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At the Lake of Rage, Lt. Surge watches as air bubbles continue to appear on the water surface, and wonders if it is yet another secret business manipulated by the masked man from behind. Considering the major injuries he suffered from the self-destructs earlier, he knows that he is in no condition to face the new TR leader again, but he also realizes that he might be the only one who has dug so far into the resurrected organization's activities, and what he will find could be crucial. Not wanting to forsake the chance to learn more about the mysterious man, Lt. Surge decides to investigate anyway and climbs into his submarine.

As the vessel slowly descends towards the source of the air bubbles, a bright light gradually comes into view at the bottom of the lake. The Vermillion gymleader edges closer for inspection, and gasps in shock when he sees a shiny red Gyarados frozen solid among the rocks. Not having seen a Gyarados in such an odd colour before, Lt. Surge stares at it in awe for a moment, and sees that the air bubbles are actually breathed out by the water serpent through the cracks of the giant ice block it is immobilized in, indicating that it is still alive. He recalls that the Lake of Rage is also known as the Lake of Gyarados, and wonders if the strangely coloured creature is the cause behind the massive rampaging at the site three weeks ago.

He is still trying to figure out who could have frozen the red Gyarados there when the Pokémon suddenly snaps its eyes open and breaks out from the ice surrounding it. Lt. Surge quickly steers his submarine away from the shattered blocks, and curses out loud when the Gyarados starts chasing after him. Although none of his electric Pokémon are capable of water battles, his vessel has a special device which converts electric energy into powerful laser beams that can be fired underwater. He hurriedly releases Raichu from its greatball, and fastens two electrode wires to its paws. Raichu starts charging up the device with its electricity, and Lt. Surge proceeds to aim the vessel's laser gun towards the water serpent.

However, to his surprise, the red Gyarados simply swims by the submarine, and heads towards the other end of the lake bottom instead. It then rams its head hard on the rocks there, and Lt. Surge steers over to see that it is trying to shatter another giant ice block lying there. After a few attempts, the red Gyarados tires itself out and collapses down. Lt. Surge wonders what it could be trying to retrieve from the ice block, and suddenly remembers what the masked man said about two young boys being knocked to the bottom of the lake. Disturbed by the eerie thought, he quickly fires a laser beam to shatter the ice block, and hurries over to retrieve what's being frozen inside.

Later, back on the surface of the Lake of Rage, Lt. Surge extends the probing arm of his vessel towards the lake bottom one last time, and finds that the frozen contents are nothing but a cap, a pair of goggles, a backpack as well as two different styled boots. It's obvious that the accessories belong to the two boys who were said to be there, but even after an extensive search across the whole lake bottom, there doesn't seem to be any signs of humans. Lt. Surge rationalizes that one of the boys probably owns the Red Gyarados as well, and the Pokémon was perhaps thinking that its trainer was in the ice block earlier. It is most likely that the two boys have been saved and brought away by someone, or they would have died after being frozen for so long in the lake. He is wondering where the boys could be now when a strange beep comes from the bagpack. He quickly opens the bag to fumble inside, and gasps in surprise when he finds a Pokédex in it.

Meanwhile, at the seaside of Olivine City, the young capture specialist, Crys, exits the PokémonCenter with her Pokémon, and feels grateful that her Pokédex, Pokégear, as well as the damaged switches of her Pokéballs have all be fixed. She decides to set Cianwood as her next destination, and remarks that they will have to take the circulating liners as no one in her team knows surf. However, this comment makes her Pokémon disheartened, and the girl frantically apologizes and says she didn't mean it that way. She butters them up by calling them her best companions in doing captures, and praises Megapon once again for having evolved into a Bayleef, who in turns gets cuddly with her like it usually does.

Just then, Crys hears the sound of wave splashing, and turns around to see two Pikachus surfing on a pink board across the sea. Never having seen a Pikachu that knows surf before, Crys exclaims in joy and quickly takes out some empty Pokéballs to attempt a capture, hoping that the two are wild Pokémon. But then the female Pikachu who has a flower on its head suddenly loses balance, and gets thrown high up into the air. Crys cries in horror as the Pikachu starts plummeting towards the concrete ground on the shore. She is about to run over and catch it when a youngster wearing a straw hat charges out from nowhere on a Dodrio, and frantically screams for the Pikachu to look out. The falling electric rat lands in the hands of the youngster just in time, and the other Pikachu who's still on the surfboard sighs in relief.

It turns out that the youngster is actually Yellow, who is currently travelling in Johto with her female Pikachu, Chuchu, and Red's male Pika. Chuchu has been eager to try out Pika's surfing ever since it learnt of it, and was in fact enjoying itself very much until she got carried away by the fun and lost her balance. Yellow scolds Chuchu for putting itself into danger, and hurriedly runs over to Crys to apologize for giving her a scare. Crys laughs it off and says she's glad the Pokémon didn't get hurt, but secretly feels a pity that the Pikachus are trainer Pokémon.

On a closer look, Yellow suddenly lets out a gasp, and starts fumbling at her belt pocket. She asks if Crys is the capture specialist sent off by Prof. Oak, and pulls out a sketch of her. Seeing her own portrayal on the piece of paper, Crys exclaims in surprise when Yellow grins that she has been looking for her…

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140: VS. Dodrio!

Volume 11