignores the remark, and starts spraying fragrance onto his charred cape, saying that it's not good to smell burnt. Harry smirks that none of Eusine's tricks is going to save his life, and tells Ken to have Elekid charge up the silk net again.

With a grin on his face, Eusine suddenly pulls out a Pokéball, and says the Elite TR Trio are fools to think that they have trapped him in. He states that he still has a special Pokémon up his sleeve, and that he shall let them experience the ultimate form of Pokémon magic. Ken, Ryu and Harry get hesitant upon hearing Eusine's words, and gasp in disbelief when the Pokémon inside the Pokéball pops out…

Meanwhile, riding on Electrode, Crys has arrived in Ecuteak, the city which is essentially Suicune's home town. Taking another look at the walkie talkie doll Eusine gave her, she gets slightly worried and wonders if the young man can really take on the whole evil gang by himself. But she knows that Eusine is doing that to give her a chance to fight Suicune alone, and vows to make his hardwork count. Recalling that the Burnt Tower is where the mythical beast awakened at, she decides to head there for a look first and tells Electrode to speed forward.

Back on route 38, Ken, Ryu and Harry gasp in disbelief and start laughing hysterically when they see that the special Pokémon Eusine boasted about was just an ordinary Jumpluff. Harry can't believe Eusine is planning to count on such a weak Pokémon, but the Suicune Hunter calmly takes out his pocket watch and says they will soon see the magnificence of his magic. He begins counting down, and the moment 'one' is uttered, Jumpluff fires a blast of cotton spore on the TR Elite Trio and instantly blind their vision. Stunned by the attack, Ken, Ryu and Harry grunt with annoyance as they brush away the white puffs, and jump with shock when they notice that Eusine has disappeared from sight.

Harry remarks that he will take care of Eusine on his own, and tells Ken and Ryu to head after Suicune. He then starts searching through the woods with Girafarig facing backwards, and grins to himself that Eusine can't hide for long as the tail of Girafarig has a small brain on its own, and can detect smells quicker than most other things. The long neck Pokémon's elongated tail soon finds Eusine crouching in the bushes with his back towards them, and Harry quickly orders a bite. The black little head on the tail crunches hard on the waist of Eusine, but before Harry can rejoice over his victory, the head of Eusine suddenly comes off and makes him freak out.

On a closer look, Harry realizes that the head is just a wooden ball wrapped in cloth, and yanks away Eusine's cape and suit to reveal a hollow body supported by nothing but a twig. However, this also causes the pocket watch Eusine hid in his fake dummy to come in contact with the teeth of Girafarig's tail, and Harry cries in horror when he notices that the metal chain of the watch is slinging over the electric charged silk net of Spinarak. A strong current immediately courses through the bodies of Harry and Girafarig, and instantly zaps them unconscious. Eusine climbs out from the hole he is hiding in, and grins that he is well aware of the fact that Girafarig's tail has a keen sense of smell. It turns out that the Suicune Hunter has deliberately sprayed his own scent on his cape to distract the giraffe Pokémon earlier, and even secretly sent off Jumpluff to take care of the other two TR Elite Trio members while Harry was busying tracking him down.

On a mountain route not too far away, Ken and Ryu are dashing towards Ecruteak on Tauros. Small strands of cotton grass all of a sudden start falling on them, and Ryu gasps in shock when he recognizes it as the notorious leech seed attack. He quickly tells Tauros to evade, but it is already too late to escape. The numerous cotton grass strands elongate themselves into vines, and quickly ties the bull Pokémon up, rendering it immobile on the ground. Ken and Ryu get thrown off, and vines soon wrap themselves tight around the two men as well.

As Eusine puts his suit and cape back on, and prepares to head after Crys, the young capture specialist has already arrived in front of the Burnt Tower, ready for her fateful encounter with Suicune…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

129: VS. Girafarig!

Volume 10