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Dropping the black boot as well as the cap with goggles on the floor, Lt. Surge remarks that their owners must be around 10 years of age. He explains that the items were found frozen at the bottom of the lake, and says the two boys must have been rescued by someone. Feeling the pain from the injuries coursing through his body, Lt. Surge drops to his knees on the ground, and says he is desperate to learn of the whereabouts of the boys. Still stunned by what Lt. Surge requests of him, Morty gets hesitant, but Lt. Surge pulls out a pile of money notes, and grins that he will pay any amount of fee as long as Morty helps him out. Lt. Surge remarks that he is actually acquainted to a young woman who possesses similar psychic abilities, but that person is currently under treatment for her wounds and thus isn't around to lend her powers.

The Vermillion gymleader adds that the boys who possess the items went missing after battling a mysterious masked man whom he has faced himself, and says he will need to gather information from them to figure out the enemy's fighting strategics and weaknesses. Morty takes a look at the pile of money Lt. Surge pulled out, and comments that they don't seem to be obtained from dirty means. Lt. Surge is astonished that Morty is able to detect things as detailed as that, and grins that the money was properly earned from his hard work on S.S. Aqua. After a moment of thought, Morty decides to take the request, and says while he doesn't appreciate Lt. Surge's impolite way of arrival, he knows that the business he's bestowed upon is important. The Ecruteak gymleader then closes his eyes and crouches next to the boot and cap. With his right index and middle fingers on his forehead, he places his left hand over the items and starts searching for the boys with his distant vision ability.

Back in the open seas between Olivine and Cianwood, Yellow and Crys are sailing on fisherman's Wilton's boat. Steering his boat across the calm waters, Wilton says it's great that Yellow has managed to find Crys, and is shock to discover that Yellow hasn't formally introduced herself to Crys. He apologizes for Yellow's abruptness, and explains that the young trainer is actually the person who solved the famous Elite 4 crisis back in Kanto one year ago. With a grin on her face, Yellow extends her hand to shake Crys's, but Crys is very doubtful of Yellow and Wilton's credibility, and jerks away from Yellow, causing the young trainer to wonder if she's alright.

Excusing herself from the two, Crys whispers to Megapon that she is doubtful of all the big feats Yellow claims to have achieved, and says innocent looking people can sometimes be evil ones as well. She wonders what she should do about it, and decides to call Prof. Oak. To her surprise, once the connection is made, the professor asks her right away if she has encountered Yellow. Oak explains to Crys that Yellow has heard about her from him, and has yearned to meet her personally ever since she learnt about her capturing skills. Crys wishes to know who Yellow is, and Oak remarks that he shall send Yellow's information over to her Pokégear. Just then, Yellow comes up to Crys and wonders if she's unwell. Crys embarrassedly laughs that she isn't, and Yellow happily turns around to tell Wilton that Crys isn't feeling seasick.

Oak's email arrives, and Crys hurriedly opens it. To her shock, she sees that Yellow is 12 years old and lets out a surprised yelp when she realizes that the young trainer is one year older than she is. Wilton knows that Crys is feeling uncomfortable about their ambiguous identity, and laughs that they aren't the freaky people she fears they are. He apologizes again for Yellow's oblivion in adequately explaining themselves, and says they are currently sailing towards the direction of the western city of Cianwood. They have in fact learnt from Prof. Oak that Crys is on a quest to capture Pokémon and will be needing tranport across the seas near Olivine, and thus decided to seek her out and give her a lift. He adds that the other reason they wanted to meet her is to tell her what they know about the Burnt Tower Legendary Trio she is tracking down. He explains that Yellow incidentally awakened the three mythical creatures during their visit to Ecruteak, although the beasts aren't the real reason for their voyage. He tells her about the giant bird that disappeared towards Johto during the Cerise Elite 4 incident, and says he and Yellow are currently trying to seek it out.

Just then, the sea behind the boat starts to rumble, and a whole school of Remoraids suddenly come charging out from the waters. Wilton hollers in shock as the Remoraids threaten to topple the boat over with their powerful collisions, and Crys cries that the only way to deal with them is to capture them all. She tells Wilton and Yellow to duck down and hold their breaths, and quickly calls out Paron to deliver a spore. The leaping Remoraids soon get drowsy from the sleep-inducing powders, and Crys hurriedly positions a handful of Pokéballs into a circle around her. Taking a deep breath in, she kicks up the balls all at once with a spinning motion, and in a flash of light, captures all the Remoraids still suspending in the air.

The sea returns calm again, and Wilton and Yellow marvel over Crys's capturing skills. Yellow grins that she has always had trouble catching Pokémon, and says Crys has become her idol. Hearing Yellow's confession about her own inept capturing ability, and recalling the primitive ways she dealt with the Lickitungs earlier, Crys secretly wonders what strengths she relied on when she solved big events like the Cerise incident. Just then, Yellow notices a cut on Paron's giant mushroom, and says it must have been injured by one of the Remoraids. Crys hurriedly searches for a potion in her backpack, but Yellow tells her not to worry and places a hand over the wound. Crys gasps in amazement when the cut starts to disappear, and Wilton explains that healing Pokémon is Yellow's special powers.

Having witnessed the miracle work Yellow is capable of doing, Crys instantly puts behind all her previous doubts, and recognizes the uniqueness and specialty in the trainer standing in front of her. Yellow, on the other hand, also senses the loyalty the Parasect has for Crys by her empathetic skills, and knows Prof. Oak has once again picked the right trainers to pass on the Pokédexes. With a newfound respect for each other, Crys and Yellow shake hands and formally introduce themselves, although Crys is still fooled by Yellow's boyish hat, and doesn't realize that the young trainer is a girl in disguise.

Yellow then remarks that the way the Remoraids moved is very similar to the big scale migration some grass Pokémon had on the Seafoam Islands one year ago right before the Cerise incident. She remembers what Prof. Oak said about wild Pokémon being extra sensitve to impending dangers in their environment, and wonders if it is the same case in their situation. Just then, the boat starts to rock back and forth vigorously, and Wilton hurriedly returns to the steering wheel. To his horror, the boat begins to spin in circles, and he looks out to the sea to find themselves trapped within a giant whirlpool. He hollers that the area is notorious for its deadly whirlpools, and grunts that from what he has heard, it is almost impossible to escape from one. Crys then notices a shadow moving in the waters and motions Yellow to look. To their astonishment, the silhouette of a bird-like creature with giant wings and a long tail slowly looms under the boat.

Back in front of the Ecruteak Gym, Morty snaps his eyes open and states that he has located the two boys. Lt. Surge frantically urges him to describe the place, and Morty closes his eyes again and remarks that he sees water. Lt. Surge assumes that it must be the Lake of Rage, and starts to wonder why he didn't manage to find them when he floored out the lake's bottom. But then Morty exclaims that it isn't a lake but an ocean that he is seeing, a vast ocean that has giant whirlpools in it. The Ecruteak gymleader tries to expand the scope of his vision, and soon catches a glimpse of an island. Sensing a stronger presence of the boys, Morty knows they must be there and tells Lt. Surge to seek out an island situated amidst a sea where perilous whirlpools spin.

Meanwhile, on one of the Whirl Islands, Gold and Silver lie unconscious in a ring of fire as the legendary beast, Entei, watches over them…

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142: VS. Remoraid!

Volume 11