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In their search for partners that could fight alongside with them against the big evil, Suicune has picked the water expert Misty. For Entei and Raikou who are still seeking, time is slowly running out on them. But what is the real motive behind the beasts’ searches? And since when did these three legendary Pokémon, which people often call the Burnt Tower Trio, begin their journey aross the land?

It all began a few weeks ago, back when Ecruteak suffered from the serious land subsidance followed by the earthquake caused by Team Rocket. At that time, in the basement of the Burnt Tower, three life forces struggled in a parallel dimension to break free of their constraints. They all knew well that the destruction of the Tin Tower would lead to the furious return of its owner, Ho-Oh, and they had to get out from where they were before it’s too late and return the favour done to them by the rainbow bird 150 years ago…

A few days after the event, on this particular morning, the whole of Ecruteak is undergoing a massive renovation when Yellow and fisherman Wilton arrives at the severely damaged city on their Butterfrees. Seeing that the destruction is even worse than what they heard on the radio, Yellow feels sorry for the citizens. She notices a group of workers reconstructing a pagoda like structure, and decides to fly over for a look. Jasmine happens to be supervising the work at that time with her Ampharos, and gets curious about the identities of Yellow and Wilton when she hears their conversation. Wilton introduces themselves and says they came from Kanto for investigation purposes, while Yellow extends her hand to shake Jasmine’s and offers to render any assistance if needed.

Jasmine thanks them, and introduces herself as the gymleader of Olivine. Wilton wonders where the Ecruteak gymleader is, and Jasmine explains that Morty has been away for work when the incident occurred. By a twist of fate, she herself happened to be in the city when the disaster struck, and thus stayed behind to help the renovation. She then points to the pagoda like structure under reconstruction, and says it is the Tin Tower which she nearly lost her life in. Hearing that, Yellow gets astonished and wonders if Jasmine is alright now, and Jasmine grins that she was fortunate enough to be saved.

Wilton notices that the Tin Tower seems to be the only structure being worked on at the moment, and Jasmine explains that it is an order from Morty in hopes of pacifying the furious Ho-Oh, the owner of the ancient pagoda. Both Yellow and Wilton jump at the name of this mythical rainbow bird which they’ve heard of a few times before, and wonder what it has to do with the tower. Jasmine reveals that the Tin Tower is the sacred landing place of Ho-Oh, and that the legendary Pokémon’s history with Ecruteak dates back to 150 years ago when there were altogether two towers in the city.

Just then, one of the construction workers rushes up to Jasmine, and informs her of a fire at the Burnt Tower. Jasmine, Yellow and Wilton quickly follow him, and see that the residents in the area are all working to help put out the flames. Wilton wonders why the structure is called a tower if it is only two-storey high, and Jasmine explains that another fire accident in the past has burnt off all the other floors. She then joins forces with the others to transfer the water-filled buckets, but Yellow hollers that such a method will be too slow, and orders her Butterfree, Freesk, to lift her up into the air.

Flipping out her fishing rod, the young trainer sends her Omastar, Omask, out of its Pokéball and down along the fishing line, and has it deliver a powered-up hydropump. The attack almost immediately puts out the fire, and Jasmine watches with amazement while Wilton brags to her that it was him who taught Yellow the skills the handle a fishing rod. As the flames cease, Yellow calls back Omask, but discovers that the other end of the fishing line is being tugged by something in the Burnt Tower. Unable to yank free, Yellow lets out a cry while she gets pulled into the tower. Just when she’s about to crash, another dimension opens up in the center of a rock to suck her in, and she finds herself in a seemingly endless room with spinning clouds and flashes.

While she tries to figure out where she is, three giant ice mirrors start to surround her and without warning shatter into pieces. Three four-legged creatures then materialize before her, and Yellow walks up to them with curiousity, wondering if they are Pokémon. Suddenly, the blue and crystalline beast in the middle speaks with her through telepathy, and thanks her for freeing them from their constraints and creating an opening for them to the real world. Not understanding what it means, Yellow continues to watch as the three beasts lift their heads and generate a blinding light in the middle of the room.

Outside, Wilton and Jasmine look around worriedly for Yellow and wonder where she could have gone to. The rock which sucked Yellow in begins to glow, and three four-legged beasts all of a sudden come dashing out. In a blink of eye, they shoot across the land like beams of light and quickly disappear into the horizon. Stunned by what they saw, Wilton and Jasmine gap their mouths wide open and are left speechless. They then hear a stir from behind, and turn to see Yellow materilizing out from the rock on Freesk. Hurrying over to check on Yellow, Wilton asks if she’s alright, but Yellow wears a dreamy look on her face, and mutters about how exquisite the three beasts are.

Later, as Yellow explains her encounter with the three beasts, Pika, Chuchu, and Wilton inspect the rock closely and but could find nothing inordinary about it. Wilton then requests to hear about the legend of Ecruteak’s Burnt Tower, and Jasmine begins telling the tale. In the olden days, two towers were erected in Ecruteak, one on the east side and the other on the west side. About 150 years ago, a big fire suddenly started to consume what’s known as the Burnt Tower today, and it is said that three unnamed Pokémon were killed in the deadly flames. At that time, a rainbow Pokémon appeared in the sky, and gave life to the three while granting them unique and mythical powers. Yellow jumps with a start upon hearing that part, and realizes what she just saw must be the three legendary creatures mentioned in the tale…

And so the long journey and search began for Suicune, Entei and Raikou. A few days following their awakening, gymleaders and powerful trainers across the land began receiving challenges from the three legendary creatures, but neither of them knew what the beasts sought were partners to fight alongside with against a big evil that is looming in the land…

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152: VS. Butterfree!

Volume 12