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While the young capture specialist Crystal is undergoing an intensive training at Mt. Mortar, the legendary Pokémon Suicune continues its journey across the land. After dashing through forests and mountains, it finally arrives at the Ruins of Alph. The mythical beast slowly enters a hidden chamber which has a few Unown letters carved onto one of its four walls, and stops to stare at the writing momentarily. It then hears voices coming from a nearby chamber, and decides to head over for a look.

In a dimly lit room, a team of ruins investigators led by the Azalea gymleader, Bugsy, are conducting their research in the area. Bugsy introduces to the new members about the place, and says it holds important information that dates back over 1500 years. He remarks that while what was known as the symbol Pokémon have only been a myth in the past, their team has recently confirmed their existence and learnt that their scientific name is Unown. He points out that the odd writings on the walls of each chamber are actually the Unowns themselves, though they have yet to discover the proper way to awaken them. In order to learn more about the mysterious ancient specie, they will need to capture every variation of them, however, the only thing they can do at the moment is to wait for them to randomly come unseal themselves.

Right after he says that, a letter G Unown stirs on the wall behind him and suddenly pops out. The other investigators gasp in shock, and Bugsy quickly orders Heracross to attack. The giant bug Pokémon easily knocks out the Unown with a megahorn, and Bugsy hurriedly throws his capture net forward to catch it. The greatball attached to the rim of the net gets activated, and instantly traps the symbol Pokémon in it. Bugsy then walks over to pick up the ball, and remarks that there exists more than 20 variations of Unown. He believes that they do not have the one he just caught, and hands it over to the investigator responsible for keeping track of the different Unown forms.

As the team sets up the tools to begin their work, Bugsy decides to take a stroll around and suddenly spots something fast moving in the dark. He hurriedly heads after it, and sees that it is a massive four-legged Pokémon. He wonders why such a creature would appear at the ruins, and quickly climbs on Heracross to give chase after telling his teammates to stay where they are. Dashing through the winding corridors, Bugsy soon finds himself in a closed room with nothing but a few Unown letters carved onto the wall. He takes out his special magnifying glass which is able to decode the ancient language, and reads that the written word means 'escape'. He immediately thinks of the escape rope, and reaches into his pocket for one. Just as he's wondering what such an ordinary item has to do with the ruins, the rope begins to glow and the wall instantly shatters into pieces.

Heracross quickly fends off the tumbling boulders, and Bugsy thanks it for protecting him. He climbs over the collapsed wall to find a hidden chamber the investigation team has yet to discover, and gasps in shock when he sees the four-legged creature, the legendary Suicune, waiting for him in the room. Without warning, Suicune charges forward to attack, and Heracross pushes its trainer out of the way, narrowly avoiding the hit. Bugsy exclaims at the speed and power of the crystal-like Pokémon, and demands to know why it is luring them there. But Suicune simply ignores his remark, and goes into a combative stance again. Realizing that the creature wants to fight, the Azalea gymleader decides to accept the challenge, and calls out his two Metapods and two Kakunas.

Suicune starts charging forward, and Bugsy hurriedly tells Heracross to deliver a megahorn. The giant beetle rams its horn hard into the blue ornament on Suicune's head, and presses down with all its might. But Suicune stands its ground and struggles on. With a powerful upward thrust, the mythical beast sweeps Heracross off its feet and sends it crashing into the ceiling above. Bugsy hollers at the strength of Suicune, and thinks hard to come up with a plan. Without warning, he throws his capture net forward, and orders his Metapods and Kakunas to stretch the silky net over Suicune. The four coccoon Pokémon quickly take the four corners of the net and bring it down, instantly holding the legendary Pokémon in place and rendering it immobile.

While Suicune struggles to break free, Bugsy grins that the net is made of the same capture material in Pokéballs, and that once the trapped Pokémon tries to pull away from the net, the greatball fastened on the metal rim will be activated. As soon as he says that, the greatball attached opens up and begins to suck Suicune in. Just when Bugsy thinks that he has made a successful capture, a blinding light fills the room, and the capture net gets torn apart. Free from its constraints, Suicune leaps off immediately and dashes out of the room.

Momentarily stunned, Bugsy realizes that Suicune has broken through the capture net with an aurorabeam, and gasps that it was the first time a Pokémon managed to escape after being trapped. He then remembers that the hidden chamber he's in has not been discovered previously, and quickly looks around to inspect the place. On the far end of the room, a few Unown letters are written on the wall, and Bugsy hurriedly walks over to decode it.

The next day, at an investigators' conference, Bugsy reports that their team has found a hidden chamber in which the word Ho-Oh was written in the ancient Unown language. The connection between the name and the ruins is yet to be discovered, but their team is currently working on it. After his speech, Bugsy returns to his seat while another speaker takes over, and looks out of the window. He knows that the crystal-like Pokémon wasn't simply there to challenge him, but what could be the message it's trying to convey to them with the word Ho-Oh?

As the Azalea gymleader gets lost in thought, somewhere else in Johto, Suicune continues to dash across the land, resuming its search of what it must seek…

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134: VS. Heracross!

Volume 11