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At the Pokémon League Tournament, the sixth round of gymleaders’ exhibition match is taking place between Chuck and Green. The Cianwood gymleader sends out his Hitmontop, and the upsidedown Pokémon quickly spins forward with a triplekick. Rhydon grunts in frustration as the hit makes contact, and Green sees from the three scars on Rhydon’s head that the two feet together with the pointed tail of Hitmontop create consecutive strikes with increasing power as the Pokémon increases its speed of spinning.

Rationalizing that the only chance of retaliation is to stop his foe’s rapid turns, Green orders an earthquake from Rhydon, and the tremble succeeds in throwing Hitmontop off it’s balance for a moment while shaking up the whole stadium simulaneously. However, Hitmontop leaps up into the air and starts spinning again, driving the horn on its head down while pulling off another triple kick. This time, the assault seems to cause a tremendously agony on Rhydon, and Green realizes that the protrusion on Hitmontop’s head, which is capable of boring through the ground, acted as another point of pressure while it attacks from midair.

Then, to everyone’s shock, Green jumps onto Rhydon’s back as Hitmontop leaps into the air to attempt another striek. Mary exclaims that it is a very dangerous move as one single mistake will cause great harm to the trainer, and notices that the drill on Rhydon’s head is starting to spin as well. As Chuck’s teachings flow through his mind, Green closes his eyes to feel the air around him, and listen to every single sound in the room, the breathing of his foe, the vibrant energy from their movements, the sweat trickling down their faces. As Chuck has taught him, he completely makes himself attuned to the actions of Hitmontop, and suddenly snaps his eyes open to command Rhydon when the spining Pokémon is less than a feet away.

To everyone’s amazement, Rhydon connects the tip of its drill with the horn on Hitmontop’s head, and the ground Pokémon'ss anti-clockwise drilling brings its opponent’s clockwise spinning to an abrupt stop. Green then orders a horndrill, and Rhydon uses all its might to rotate its drill, instantly fainting Hitmontop by the rapid spinning. As Hitmontop falls to the stage, Chuck wants to know if Green really saw Hitmontop’s pathway of movements, and Green explains that he has remembered what Chuck taught him about using a trainer’s own skills to feel the opponent, and channeling it to his Pokémon by throwing himself into the battle field to fight alongside with it.

Mary declares Green the winner as the crowd roars in excitement, and Chuck retreives Hitmontop while complimenting Green’s tactic in countering a clockwise spinning by an anti-clockwise drilling. He then laughs that Green has indeed grown stronger and clasps hands with the boy. Green thanks Chuck for all his teachings, and says he has kept his pact. Back at the time when Green finished his training with Chuck on Cianwood and headed back to Kanto, Chuck has made him promise to train hard and one day defeat him. Now, this many years later, Green finally fulfilled his teacher’s expectations.

Stepping close to Rhydon to examine it, Chuck comments that it looks really well trained, but wonders why it was the only Pokémon Green used for the match. Green shows him the book ‘The Mysteries Of The Earth’, and explains that he found it inside the Viridian gym after taking up the gymleader post, and thinks it belonged to the previous gymleader who was an expert in ground types. Green says he has been studying the book intently, and was simply hoping to put the things he learnt from it to use. The boy then looks around the stadium, remarking that he feels something strange, and Chuck admits that he too, senses a peculiar atmosphere at the place.

Down at the warehouses, Blaine hollers in pain as Entei releases a powerful flame from the crown on its head to cleanse him. Although in deep agony, Blaine could feel the constraints on his body these past few years slowly breaking lose, and knows that the same moment he frees himself, his mate on Cinnabar will be able to set itself free as well. As Entei slowly withdraws its flames, Blaines falls to his knees to catch his breath, and lets out a sigh of relief as he sees that his body no longer suffers from the evil cells that threaten to overtake him. He then silently wishes his long-time mate luck wherever it chooses to go, and tells Entei that he is ready. Back at Blaine’s research lab, a purple and white creature departs from the island and shoots up into the sky.

Meanwhile, Silver is still looking around for Entei. An error message appears on his Pokédex, and he wonders why the tracking system suddenly fails to work. From a TV screen on the side wall of the room, he sees Chuck and Green shaking hands as Mary comments that it is a glorious moment between a teacher and his student. This quickly reminds Silver of his nightmarish history with the masked man in the past, and feels upset that he will never ever experience the love and care that supposed to exist between teachers and students.

Just then, he hears a giggle and turns around to see a balding man with glasses, sitting on a chair with an Abra in hand. Silver is surprised at his sudden appearance, and demands to know who he is. The man giggles again as he spins himself around on the chair, and warns Silver that it is not a wise move to subject himself to the big battle ahead. He offers to teleport him away with his Abra, and before Silver could react, the small psychic Pokémon begins creating swirls of energy around him. The man tells Silve not to worry as he will be transported to a safe place, and Silver grits his teeth in anger and rationalizes that the man must be an underling of Mask of Ice.

To his surprise, the man giggles that he is an acquaintance and his face begins to melt into a pink blob. The blob reveals itself to be a Ditto, and Silver gasps in surprise when he sees that is is no other than Blue. He couldn’t understand why Blue is doing this to him, but he gets transported away before he could say anymore. Throwing off her costumes, Blue silently apologizes to Silver for leaving him alone to work for so long, and says she shall take over from now on. She then pulls on her white gloves, and takes out her Pokégear to check on the location of the Ilex Forest.

At the VIP room which has a giant glass window overlooking the stadium stage below, Daisy rushes in to inform the Chairman of the Pokémon Association about the malfunctioning air-conditioning on the fourth floor of the building. Bill, who is together with the Chairman, turns around to look at the young woman with pleasant surprise, and recognizes her as someone he has met at Prof. Oak’s lab before…

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162: VS. Hitmontop!

Volume 13