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At the Ilex Forest, the yellow electric creature that jumped out of the bushes reveals itself to be Gold's Pichu, Pich, and the Team Rocket Elite Trio, Ken, Al and Harry, halt in their tracks as its cuteness overwhelms them. Holding a piece of herbal leaf in hand, Pich gestures towards the bushes, and another Pichu whose left ear tip is spiky-shaped appears. Al is amused that there is another one, and Ken wonders if it is alright that they do not regard them as intruders. Harry believes it will be fine since they are so cute, and the three decide to continue patrolling and leave the Pichus alone.

However, just as they are about to turn and leave, several voices call out to stop them, and a gang of Team Rocket Grunts led by four female Senior Grunts show up with their Sentrets and Furrets. The chubbier Senior Grunt accuses Ken, Al and Harry for acting outside the commands of the Four Generals, and declares them as traitors. Harry protests that they are simply following the orders of Boss Giovanni, but the four girls, who are unaware of Giovanni's return, think that the Elite Trio are simply bluffing and making up stories to cover their act. The gang starts to close in on Ken, Al and Harry, and at that moment, Celebi returns with an armful of herbs and medicines it found in the forest, and seems astonished by what is going on.

Ken, Al and Harry hurriedly tell Celebi to stay away, but the female Senior Grunts have already spotted it, and exclaim that it is the mirage time travel Pokemon. The chubby Senior Grunt believes that the three are planning to capture Celebi and rebel against the Four Generals with it, and Al cries that they have it completely wrong. The girls decide to capture Celebi anyway, and order their Sentrets and Furrets forward. One of the Sentrets smacks Celebi with tail to snatch a herb from it, and Ken, Al and Harry quickly order their Pokemon to help Celebi. Skorupi heightens its stats with Acupressure, and Mime Jr. takes on a Furret by using Copycat. Hypno reclaims the herb from Sentret with Switcheroo and passes it back to Celebi, and the Elite Trio urges Celebi to bring the medication to the Ruins of Alph as soon as possible. The female Senior Grunts break into a fury at the Trio's actions, and storm towards them in a group, unaware that the two Pichus are in their way. As Pich and the Spiky-eared Pichu get knocked off their feet and nearly trampled on, they fume with rage and unleash a simultaneously blast of electricity to fry the four Senior Grunts and their Pokemon.

Meanwhile, day has begun to dawn. At the Ruins of Alph, a hemispheric pocket of energy slowly expands out from the ground. It gradually opens up as it grows, and Dialga, Palkia and Giratina soon fly out from the within. After staring down at Dialga and Palkia for a moment, Giratina uses its tentacles to rip open a portal above itself, and leaves through it as it slowly closes up again. Dialga and Palkia make sure that the serpentine creature is gone from this world, and begin speeding away towards the horizon while Gold, Silver, Crys, Lance, Pryce and Giovanni watch from below, the latter still weak on the ground from his illness.

'The Original One breathed alone before the universe came. When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate. The powers of Plates are shared among Pokemon. The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds. Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One. Two make matter and three make spirit, shaping the world.'

Everyone looks up at Arceus as Pryce recites the myth which depicts the creation of the universe, and the alpha Pokemon exudes its deity-like presence as it stands among the humans. Lance compliments Gold for having accomplished his mission well, and Gold grins that it was been an enjoyable victory. Just then, Gold notices a familiar silhouette behind a pile of rubbles, and is surprised that Bugsy is still there. He runs over to greet the Azalea Gymleader, but soon realizes that it is just Petrel in disguise. Dragonite lifts the bearded man off the ground by grabbing onto his suit, and Lance states that Petrel is really a despicable and sly person to abandon his comrades and flee on his own. Ariana and Proton, who are tied up on the ground, do not seem to find it surprising however.

Gold recalls that Lance was said to have lost to Petrel, and hopes that Lance doesn't mind he ask how come he fell victim to such a stingy bastard. Lance puts on a slightly embarrassed grin, and states that although Petrel is stingy, he certainly did his homework well on his opponents. During their encounter, Petrel disguised himself as someone who managed to faze him, and remembers how he appeared to him as a certain girl with blonde hair tied up into a ponytail, who shared the same hometown and powers as he does.

Slumped against a boulder on the ground, Giovanni's face turns paler by the minute as the pain continues to torment him. Pryce lets out a sigh as he sees the agony the man is in, and expresses his grief for him. Giovanni grins bitterly that it is alright, since what goes around comes around, and he was mentally prepared right from the start that he would get what he deserves one day for all his wrongful deeds. Silver is slightly taken aback to hear that, and Gold voices out his confusion, since he thought Giovanni began all his criminal work only after Silver was kidnapped. However, Giovanni snickers that it is a glorified way to speak of his deeds, and states that when he sought absolute power to be the top of his game, he already gave up on things that would get in the way, like compassion and his good heart.

Suddenly, Giovanni's name is called from a distance, and everyone turns around to see the Team Rocket Elite Trio running towards them. The three are accompanied by Celebi, Gold's Pichu and a Spiky-eared Pichu, and behind them, a group of TR grunts led by four female Senior Grunts give chase, and are all rendered speechless when they see that Giovanni has indeed returned as Ken, Al and Harry claimed. The Trio cries that Celebi has gathered all the remedies it was looking for, and quickly hands them to their boss. Gold is pleasantly surprised to see Pich, and grins that it has brought along with it a little girlfriend as well.

Just like a miracle, Giovanni becomes healed as soon as Celebi uses its ailment on him. His pain instantly dissipates, and the man is able to stand up once more. All the Team Rocket members rejoice at the recovery of their leader, and Giovanni, after looking into the eyes of Silver, announces that he shall resurrect and lead Team Rocket once more. Silver feels stunned and troubled by what his father just said, and Giovanni wonders if Silver would like to join him in his organization. Silver lowers his gaze to the ground in silence for a moment, and after collecting his thoughts, firmly turns down the offer. In fact, he states that he still aspires to bring down Team Rocket with his own hands one day, and hope to get Giovanni change his evil ways.

Giovanni grins at what he hears, and remarks that he welcomes Silver's challenge anytime, which he believes will be fun and interesting. With that, the man turns to leave, and brings along all his underlings, including Archer, who remains disabled and is carried off by the chubby female Senior Grunt. Giovanni steals a final glance at Silver, who is standing next to Lance and Pryce, and hopes that his son will continue to become stronger under the guidance of his two former teachers, and meet him in battle one day.

As Team Rocket departs from the scene under the lead of their true boss, Crys is concerned that Silver is once again letting his father leave his side, but Gold says she should just let people decide what they want to do, and mocks that after so many years, she still acts like the representative of Club Serious. Gold then remembers that he has yet to finish what he wanted to say about Crys's clothes, and starts commenting on it. However, Crys kicks him in the face with a blush, and Gold gets furious, crying that he simply wants to say they fit her. Yet, Crys gives him another kick before he could finish, and both Lance and Pryce grin and sweatdrop at the young ones' energetic behaviors. Pryce states that it is time to go their separate ways again, and Lance wonders where the old man plans to go. Pryce replies that he will probably go back to the Mahogany Gym, and at that moment, Silver's Weavile hops towards him and returns the stolen Glacier Badge to him.

Watching the humans and their Pokemon interact, Arceus wears a calm and content look, and slowly turns around on its golden hooves as it slowly takes off into the sky. Gold gazes up towards the alpha Pokemon with Togetaro, and states that the deity-like creature has finally given them its recognition after all. While he thought at first that Arceus had some personal dislike towards him since it kept attacking him, he finally realized that it actually took note of how he didn't open up his heart towards Togetaro, and was simply trying to alert him of it. At least, that is what it appears to him. He tells Togetaro that they are very fortunate to have Arceus blessed its evolution, and raises his voice to shout out his gratitude to the alpha Pokemon. The boy then decides to tour around Johto now that his mission is over, and wonders if it would be a good idea to take a walk at the Warm Beach. Upon hearing that, Togetaro wears a slightly embarrassed look, and points towards its own back. Gold realizes that it is offering him a ride, and puts on a big grin as he hops on his newly evolved companion. Crys is shocked that Gold is already departing for his walk now, but Gold replies that he simply wants to see Arceus off and will come back shortly. With that, Togetaro exercises its flying skills as a Togekiss, and takes off into the air with its trainer on its back.

High up in the skies nearby, Dialga and Palkia continue to speed off, and soon leave the boundaries of Johto. Down below, a young woman with long blonde hair wearing black attire, named Cynthia, senses the two dragons' presence as they fly past her from above, and gasps in bewilderment as she recognizes them as the two creatures spoken on the myth of her hometown. Standing next to her Gabite, she gazes towards the horizon where the creatures disappeared into, and believes that they are heading towards the Sinnoh region. She decides to let her Grandma know about it, and quickly contacts her via her Pokegear.

As Cynthia is conversing with her Grandma, a man with blonde hair wearing a long green jacket, named Palmer, passes by, and his attention is caught when he overhears Cynthia mention about Celestial Town. After Cynthia hangs up the call, Palmer approaches her, and apologizes for eavesdropping, but wants to know she has happens to come from Sinnoh. The young woman admits that she is, and the man reveals that he too, originates from Sinnoh and hails from Twinleaf Town. The two shake hands, and Cynthia finds it fateful that they should meet on such a distant land in Johto. Palmer feels embarrassed because he actually left his family to be there because he was too absorbed in Pokemon battling, and Cynthia grins that she is not that different, only that she was brought there by her desire in studying myths and legends.

Hearing the term 'myth', Palmer apologizes once more for prying, but wants to know if the two silhouettes that just flew past them in the sky have anything to do with mythical Pokemon, since they exuded such great energy. Cynthia is shocked that Palmer managed to sense the powers of Dialga and Palkia, and requests to know who he really is. Palmer blushes that he is a Frontier Brain at the Johto Battle Frontier, and Cynthia realizes that she is not talking to an ordinary trainer, which would explain his heightened senses. Palmer thinks Cynthia is overrating him, and the young woman points out that she actually feels a powerful presence in the pocket of Palmer's jacket, and Palmer is impressed with Cynthia's equally keen senses. He takes out a Pokeball which contains a golem-like creature, and Cynthia instantly recognizes it as the legendary Regigigas.

Palmer is not surprised that Cynthia knows of it since she claims to be a scholar in mythology, and explains that he awakened and captured it after borrowing Regirock, Regice and Registeel from an old friend called Brandon. However, he could not really control it, which is why he plans to release it back to where it came from, the Snowpoint Temple. To be frank, with Sinnoh's current peaceful state, there is no need of Regigigas's powers, but although he doesn't wish for anything to happen in the future which would require its powers, he still thinks it is best to return it back to Sinnoh to be safe. Cynthia sees what he means, and agrees with his viewpoint.

A while later, Gold returns to the Ruins of Alph to say his goodbyes to Crys and Silver, and just as the three Johto Dex Holders are about to go their separate ways, the Goldenrod Radio Director Hugo arrives with his Dusknoir, and exclaims at the damage caused at the important historical site. He recalls how badly the Ecruteak Gym was destroyed, and remarks that bad things do happen wherever Gold goes. Gold gets ticked off by the Director's words, and mocks that as the paparazzi, the incident probably just serves as juicy content for his broadcasting again. He believes that the man must have recorded the happenings in some way again, starts pulling at his clothes, demanding to see where he hid his microphone and recorder. However, to his surprise, the Director has been using a video camera this time, and Gold wants to know why someone working at a radio station needs video footage.

The Director giggles that it is always his dream to enter the television world, and reveals that he will become a TV Producer soon. Gold jumps in shock at the news, and wonders if the man plans to follow him around to get video footage from now on. The Director protests that it isn't what he is thinking, and states that he actually plans to create a TV program for children, whose hearts he believes still hold important treasures that many of them have lost. Crys feels impressed by what the Director says, and Gold is annoyed by her excitement. He snatches the proposal file which the Director is holding, and reads that the show is to be named Proteinman Omega, which is about a robot that is joined up by several parts: a Venusaur commander named Saur; a Pikachu leader, Protein-Brain, Pika; a Poliwrath Protein-Liner, Poli; a Gyarados Protein-Ship, Gyara; an Aerodactyl Protein-Balloon, Aero; and a Snorlax Protein-Rescuer, Lax.

Gold frowns that all the characters are taken directly from team of his senior, Red, and the Director is glad that Gold noticed it. He grins that he was overwhelmed by the coolness of Red when he saw him training at Mt. Silver, and thus based his characters on his party. Gold feels upset that he was appreciated the same way even though he was at Mt. Silver at that time as well, and demands that the Director change his characters to match his own team instead. He hurls the proposal away, which smacks at Silver's face, and the Director cries that he spent a lot of hard work writing the piece.

Just then, Gold's Pokegear beeps, and he sees that it is a notification from the Day Care. He sighs that he should probably go, and climbs onto Togetaro, and Crys wonders why he is leaving so urgently. Gold relents that he is expecting quite some errands from the old couple again, and wonders if Crys recalls that after their fight with the armored guy in Hoenn, Red and Emerald's Snorlaxes became acquainted with one another. Crys remembers it, and Gold believes that the old couple must have found an egg produced by the two and are calling him to hatch it. He reveals that they won't be seeing much of Granny and Grampy after this, and Crys wonders what he means. Gold explains that the old couple have decided to move to a distant region to start another Day Care, and after a thought, thinks that Crys should come help the two with their migration.

Gold then notices that Silver seems absorbed into the Director's proposal, and cries that he should stop reading such rubbish things. He believes that Silver should come help the old couple move as well, but Silver keeps his attention on the proposal, and suddenly states with a serious tone that he could not wait to watch the Proteinman Omega, which causes Gold and Crys to collapse and bump their heads together.

As the sun gradually lights up the land with its golden rays, bell chimes are heard ringing from the Tin Tower at Ecruteak City. Together with Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Espeon, as well as their two newest companions, Leafeon and Glaceon, the five Kimono Girls feel warmth and peace as they gaze upon the morning skies, and listen to the sound of the old capital which taps at the heart and resonates at the soul.

And so, life returns to normal in Johto. The Goldenrod Gymleader Whitney develops an infatuation for Bruno after their encounter at the Pokeathlon Dome, and starts sending him gifts, usually containing the man's new favourite snack, the RageCandyBar. Silver's Weavile catches her wrapping another package as it returns the Plain Badge to her, and on Bruno's side, Koga and Will are annoyed that Bruno is getting another food box from a fan, while Karen believes that the man is starting to get fat. Eusine continues his chase after Suicune across the land, and Lance stays loyal to his signature cape, which he orders ten new identical ones from the supplier. For Gold, he finds that Silver has become a regular guest to his house now, and will stay immobile in front of the television every time Proteinman Omega comes on.

Time passes, and the scene changes to another land. In a house on the distant region Sinnoh, Johanna announces that her Berry grill is done, and goes into her son's room with her Glameow. However, the boy is nowhere to be found, and Johanna realizes that today is that day that his son will take part in the competition show, the New Generation Funny Grand Prix which will be broadcasted life by Jubilife TV. She recalls how her son has been practicing hard with his childhood friend for it, and tells Glameow that it would be lovely if they could win. However, she thinks it is also alright if they don't, because the important thing is, the two boys will make the first big step towards their dreams this very day…

--Fin. The Ninth Chapter--

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