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Looking at the empty Pokéball Silver holds, Gold and Crys gasp in shock and can’t believe that Lugia isn’t caught inside. Silver remarks that Lugia might have evaded the capture in the nick of time, and Gold grunts at the thought that the sea monster still had energy left to flee after their intense battle while the three of them are totally battered. Crys recalls the momentary blinding light bursting out from Lugia when the ball made contact, and wonders if it was what the creature used to distract them from its escape. She then remembers the tracking feature of the Pokédex and hurries Gold and Silver to take out their devices. Gold wonders what she has in mind, and Crys explains that one special function of the new Pokédex is to trace the whereabouts of a Pokémon it has encountered. She assumes that Gold and Silver must have learnt of the feature as they are the chosen traines of Prof. Oak, but the truth is the two boys have absolutely no idea about it and are just pretending to know.

Seeing Crys’s adept manipulation of the dex’s functions, Gold wonders if apart from being an overtly serious girl, she is also the stone-headed type that dwells too much into studies. Crys sweatdrops, and formerly introduces herself as Prof. Oak’s appointed capture specialist, but Gold gets annoyed that his Pokédex isn’t responding, and ends up ignoring her. Crys finds it odd as well how the tracking seems to take a longer time than usual, and Silver starts climbing up the cliff to a cave opening at the top of the island. Gold and Crys quickly follow, and the three trainers gasp in surprise when they find giant foot prints all over the ground inside the cave.

Silver remarks that the cave is most probably Lugia’s habitat, and Gold wonders what he is talking about. Crys explains that the four Whirl Islands are interconnected through their caves underground, and that there exists a myth about a giant sea monster inhabiting the islands. She then spots blood stains as well as signs of a fight just taken place in the cave, and Gold realizes with a start that someone has ambushed Lugia before its encounter with them. Silver agrees and says it will explain the erratic behaviour of the creature, and wonders who could have been the culprit. Suddenly, the three Pokédexes start to give off another beep, and Crys is surprised to see an error message on her device. Fearing that it’s her Pokédex dysfunctioning again, she immediately checks those of the two boys but finds that none of them succeeded in tracking down Lugia either. As it is quite impossible for all three Pokédexes to go wrong at the same time, she realizes that there is only one reason for the tracking system not to work. The Pokémon they track has already been captured.

Back on the luxurious liner S.S. Aqua, Lt. Surge returns to the control room, and his sailorman is glad to see that he’s alright. Just then, a fax message comes in, and Lt. Surge reads to find an urgent announcement from the Pokémon Association calling all gymleaders to congregate at the its Goldenrod Headquarters immediately.

Returning to the shore of the island, Gold, Silver and Crys ponder on the possibility of someone else capturing Lugia before them, and Silver rationalizes that the culprit’s Pokéball must have hit Lugia’s forehead a split second earlier than theirs. Annoyed by the thought, Silver sends out Murkrow to lift off, and Crys wonders where he is going. Silver grunts that he needs to find out the assailant who attacked Lugia, who is most likely its capturer as well, and Crys argues that he should at least seek help from Prof. Oak or Prof. Elm. Gold snickers that Silver is in no place to contact the two professors, but refuses to explain when Crys presses him for the reason. Crys then accuses Gold of letting Silver subject his life to danger without lending a hand, but Gold simply shrugs, and tells Crys not to mistake he and Silver to be close companions simply because they are fighting against the same enemy.

Watching Silver fly away, Crys suddenly remembers about Yellow just when Gold thinks of Wilton. The two quickly reach for their Pokégears, but then Crys’s start to beep. Expecting the caller to be one of the two, Crys is a little surprised when she discovers that it is Prof. Oak on the other end of the call. Oak voices his concern about their safety as he has heard about the perilous situation near the seas of Cianwood, and Crys frantically tells him about Yellow being washed away by huge tides after they are attacked by a giant Pokémon. Oak calms her down, and asks her not to worry as Yellow’s used to dangers and always finds her way out. He then reveals to Crys that he has a new mission for her, and wants her to head towards the Indigo Plateau immediately. He remarks that he actually wished Gold could be there as well, but grunts in an annoyed tone when he speaks of the boy’s loss of contact with him since a while ago. Crys puts on an embarrased smile as she explains that she is actually with Gold, and Oak jumps with surprise when Gold’s face appears on the Pokégear screen.

Meanwhile, up in the air above the four Whirl Islands, Silver hovers past the first northern island which he and Gold woke up on, the second one which Lugia first appeared at, as well as the third one on which they found the cave of Lugia’s habitat, and arrives at the most southern and fourth one which is shaped like a bowl and has its entrance guarded by a whirlpool and waterfall. Calling out his red Gyarados to stop the whirlpool and Kingdra to split the waterfall, Silver climbs on his Feraligatr and surfs into the hidden chamber inside. As he makes his way into the dimly lit room and announces his return, Lance materializes out of the darkness and grins that few trainers like Silver possess three water Pokémon that know the skills whirlpool, waterfall and surf at the same time, and thus access to their secret chamber is highly limited…

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149: VS. Kingdra!

Volume 12