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Seeing the live recording on the monitor screen, Gold and Crys couldn’t understand how Mask of Ice could be somewhere else while all sixteen gymleaders are still at the Indigo Plateau. The two young trainers take another look at the giant rainbow bird fighting the masked man, and realize with a start that it is no other than the legendary Ho-Oh. Cart laughs that with their leader’s skills, not even legendary Pokémon can escape his capture. Shum tells Gold and Crys to enjoy what they see on the screen as it won’t last long, but suddenly changes her mind, and switches it off, saying that it won’t be necessary as the masked man will arrive at the stadium on Ho-Oh very soon.

Gold and Crys gasp in shock at their words, and the two TR subleaders grin that the league tournament is the perfect place to announce the resurrection of Team Rocket to the world. Shum and Cart then throw off their TR jackets to reveal an outfit with dark armour sleeves, and pull on their half masks, saying that it’s time to punish the intruders. Gold attempts to charge forward again, but the invisble force in the air continues to hold him and Crys back. Crys suddenly realizes that it is the effect of roar, and the two TR subleaders call out their team of Houndooms and Persians who have been hiding aside to keep the two young trainers at bay with the attack all this time.

Cart laughs that roar strips away the fighting will of the opponents, and contradicts the body movement of those who try to resist it. Shum then giggles and says with the skill being another one of Mask of Ice’s most favoured battling strategies, it is better pulled off by Pokémon trained intensively under them. Gold thinks hard to come up with a solution, and notices that Aitro is using all its might to reach its palm-like tail to his belt. It snaps open the Pokéball of Politro, and the Politoed comes charging out to quickly deliver a hypnosis before being affected by roar.

The Houndooms and Persians, together with Slowking and Magcargo, instantly fall asleep, and Gold and Crys finally regain control of their bodies. To their surprise, Slowking and Magcargo continue to move in their slumber, and Cart grins that they have strategies to counter sleep inducing attacks. He orders a sleeptalk from Magcargo which results in a flamethrower, while Shum has Slowking use snore to generate giant blocks of solidified air. Crys sends out her Cubone, Cubon, to break the air blocks with bonerush, and Gold hurriedly tells Politro to put out the flames with water. However, Magcargo’s powerful attack turns the water into steam, and Cubon starts having trouble handling all the blocks created by Slowking’s snore. Crys realizes the strength of their enemies and wonders what to do.

While Gold and Crys remain occupied by the fight, Cart moves over to the computer and begins hacking into the program. Shum grins that moves that can still be used after a Pokémon is hypnotized really come in handy, and say it won’t be long before they finish their task in the control room.

As Magcargo’s sleeptalk induced flamethrower and Slowking’s snore-generated air blocks edge closer to Gold and Crys, Crys grunts from the heat, and remarks that the consectuive firing of attacks should take a toll on the opponents’ bodies as well. Golds suddenly gets an idea, and tells Crys to send out her Parasect while he calls out his Sunkern, Sunflo. Not knowing what Gold has in mind, Crys tosses out Paron’s Pokéball, and immediately realizes Gold’s strategy when she sees the two grass Pokémon standing together.

The two young trainers simultaneously command a gigadrain from Paron and Sunflo, and Shum and Cart gasp in shock when Slowking and Magcargo’s energy get sucked out and tumble back into them. The collision knocks the two TR subleaders close to unconsciousness, and Paron and Sunflo continue to drain until Slowking and Magcargo faint. Gold and Crys are about to rejoice when they hear an ear-piercing warning beep from the computer machines, and Gold runs up to grab the collar of Cart, demanding to know what they did to the system.

Shum puts on a weak evil grin, and says their main aim in the control room was never to fight them but simply hack into the security system. Gold doesn’t understand what she is talking about, but the two TR subleaders faint before they could continue. On the monitor screen, a warning message appears and says the safety lock for the magnet train system is in the process of being released.

At Indigo Plateau’s magnet train station just behind the stadium, two guards are watching over the magnet train which just transported the sixteen gymleaders to the place. One guard remarks that due to its closeness with the main battle arena, it will cause a bring trouble if the train gets out of control. Fortunately, the train is monitored and controlled by a highly advanced computer system. Just as he says that, the lights inside the train come on, and the two guards are horrified to see the cabins filled with Team Rocket members all wearing half masks on their faces. They quickly turn around and attempt to alert their seniors, but the TR Elite Trio, Ken, Ryu and Harry, appear to zap them unconscious with Elekid, and the three men proceed to enter the train and join the others.

Back in the central control room, Gold and Crys rush towards the computer, and wonder what the warning message on the monitor screen means…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

164: VS. Slowking!

Volume 13