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Flying over a mountainous region, Mask of Ice orders Lugia and Ho-Oh to join Will and Karen in securing their final destination, and says he shall catch up with them later. He then tells Delibird to lower him to the ground, and proceeds to wind up the capture net he’s weaving from the Rainbow and Silver Wings. He remarks to himself that the sacred shrine glows in relation to the moon cycle, and says on this particular day, destiny and everything he’s done so far will finally come together. Just then, he hears a snicker from behind him, and turns around in surprise to find Gold and his Pokémon.

Mask of Ice giggles as he compliments on Gold’s toughness, and is surprised that he still refuses to admit his failure after losing to him in the Ilex Forest, at the Lake of Rage, and then at the Indigo Plateau. Gold ignores his sarcasm, and puts on a determined look as he makes sure that the masked man remembers him by announcing his name clear and loud. He then tosses focus bands to every single one of his six Pokémon, and swears that he shall win this time.

Retrieving Sunflo, Mantro, Politro and Typhlo, Gold commands Sudro to swing Aitro forward, and the purple monkey hops around Mask of Ice as it uses agility. Mask of Ice lets out a humph, and regenerates his arm to swat Aitro away. Sudro manages to catch it, and Gold watches in shock as the masked man fully repairs his arms by ice. He realizes that the body of the masked man is made of ice, and the man giggles that by condensing the water vapour in the air, he can heal himself as many times as he wants regardless of how much damage he has received.

Gold then crouches down and prepares to strike out his Pokéballs with his billiard cue, but Mask of Ice shoots out his arm to strike him before he suceeds, and sends the boy crashing into the ground. Mask of Ice laughs that Gold can’t beat him, but Gold makes a face at him, and tells him not to underestimate him. The masked man suddenly notices that the four Pokéballs of Gold are rolling towards him at their own will, and without warning, Typhlo, Sunflo, Matro and Politro pop out right in front of him to attack.

Politro quickly throws itself against Delibird, and begins to sing. Mask of Ice attempts to knock it down, but something grabs his arms from behind, and he turns around in shock to find Sudro holding him back. Gold grins that the masked man must be surprised by Sudro’s speed, and reveals that Aitro actually transferred its agility to Sudro by baton pass when they made contact earlier. Mask of Ice turns to Delibird for help, but then the ice Pokémon faints together with Politro, and he realizes that the Politoed has used perish song.

Infuriated, Mask of Ice lets out a roar, and starts regenerating his lower body. Gold quickly calls Mantro to lift Sunflo up into the sky by the propelling force of its attached Remoraids, and to the masked man’s surprise, the Sunkern suddenly evolves into a Sunflora while using sunny day. Making use of the situation, Typhlo unleashes its flames and melts the body of Mask of Ice.

Gold puts on a grin and wonders what the masked man thinks of his team’s cooperation. With Politro taking care of Delibird by perish song, Aitro and Sudro holding him back by a combination of agility and baton pass, and Mantro to lift Sunflo up in the air for sunny day, which powered up the fire attacks of Typhlo, Gold hollers that Pokémon are definiatley more than tools. He then states that it’s time to unveil Mask of Ice’s real identity, and thrusts his billiard cue forward to shatter the man’s mask.

Back at the stadium of the Indigo Plateau, Eusine dissolves the crystal wall seal with his Clear Bell after his Haunter defeat the masked man’s Gastly, and Crystal happily runs up to greet him. Suddenly, the lower half body of Mask of Ice leaps towards them, and prepares to deliver a kick. But Falkner arrives just in time, and tackles the body down with his Noctowl. He then secures a pair of handcuffs around the ankles of the body, and lifts off the black robe covering it to reveal that it is entirely made of ice.

In another corner of the damaged stadium, Whitney begins to shiver as she realizes who the masked man really is. Morty begins to figure it out as well once he thinks over the fact that the man survived even a hole was made through his stomach. The Chairman of the Pokémon Association, however, gets impatient, and demands to know immediately who it is. With a trembling tone, Whitney mutters that Mask of Ice is actually the gymleader of Mahogany, old man Pryce.

At the same time, Gold gasps in disbelief as he finally sees the real identity of the evil man he’s been fighting all along...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

172: The Last Battle VI!

Volume 14