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Surfing on Feraligatr away from the Whirl Islands, the revelation that time is what Mask of Ice intends to control keeps ringing in Silver’s head. The red haired boy recalls the incident at the Lake of Rage, and remembers overhearing Prof. Elm’s message via Gold’s Pokégear about the masked man being expected to be one of the gymleaders. Just then, his own Pokégear beeps, and his answers to find Lance inquiring about his current location. Silver explains that he has already surfed past the eastern coast of New Bark, and says he shall arrive at the Indigo Plateau very soon. Lance tells Silver about the congregation of all sixteen Kanto and Johto gymleaders at Indigo for the league tournament, and remarks that Silver must do his best to uncover the real identity of the masked man, which will also be the final mission he bestows upon him.

Meanwhile, back in the countryside of Goldenrod, old Grampy and Granny wonder if Yellow has had a good rest, and the young trainer learns from them that she is currently at the Daycare Centre where caretaking service to Pokémon is offered. Yellow finds the name familiar, and suddenly remembers hearing about it from Jasmine during their last encounter. She quickly reaches into her belt to pull out a memo containing the address and a hand-drawn map of the centre by the Olivine gymleader, who has encouraged her to bring her pair of Pikachus to the place, and old Grampy laughs that she should thank Jasmine for saving their lives.

Grampy explains that when Yellow and fisherman Wilton were found lying unconscious on the shore earlier, the medics couldn’t trace their identities or relatives from anything other than the memo they carried, and thus brought them over to the Daycare Centre. Yellow hurriedly say her thanks to the old couple, and only then notices with a start that Pika and Chuchu are holding an egg. Grampy laughs that he found it with them after the two Pikachus were left to play together alone for some time, and Yellow immediately gets a fit when she realizes where it came from.

Old Granny then drags Yellow along while brutally kicking Wilton awake, and humphs that it is time they do some work to repay her hospitality. She sits the two in front a small table, and tells them to help her inflate the bags of balloons, while Grampy sweatdrops at the situation. Wilton says he initially thought they would be asked to handle the Pokémon, but Granny grins that she will take care of it herself.

Wilton then begins a question again by addressing her as old granny, but Granny gets furious instantly and slaps his face silly, demanding him to call her the beautiful young lady. Yellow and Grampy both sweatdrop again, and Grampy silently feels sorry for all the young men who fall victim to Granny’s occasionally unreasonable attitude. Yellow looks around the room and spots a photo inside a small wooden frame of three young men and two young women, and wonders if it was taken when Grampy and Granny were young. Grampy puts on a wide grin, and muses that it is a capture of their youth.

At the entrance of the Indigo Plateau, Silver walks through the reception, and a lady stops him by saying that there are no more seats left in the stadium already. Silver ignores her and turns to the trainer registration counter, but is told that the registration period is over as well. Wearing an indiffernt look, Silver drops the eight Johto badges on the table, and states that he heard trainers who have acquired all badges have the right to enter the final match unconditionally. Stunned by what they see, the reception and counter ladies stutter as they welcome Silver to the tournament, and murmur in disbelief that someone actually managed to collect all eight badges, not knowing that the boy actually obtained them by theft.

Once inside, Silver turns away from the stadium, and heads towards the corridors leading to the gymleaders’ resting room instead. Moving cautiously, he rationalizes that all 16 gymleaders must be in the battle stage for the exhibition match, and tries to locate the door to the central control and monitoring room. He approaches the first door on his right and carefully opens a small gap, and is surprised to see that a boy wearing a green jacket is reading a book inside. Frustrated that there are still gymleaders in their rooms, Silver is about is close the door when he hears a phone ring.

Inside the room, Green picks up the phone to learn that he is up for the next match, and puts down his book titled ‘The Mysteries Of The Earth’. He holds up the Pokéball containing Red’s Gyara, and remembers how Red insisted that he keeps it as a temporary exchange for Charizard. He lets out a slightly annoyed sigh about the other boy’s stubborn belief about fairness, and prepares to leave the room when he suddenly feels an overwhelming heat filling the place, and wonders if something is outside his door. Outside, Silver feels the sudden rise in temperature as well, and Green kicks the door open without warning. Noticing each other’s presence, Silver sends Sneasel forward for a faint attack, but Green calls out Porygon2 just in time to take the hit.

Green and Porygon 2 skid slightly along the corridor from the collision with the powerful strike, and Silver orders Sneasel to repeat its attack. However, the virtual Pokémon stands unharmed this time, and Green remarks that Porygon2 possesses a skill called texture2, which allows it to change itself to the same type as the attack it previously took, and thus Sneasel’s dark attack no longer holds its usual strength. Silver snickers that it sounds like an interesting skill, and the two boys feel the temperature around them rise even more.

Seeing the expression on Silver’s face, Green knows that the red haired boy isn’t responsible for the heat, and looks around for its cause. All of a sudden, the silhouette of a beast appears at the top of the stairs next to the corridor, and it reveals itself to be the legendary Entei. Both boys rationalize that the Pokémon must be capable of using mighty fire attacks, and simultaneously reach for the Pokéballs.

Meanwhile, Oak’s personal assistant and granddaugher, Daisy, who has come to the league tournament to render assistance, is walking up the stairs to find Green, and wonders why her younger brother has still not shown up at the stadium stage. As she ascends, she feels the temperature getting hotter, and starts to think if the air-conditioning is malfunctioning. Just then, she spots Green together with a red haired boy who are both looking up. Noticing the combat stance they’re in and the two Gyaradoses they sent out, one in blue and one in red, she knows that something must be wrong.

Holding their stares on Entei, Green and Silver pause for a moment and begin their attacks…

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160: VS. Porygon2!

Volume 13