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At the countryside of Violet, Falkner and his bird Pokémon land on a cliff and continue with their training. Aiming to sharpen his senses, the young Violet gymleader tosses out a transparent boomerang, and closes his eyes to hear its course in mid air. Once he detects the direction it's returning from, he snaps his eyes open and commands Skarmony to grab it. The steel bird quickly swoops towards the twirling boomerang, and catches it with no trouble at all. As Skarmony brings the item back to Falkner, a birdkeeper emerges from the woods with a Hoothoot pitching on his arm. With a sly grin on his face, he congratulates Falkner for having found such a rare Pokémon, and urges him to reveal where the specie's habitat is. Falkner doesn't understand what the man means, and it turns out that the birdkeeper is a Pokémon hunter who does illegal captures in the wild Pokémon protection zone where catching Pokémon is restricted.

Mistaking Falkner as another illegal hunter in the area, he opens the chest he's carrying around to show off his numerous captures and brags about his work, not knowing that Falkner is actually the police officer in charge of patrolling the protection zone. Without a word, Falkner reaches into his robe for a handcuff, and the birdkeeper quickly slams his chest shut, thinking that Falkner is trying to steal his properties. But before Falkner could reveal his true identity, a dark cloud looms over them and rain starts to fall. All of a sudden, a lightning bolt comes crashing down from the sky and instantly strips a tree bare in front of them. As the smoke clears, a four-legged creature comes into view, and the birdkeeper exclaims that it must be the legendary Suicune. But Falkner knows better. With the black stripes on its yellow body, and a purple mane that forms rainclouds in the sky, it is Raikou, another mythical beast who awoke together with Suicune at Ecruteak's Burnt Tower.

The birdkeeper lets out a yell when a second creature materializes behind him, and Falkner quickly turns around to see that it is no other than Entei, the third beast of the Burnt Tower Legendary Trio. Falkner wonders what the two mythical Pokémon are doing there, and the birdkeeper smirks that it is his lucky day to have encountered such rare Pokémon. He takes out two Pokéballs and walks over to Entei with dreamy eyes, but the volcano Pokémon glares coldly at him, and without warning, lifts its giant paw to strike. Aware of the mighty powers that legendary creatures possess, Falkner is well prepared and yanks the birdkeeper away just in time. The two then climb onto Skarmony, and quickly lift off from the cliff to escape.

Attempting to lose Entei and Raikou, Falkner has Skarmony dive into the dense trees below and speed through the winding paths, but the two mythical beasts merely take a moment to catch up and are soon dashing alongside with them. The birdkeeper exclaims at the incredible speed of the creatures, and Falkner remarks that they must be challenging trainers across the land just like Suicune is doing. The young Violet gymleader decides to accept their test, and orders Skarmony to unleash a swift. However, despite the attack's high accuracy, it is still no match to Entei and Raikou's agility, and ends up blasting into the rocks instead.

Suddenly, a drizzle starts to fall from above, and the birdkeeper looks up to notice that a raincloud is following them. Falkner hollers that it is incarnated from the manes on Raikou's back and tries to steer Skarmony away, but the thunder Pokémon gives them no chance to run and quickly directs a spark down from the clouds to zap them hard. Just then, Entei unleashes a fireblast from below, and the steel bird halts its flight just in time to avoid getting hit.

Struggling to stay airbourne, Falkner thinks hard for a strategy as Entei and Raikou continue to sandwich them in between. He notices that the two beasts seem to have synchronized attack patterns, and decides to turn their assaults back on themselves. He orders Skarmony to decrease their altitude and edge closer to Entei from below, and the birdkeeper cries in horror as Raikou lowers its thunderclouds towards them as well. Entei and Raikou charge up their powers to unleash a final spark and fireblast combo, but just when the attacks are about to close in on Skarmony from opposite directions, the steel bird all of a sudden vanishes and the powerful elementary forces clash into a huge explosion instead.

Shaken by the unexpected energy vibrations from themsleves and having their energy storage temporary depleted, the two beasts instantly stop running and stand still to recharge their powers. Up in the air, Falkner grins that Entei and Raikou have fallen into his trick, and explains to the birdkeeper that Skarmony was simply luring them closer to each other by flying low, and that it has used agility to propel itself away right before the attacks collide. The young Violet gymleader then decides to capture the two weakened legendary Pokémon and reaches into his robe for two greatballs, unaware that another four-legged creature is charging towards him from behind…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

137: VS. Raikou & Entei! (Part One)

Volume 11