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Standing outside the Burnt Tower of Ecruteak, Crys is having trouble opening the frontdoor of the building. No matter how hard she tries the pull, somehow the door just wouldn't budge. She rationalizes that it must have been sealed off to restrict access after the recent earthquake that shook the city, and decides to find another way in. She calls out Naton to lift her up in the air with its psychic powers, and for the first time sees the serious land subsidance Ecruteak is suffering from.

Suddenly, a sense of nostalgia washes over her, and she quickly turns around to have a look. What she sees stuns her immediately, as the creature standing high up on the Tin Tower and staring at her is no other than the legendary Pokémon Suicune. After tracking it down for so long, and having seen so many fake projections and imposters of it, Crys nearly breaks into tears when the realization that she is finally standing face to face with the mythical creature sinks in. Crys remarks with joy that she was instantly captured by Suicune's beauty during their first encounter in Olivine, and has longed to see it again since then. She then requests to have a proper battle with Suicune, and proceeds to send out her full team.

Suicune crouches into a combative stance, and patiently waits for the girl's Pokémon to make the first move. Cubon unleashes a bonemerang, and Suicune easily ducks aside to evade it, but the thick bone suddenly twirls around for another strike, surprising Suicune and nearly managing to hit it. Suicune starts descending along the exterior platforms of the nine-storey pagoda as it gets chased around by bonemerang, and Crys states that the attack was not aimed to cause damage but to lure it closer to her. Standing on Electrode and lifted by Naton, she orders a spore from Paron, and the Parasect quickly delivers a blast of white powder on the mythical beast. Suicune hurriedly blows the spores away with a gust, but Crys puts on a grin and points out that some of them still managed to land on its body.

Outsmarted by the girl, Suicune attempts to wash itself by leaping down from the Tin Tower towards a pond next to the pagoda, but Crys is well prepared and immediately orders Chanon to chase after it. Chanon dives down after Suicune, and delivers a megapunch on the plummeting Pokémon. With its mighty speed, Suicune easily evades by throwing itself sideways, and Chanon ends up ramming its fist into the ground instead. But little does Suicune know that Crys has intended for the attack to miss, and was actually planning something else.

The ground begins to split at the point where megapunch made contact, and Suicune gasps in shock when cracked cement and giant boulders get hurled up into the air from the force of impact. A jagging piece of rock collides hard on Suicune, injuring it and throwing it off balance. Crys hollers that it's her chance to attempt a capture, and quickly kicks out a heavyball towards the tumbling mythical beast. A blast of light shoots out from the heavyball and begins to suck in the stunned Suicune. The whole body of the legendary Pokémon soon disappears completely into the ball, and the young capture specialist cries in joy that she has succeeded in catching Suicune…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

130: VS. Suicune! (Part One)

Volume 11