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As another premonition flashes across her mind, Sabrina murmurs to herself that Lt. Surge won’t be able to gain victory, and decides that it is for her to leave the resting room. Walking along the corridor, she overhears the conversation between Bugsy, the ball maker Kurt and the old man’s granddaughter Mazie inside the Azalea gymleader’s room. Bugsy thanks Kurt for being there to support him, and Kurt laughs that he is not going to miss the chance to see their Azalea hero battling on stage. Kurt then wonders if the Pokéball equipped capture net he made him earlier came in handy, and Bugsy says it was great.

Mazie wonders in what way does it differ from normal captures made by directing throwing a Pokéball, and Kurt explains that while the basic mechanism is the same, the invisible internal capture net inside ordinary Pokéballs fail to constrain the Pokémon once it wiggles free of the ball, but the externally attached capture net caters for that as well, and helps to increase the catching rate. Bugsy remarks that he shall leave the net in his room during his battle, and tells Kurt and Mazie that he will see them outside. As he opens the door, he sees Sabrina standing outside and tries to act friendly again, but as usual, Sabrina keeps her cool and turns to walk away after fixing her gaze momentarily on Bugsy’s capture net.

Outside, back on the stadium stage, Lt. Surge lets out a roar as Magnemite strikes Misdreavus directly with a zap cannon. Brock, Misty and Erika gasp in amusement as the attack brings the ghost Pokémon down immediately, and Mary exclaims that Misdreavus has been knocked out. But just as she’s about to declare Lt. Surge’s victory, to everyone’s surprise, Magnemite begins to crumble and faint as well. Kneeling down to check on his Misdreavus, Morty pants that destiny bond is a good backup move when victory gets out of reach, and Lt. Surge realizes with a start that it is the technique that perishes both parties when one side faints.

With both Misdreavus and Magnemite knocked out, Mary announces that the match is a draw, and neither side is rewarded points. After both gymleaders retrieve their fainted Pokémon, Morty walks up to Lt. Surge to offer his hand. Lt. Surge snickers as he extends his hand, but suddenly turns it into a fist and rams it impolitely on Morty’s. He then turns away and warns that while he has revealed to Morty about the man he seeks being somewhere in the room, Morty is better off keeping his mouth shut about it.

As the fourth round of the exhibition match draws to a close, Johto leads Kanto slightly by one victory. Sabrina walks onto the stage as Lt. Surge steps off, and the Vermillion gymleader warns her not to underestimate their opponents. Mary commences the battle, and Sabrina proceeds to send out her Mr. Mime. Bugsy comments that while Sabrina’s expert type, psychic, is very powerful, fate has it that his specializes in bug Pokémon which have an advantage over psychic ones. The Azalea gymleader then calls forward his Scyther, which swiftly charges towards Mr. Mime and delivers a series of assaults with its sharp sickles.

Misty hollers that the power of the attack seems to increase with each strike, and Erika recognizes it as the move fury cutter. After inflicting a considerable amount of damage, Bugsy retrieves Scyther, and switches Heracross in for a megahorn. The giant blue beetle throws Mr. Mime high up into the ceiling with its horn, and sends it crashing back onto the stage. Mary describes Bugsy’s attack style as swift and brutal, and exclaims that the situation seems to be very unfavourable to Sabrina. Down at the Kanto gymleaders’ sitting area, Brock gets worried but knows they can’t complain about fairness since the allocation of opponents was random. Misty says it’s really unfortunate that Sabrina gets assigned to an opponent whose expert type has an advantage over hers, and Erika is baffled when she sees that Sabrina doesn’t seem to be fighting back much.

Sabrina commands a confusion from Mr. Mime, and the psychic Pokémon sends a thin beam of flittering waves out from its finger tip. However, Heracross defends by using endure, and Bugsy orders it to deliver its final attack. To his surprise, Heracross hits something and bounces back before making contact with Mr. Mime, and Bugsy suddenly notices himself and Heracross being surrounded by numerous invisible walls. Then, to his shock, Sabrina and Mr. Mime start walking up some invisible stairs to tower over him. The Saffron gymleader grins that he is now trapped inside her invisible house which only herself can see, and explains that the fingertips of Mr. Mime emit a mysterious force field which solidifies air to create actual walls. She tells Bugsy that he is on the first floor and next to the stairs of her two-storey house, and reveals that there actually is an exit, but Bugsy will have to find it himself.

Knowing that Mr. Mime probably created the house while being thrown around by Scyther and Heracross earlier, Bugsy blames himself for his neglegance, and attempts to feel his way across the walls to locate the exit. However, it is simply not possible to orientate oneself in an area totally invisible to the eye, and Bugsy decides to have Heracross break through the walls with a takedown. To his surprise, Heracross does an endure again, and the Azalea gymleader wonders what is wrong. But then he notices Mr. Mime swinging his fingers around, and realizes that it is using encore.

Sabrina grins that encore makes the opponent repeat its previous move over and over again despite new commands, and says it is time to end the battle. Mr. Mime spreads its right palm to release a powerful psybeam, and the blast bounces between the solidified air walls in a zigzagged path before ramming hard into Heracross, knocking it out cold at a corner of the invisible house. Sabrina then comments that barriers are not only for defensive means but could be used to restrict the opponent’s movements as well, and slowly walks down the stairs with Mr. Mime as Bugsy grieves over his defeat.

Up on the score display screen, a circle lights up next to Sabrina’s name while a cross appears next to Bugsy’s…

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158: VS. Scyther!

Volume 13