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At the Ilex Forest, the sacred shrine begins to shimmer with a gentle glow. Behind its tiny wooden doors, the silhouette of a fairy-like creature slowly flitters around within the light.

Meanwhile, the anterior half of the magnet train is still speeding towards a dead end. Inside the cabins, Chuck, Janine, Clair, Jasmine and Sabrina continue to fight down the TR members but are starting to run out of strength. Inside the engine room in front, Green, Brock and Erika wear worried looks on their faces and are still thinking hard to come up with a way to stop the train. Brock soon spots the termination of the railway ahead, and Green hollers that they are going to crash in less than a minute.

Suddenly, someone appears on the railway in front of them, and sends out a Snorlax to charge against the train. Green, Brock and Erika gasp in surprise as the gigantic Pokémon pushes against the magnet train with all its might, and rapidly skids along the railway after colliding with it. As the powerful force blasts up rocks and cement from the ground, the Snorlax’s back rams against the rocky wall at the dead end, and finally manages to put the train to a complete halt just in time.

The three gymleaders look out from the window to see a boy standing in front of a Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, with an Espeon on his shoulder, and realize that it’s no other than Red. Green quickly jumps off the train to run towards his friend and rival, and wants to know if he has completely healed himself. Red states that he has, and apologizes for arriving late.

Erika gets off the train to join them, and wonders what brought Red there. The boy holds up the Spoon of Fate Sabrina gave him, and explains that he has followed its directions. Erika then heads back into the cabin and attempts to call out for Misty, but quickly remembers that the Cerulean gymleader is on the posterior half of the train. Green tells Red that they have to head back to the Indigo Plateau immediately, and notices his teacher, Chuck, coming out from the train doors. Chuck remarks that he and the other gymleaders will make sure the TR members are taken care of, and wishes Green good luck in his showdown with the enemy.

Urging his teacher to look after himself as well, Green calls out his Rhydon, and explains to Red that this new Pokémon of his is capable of using its drill to burrow tunnels through the earth’s crust. He states that there might be other traps set up by the enemy waiting for them above ground, and says it’s safer to travel underground. Just as the boys are about to take off, Erika wants to know if Red has a Pokégear, but Red shakes his head. Erika tells him to take hers as it might come in handy, and tosses the communicating device to the boy.

Rhydon then starts spinning the drill on its head rapidly, and bores through a hole on the ground. It keeps pushing downwards and forwards, and in no time creates a deep and wide passageway leading to the Indigo Plateau. Suddenly, the Spoon of Fate Red is holding bends and points towards another direction, and Red says it seems to be directing them to somewhere else. After a moment of thought, Green decides to follow the spoon’s lead, and orders Rhydon to change its course. Red wonders where they are heading now, and Green quickly takes out his Pokégear to check on the map. On the tiny screen, a bracket flashes on the junction between Azalea Town and Goldenrod City, and the two boys realize that their new destination is the Ilex Forest.

Just then, Red and Greeen sense some new presence behind them, and turn around to see the silhouettes of two men standing with their arms crossed...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

175: The Last Battle IX!

Volume 14