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Gaping their mouths wide open, Ho-Oh sends off a sacred fire and Lugia delivers an aeroblast simultaneously. Gold and Crys quickly climb on Mantro and Naton to fly off and evade. However, the two attacks crash together to cause a mighty explosion, which manages to blast through the stadium ceiling, and throws the two young trainers down to the ground right beneath the crumbling roof. Fortunately, Gold sends out his Sudowoodo, Sudro, just in time, who shelters them from the falling cement with its tree branch like arms, while the screaming crowd continues to push their way through the exit of the stadium.

Crys worries that people might get hurt if Ho-Oh and Lugia start firing at them, and decide to distract the legendary Pokémon with Gold until everyone is safe outside. Successfully catching the two giant flyers’ attention, Gold and Crys run along the edge of the room and struggle hard to dodge their combined fire and air attacks. Crys wonders why the masked man possesses not only Ho-Oh but also Lugia, and Gold grunts that the mysterious person who captured Lugia a split second before them on the Whirl Islands was probably Mask of Ice.

Just then, another sacred fire, aeroblast combo strikes the ground near them, and Gold orders Sudro to lower the foes’ accuracy with mudslap. However, the attack doesn’t work at all against the two flyers, and Gold frantically pulls Crys away from the creatures’ retaliation. Gold then wants Crys to imagine Lugia and Ho-Oh as wild Pokémon, and asks how she would deal with them as a capture specialist. Crys remarks that the most important thing is to note the Pokémon's pattern of attack, and the two young trainers decide to lose some distance from the giant flyers before turning back to identify their mode of assault.

As Lugia and Ho-Oh send off another blast of air and fire, Gold and Crys realize that the legendary creatures always attack at the same time, causing the two balls of powerful energy to hit a single target together. Narrowly avoiding yet another barrage of attacks commanded by the masked man, Crys hollers that Lugia’s aeroblast is made of air, which expands the flames in Ho-Oh’s sacred fire to cause explosive effects upon contact. The two decide that the best strategy is to separate the two giant flyers, and Crys proceeds to distract Lugia by hovering on Naton, while Gold draws Ho-Oh’s attention away with Sudro.

Thinking that Crys is simply stalling Lugia’s time, Gold is surprised when he sees the girl charging close to it and a flash seeming to sparkle in Naton’s eyes. However, he is no condition to worry about others. Without warning, Ho-Oh smashes Gold onto the ground with its talons, and grips hard on Sudrio with its beak. Mask of Ice sees the agony on the Sudowoodo’s face, and giggles that it is no use to struggle. But Gold returns a grin, and says he wouldn’t go down so easily. Thrashing its arms around, Sudro unleashes a flail and knocks Ho-Oh back with a powerful force. Gold smirks that flail is an attack which gets powered up when the damage inflicted on the Pokémon increases, and dares Ho-Oh to come forward again.

Frustrated, Mask of Ice calls Lugia over to assist Ho-Oh, but just as it is about to fire an aeroblast, a sudden surge of energy rams at its neck. The masked man is taken by surprise, and instantly remembers the sparkle in the eyes of Crys’s Natu. Crys puts on a victorious grin, and states that future sight is a delayed attack which hits the foe a few seconds after being unleashed. Thanking Crys for her help, Gold knows that they will gain the upperhand in no time if they keep aggravating the masked man and make him lose his poise.

However, contrary to what the boy believes, Mask of Ice seems to be powering himself up as he grits his teeth in fury, and horns begin to bulge out from the ice-sculpted mask he wears. The blank expression on the mask suddenly becomes devilish, and without warning, his four limbs equipped with armour-like coverings shoot out from the black robe in intimidating gestures. The masked man grunts that he has spent nearly 10 whole years working on his scheme, and will not let anyone interfere with it at such a critical stage. He quickly jumps onto the back of Ho-Oh, and orders the rainbow bird to trap Gold and Crys in two rings of spinning fire.

With the two young trainers held back, Mask of Ice hovers over to the crowd who were rushing through the exit, and spots the person he’s looking for. Swooping down with his arms extended out, he snatches up an old man and a young girl, and lifts both of them into the air. As Lugia and Ho-Oh continue to savage the whole stadium with sacred fire and aeroblast, Gold and Crys struggle to break free, and suddenly notice two people being held up by Mask of Ice. On a closer look, they realize that it is Azalea’s famous ball maker, Kurt, and his granddaughter, Mazie.

Infuriated to see innocent people getting involved, Gold attempts to charge forward, but the rings of fire trapping him quickly char the front of his sweater, forcing to step back. Mask of Ice then begins to choke Kurt, and demands from him a special Pokéball that he made, a Pokéball that is able to capture time…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

166: VS. Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 2)!

Volume 13