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On board the S.S. Tidal, Joseph Stone points out the serpentine entity with a 'delta' symbol which seemingly cuts in from the sky between Kyogre and Groudon on the mural painting, and wants to know the opinion of Drake, who is an expert in dragon types. Drake ponders on the image for a moment, and apologizes that he couldn't really make a comment until he has investigated upon it. Joseph understands, and secretly hopes that if this entity depicted on the mural is what he thinks it is, they wouldn't have to resort to seeking its powers to solve their current crisis.

On Dewford Island, Mumu, Chic and Sceptile successfully master precision in delivering the ultimate attacks, and manage to create three mere holes as the energy beams penetrate the target boulder. Ultima calls for a break with a big grin, and both Sapphire and Emerald fall to their knees in exhaustion. Steven wants to know what Ultima thinks, and the old lady states that her intention to provoke the kids with harsh words have clearly paid off. Ultima remarks that she expects nothing less from Sapphire and Emerald since they are Pokedex Holders after all. However, she suddenly recalls how Gold accidentally burnt her with Typhlosion's flames before, and concedes that there are always exceptions.

The old lady points out that compared with the trainers, she is actually more impressed by the performance of the three Pokemon, since they exude a spirit that clearly implies they are ready for the process of Mega Evolution that is imminent on them. By sensing this spirit alone, she can already envision how they would appear in their Mega forms. Steven muses at Ultima's words as he steals a look at the Sceptilite, Blazikenite and Swampertite in his hand, and believes that the Pokemon must have felt the presence of these Mega Stones which they are about to receive.

Meanwhile, Sapphire is getting suspicious about Ruby's whereabouts, and finds it odd that he still hasn't returned. She states that the television live broadcast has already long ended, and it normally doesn't take that much time to reach Dewford from Slateport where the TV station is. Her query causes Emerald to get a little uneasy, and the boy forces a grin as he agrees with her. His awkward behavior makes Sapphire more wary however, and she questions if he actually knows something else that she doesn't. Emerald quickly puts on an innocent look, and Sapphire sighs that Ruby has the tendency to shoulder everything on his own when things become desperate, which is why she is worried that he is off doing something dangerous alone again.

Emerald's mind boggles at Sapphire's sharp senses, but decides to keep playing dumb. He tells Sapphire not to worry too much, and reminds her that Ruby gave her the new clothes along with a ticket to the meteor show, which he intends to go with her. He states that Ruby wouldn't have made such a promise if he plans to wander off into danger alone, and expects him to return really soon. Emerald's words manage to set Sapphire's mind slightly at ease, and she blushes a little as she takes another look at the ticket to the Litleonid Meteor Show.

Out in the open seas, Latios continues its flight with Ruby on its back, and tells the boy to conjure up a powerful thought in his head for what they are about to do next. It states that in order to succeed, their hearts must be linked and Ruby must feel their mutual trust and connection. Ruby does as he is told, and soon experiences a powerful surge of energy within himself. He then lets it flow naturally towards his left fist where the Mega Bracelet is, and aims it up towards the sky as Latios starts to gain altitude. In a flash of rainbow light, Latios Mega Evolves and turns a shade of purple, its wings elongating sideways and taking the shape of a saw-blade. The psychic dragon warns Ruby to hold on tight, and begins spiraling upwards as it flies even higher. Ruby clasps his arms around Latios's neck with his eyes shut, and struggles to fight the motion sickness building within as he is literally spun in circles. When Latios finally settles at a certain height, it tells Ruby to open his eyes, and the boy is bewildered to see the entirety of Hoenn from such a perspective. Mega Latios explains that they are using 'Soar', a flying method it is only capable of in this form, and gestures towards the destination where Ruby has his mind on. Ahead, a solitary tower stands in the middle of the sea and extends all the way above the clouds, and Ruby knows that they have arrived at the Sky Pillar.

Mega Latios reverts to its usual form as it lands on the small island the houses the tower, and Ruby gets off to gaze upon the ancient building. A few years ago, during the Groudon and Kyogre incident, his friend Wally has undergone special training with his father at this place, and scaled its entire 50 floors, fighting wild Pokemon along the way. He steps through the entrance, and wonders he can really do the same as he approaches the stairs, which have partly crumbled due to wear and tear. Latios assures him that he will do fine with his Keystone and the access to Mega Evolution. However, Ruby is actually concerned about getting his Pokemon and himself dirty from the old and dusty place, and Latios quickly tumbles over at the anticlimactic response.

Suddenly, something stirs in a nearby pile of rubbles from the fallen ceiling, and Ruby glances over to see a wild Claydol, ready to attack. Ruby quickly pulls out a Pokeball, and gives his signature opening speech:

'Regardless of the effects of time, the smartness that this body encompasses never changes. Hopping between rain, sun and snow with Forecast, this is the Pokemon Castform, Fofo!'

With that, Ruby sends out Fofo, and gets it to use Hail, which instantly turns it into its Snowy Form. The shower of hailstones easily faint the Claydol, and at that moment, a female voice comes on to express her amusement at the trick. The source of the voice apparently comes from just a floor above, and Ruby spins around to see a woman sitting on the top of the stairs with a Whismur, the upper part of her body unfortunately blocked off by the floor's ceiling. The woman voices out her enthrallment that a Pokemon can alter the weather with a move, which subsequently leads to transformation of its own body and form. She believes that weather changing is also the ability of Groudon and Kyogre, and muses that it is such a pleasant coincidence since she happens to be pondering on the topic of 'weather'. The woman recalls with fascination that the two ancient titans really clashed fiercely, but still thinks the Roar of Ordinance of their dragon lord which managed to quell them was more spectacular.

Ruby wants to know who the woman is, but the woman replies that one should first introduce himself before asking that question. Ruby declines to do so in reflex but on a deeper thought, understands well enough that their conversation cannot carry on that way, and decides to state his name, introducing himself as a Hoenn Pokedex Holder. As soon as he finishes his sentence, he leaps towards the side of the stairs without warning and throws a hand out to aim for the woman's ankle. However, the woman manages to evade narrowly and retreats to the upper floor. Latios inquires if Ruby is alright and wonders what he is doing, and Ruby reveals that the woman is the reason he came to the Sky Pillar, which causes Latios to gasp in shock.

The boy dashes up the stairs to give chase, and explains that he was only acting on a hunch that he would find the woman here, but it seems that his intuition was correct. Suddenly, he steps on a fragile part of the ground, which instantly crumbles underneath his feet. Ruby begins to fall through the hole, but Latios manages to grab him by the wrist just in time. The woman shows herself again, and comments that the tower is extremely ancient, which makes its floors heavily worn and subject to crack on force. However, she thinks it is Ruby's own fault, since he barged into this tower built by their ancestors without permission just like so many others. The woman thinks her Whismur, named Aster, would agree with her, and decides that it is time to kick out these unwelcomed intruders.

With that, the woman sends out a Salamence, which slashes brutally at Latios with its claws, causing the psychic dragon to tumble through the hole onto the lower floor along with Ruby. Ruby struggles to get up, and feels upset that his new clothes have been dirtied. Glancing upon the Salamence, a spark of recognition flickers in his eyes, and the boy lifts his hat to show the scars on his forehead as he snickers at the irony that he is fighting the Salamence out of all possible opponents.

Salamence follows up with a Fire Blast, which hits Latios directly from behind, and the woman grins that it is indeed a visually fascinating battle. She wants to know what Aster thinks, but only then realizes that the little Whismur is no longer by her side. Quickly looking around, she spots Aster trotting down the stairs, and calls out to ask what it is doing. She hurries after it, and realizes that it is picking something up from the ground to eat. She tells it to stop putting strange things into its mouth as she snatches the food away, and discovers that they are yellow coloured Pokeblocks. In that instant, Ruby lashes out to grab the woman by the wrist, and yanks her down from the stairs. The woman lands with a heavy thump onto the lower floor, and winces in agony as Ruby holds her down. The boy thinks he should perhaps say 'nice to meet you' like people do when they meet the first time, but the fact is, he knows who she is and addresses her as Zinnia. The woman finds herself amused and wonders what Ruby wants, and Ruby reveals that he is here to ask her about the crisis that is about to befall their planet.

At the Mossdeep Space Center's weather division block, Prof. Cozmo wears a look of desperation on his face as he speaks on the phone. Next to him, his three quirky assistants are impatiently trying to get him to verify their data at hand, since the phone conversation has been going on for more than 30 minutes. When Cozmo finally hangs up, he apologizes to keep his assistants waiting, but explains that he was in an urgent call with Joseph Stone, President of the Devon Corporation. The truth is, he has already verified the data while he was talking, and unfortunately it seems that they did not make any miscalculations, which means the asteroid that suddenly changed course one week ago is indeed aiming straight for their planet.

The anxious assistant whose hair has two pointed tips feels that it's almost as if the asteroid changed its course by will, and the jolly assistant who has three pointed tips in his hair makes a joke that it may have taken steroids. The angry assistant who has one pointed tip in his hair barks that it is not the time to be silly, and displays on the monitor screen the expected landing site of the asteroid, which is near water Route 131 on the southwestern side of Sootopolis. To be exact, it is aiming straight towards a solitary island on the water route.

The anxious assistant asks if they are really dealing with an asteroid, and Prof. Cozmo says he doesn't have an answer. However, what he is certain is that, this celestial object will come into contact with their planet 10 days later, and the impact will be severe enough to completely destroy their planet…

Countdown to the asteroid's impact: 10 days!

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

002: VS Salamence!