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Almost simultaneously, Silver orders a dragonbreath from his red Gyarados while Green commands a dragonrage from Red’s Gyara. The attacks cause Entei to wince in frustration for a moment, but then the legendary beast releases a powerful of blast of fire from its mouth. Green and Silver immediately jump out of the way, and Silver bolts with a start when he recognizes the way the flames burn. Suddenly, Entei vanishes, and the ovewhelming heat it created in the room disappears just as quickly.

Silver rationalizes that it must still be somewhere at the Indigo Plateau, and turns around to dash away. Green notices a second too late and attempts to give chase, but Daisy grabs him by the arm, and Green is surprised to see his sister at the league tournament. Daisy wonders the thing which caused the temperature rise is a Pokémon, but says Green doesn’t have time to lose because his opponent, who is also his teacher, is already waiting for him on the stadium stage.

Back in the stadium, the Cianwood gymleader Chuck waits patiently seated with his eyes closed in the middle of the stage, and Mary wonders why Green still hasn’t appeared. Just then, she spots the Viridian gymleader entering the room, and Chuck slowly stands up while Gren apologizes outloud to the man for his delay. Mary wastes no time in commencing the match, and both gymleaders quickly jump back from the stage center while taking combat stances. Mary informs that audience that Green has once trained under Chuck when he was young, and this battle between a teacher and his student will no doubt be interesting.

Chuck sends out Machamp as his first Pokémon, but Green releases his whole team. In contrast his team of Charizard, Pidgeot, Scyther, Porygon, Machamp and Ninetales in the last league tournment, his team now consists of Rhydon, Exeggcutor, Arcanine, Alakazam, Pidgeot and Gyarados. Green recalls his effort in rapidly training up his newly captured Pokémon after taking up of the Viridian gymleader title, and decides that he shall use Rhydon only for the match.

Retrieving his other Pokémon, Green orders Rhydon forward for a horn attack, and the ground Pokémon rams the drill on its head onto Machamp. However, Machamp soon grabs Rhydon’s horns and jaws with its four arms, and hurls it down with vital throw. Green remembers that vital throw is a skill which succeeds only following the opponent’s assault, and knows that Chuck deliberately let his Machamp took Rhydon’s attack earlier. Chuck then switches in Hitmonlee, who immediately uses mindreader, and swiftly avoids Rhydon’s series of horn attacks.

Mary remarks that mindreader allows Hitmonlee to see and predict Rhydon’s every single move accurately, and thinks that the match seems to be in Chuck’s favour so far. Himonlee then delivers a kick on Rhydon’s chest, but Green grabs the chance, and has Rhydon retaliate with a stomp instead. While Hitmonlee appears to be squashed under the heavy weight of Rhydon, Chuck commands a reveral, and it immediately throws Rhydon off together with Green to the edge of the stage. Struggling to get up, Green realizes his teacher has adeptly turned Rhydon’s attack back on itself again, and recalls what the man taught him about the different possible modes of offense during his training.

When Green first arrived in Cianwood many years ago to begin his training with Chuck, he was already a difficult child to please. Chuck’s wife introduced him to Chuck as the grandson of the Pokémon world’s authority, Professor Oak, but Green snapped at her and barked that he came for the training at his own will, and it didn’t matter who his grandfather was. Upon hearing the words, Chuck coldly stated that the first thing Green ought to learn was to watch his mouth, and with one single hand, picked the boy up and pushed his head into a big bucket of water. Stunned, the boy gasped to catch his breath as Chuck lectured him on the need to be proud of one’s grandfather. He told the boy not to worry, however, since his ways of teaching remained the same for all students, regardless of who their grandfathers were.

He announced to Green that he would be learning judo, sword fighting, as well as many other martial arts including the use of spears and nunchucks. He ordered Green to pick a weapon from the wall, and Green stuttered with fear that he came for Pokémon training. But Chuck lashed out at him immediately, and hollered that it is equally important for trainers to possess strength and skills as well before they could connect with the hearts of their Pokémon, and it is the basic thing one ought to learn before starting on Pokémon training. Now, standing face to face with his teacher on the stage, Green knows that it is time for him to put all those he has learnt from the man to good use, and is determind to prove himself to Chuck.

Outside, in the indoors area for tuckshops and Pokémarts, Silver is desperately looking around for Entei. After much thought, he has come to convince himself that the flames of the legendary beast are indeed identical to those of the flames of life which resurrected and surrounded Gold and himself on the Whirl Islands. Silver has every reason to believe that Entei is the one who rescued them from the Lake of Rage, and rationalizes that it must have the same intention to defeat the masked man just like them. Looking around in the empty halls around him while using the tracking system of his Pokédex, he calls out loud to Entei and urges it to show itself.

Just around the corner, Blaine is standing next to Entei and secretly watches as Silver runs around. He knows that the boy is searching for Entei, but silently apologizes that the legendary beast has already chosen him. Later, in the warehouses of the Indigo Plateau, Blaine acknowledges Entei’s wish to find a battling partner to fight alongside with it, and says as the expert in fire types, he would gladly lend his knowledge and skills. He points out, however, that his body has been plagued by an illness that renders him weak every now and then, and says he has in fact learnt that the only way to kill the evil cells in his body is to purify them with the flames of a legendary Pokémon.

Blaine then proceeds to take off his coat and shirt, and exposes the bandaged corrosion on his right arm which has now extended to the whole of his right upper body. He tells Entei that just like it has searched for him, he himself has been actually searching for Entei as well. The legendary beast then opens its mouth, and slowly builds up a ball of fire in it…

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161: VS. Entei!

Volume 13