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Deep in the Meteor Falls, the old lady with long white hair who appears to be some kind of leader of the Draconids stands beneath the crater opening, and gazes upon the evening skies like she often does. She wears a look of deep concern, and wishes that the dragon lord could tell them what to do next. Suddenly, a Pokeball rolls off from somewhere to her feet, and she stops it with the staff that she carries, which has a serpentine shape that resembles Zinnia's Mega Anklet. She turns around to see that the two young Mega Evolution Successors are coming around, and soon enough, Ruby and Emerald wake to find themselves in an unfamiliar place.

Looking around, the two Dex Holders see that they are at the bottom of some sort of crater, and notice waterfalls high above them near the opening. Rows of old-fashioned cottages line the cave walls, and in the middle of the pit is a body of lake, which seems to connect to somewhere underground. The old lady approaches Ruby, and returns the Pokeball to him, which is actually that of his Swampert, Mumu. She acknowledges the fact that his water Pokemon is holding the Ebb Tide rock, and points out that Emerald also has a grass Pokemon who possesses the Withered Tree rock, clearly referring to Sceptile. She grins that they shall have a beautiful circle if a fire Pokemon with the Fading Fire rock is present, and both Ruby and Emerald realize that she is talking about the Mega Stones.

With a million questions on his mind, Ruby begins to speak up, but the old lady already knows what it is that he wishes to know. She explains that they are currently at the Draconids Village, which is a hidden habitation situated beneath the waterfalls of the Meteor Falls. She introduces herself as the clan's elder, and says everyone in the village simply calls her Granny. She reveals that Mega Evolution actually originates from the Draconids Village, and Emerald suddenly remembers that Drake has mentioned about this place. Upon the thought of Drake, Ruby is concerned as to what became of him, Ultima and Briney since they were sank along the S.S. Tidal. Granny says there is nothing to worry, and leads them to one of the cottages. Inside, Drake, Ultima and Briney appear to be resting, but merely due to exhaustion but not any physical injuries according to Granny. It turns out that the three have managed to swim back to shore on their own before passing out, and it was the villagers who found and rescued them.

Ruby breathes out a sigh of relief after seeing that the three seniors are alright, and Granny, after taking a good look at Drake's face, recalls that the man used to frequent the Meteor Falls in his younger days. Ruby remembers being told that the Meteor Falls is a common training ground for dragon users, and Granny acknowledges it with a nod. She states that one may say Drake shares a spiritual bond with them Draconids, which is why the villagers took him in. That said, there are actually outsiders in the village at the moment as well, and Granny reveals that they have also taken in the two men who command Kyogre and Groudon.

Ruby and Emerald bolt with shock at the news, and couldn't believe that Archie and Maxie are currently at the Draconids Village. However, they are even more astonished when they learn of the two men's scheme. Apparently, they have come with the purpose of saving the planet, and plan to deal with the asteroid by the powers of the Primal Reverted titans. However, to achieve that, they must get Kyogre and Groudon to learn Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades respectively, and it is because of their need for a training ground that Granny agreed to let them practice at the village. The old lady gestures towards a cave opening in the innermost part of the pit, and Ruby and Emerald could indeed hear a rumbling coming from it.

Granny states that to save the planet, 3 methods have been set into motion: one, by the power of 'science', which Devon is pursuing; two, by the 'legend' that is passed down through generations among them Draconids; and three, by the power of 'nature', which Archie and Maxie are working on. She points out that although each party has given their best and committed heavily to the path they have chosen, they are also unforgiving and intolerant to the methods of others, which resulted in so much fight and disagreement.

Ruby acknowledges Granny's words, but wants to know if she has given up on the Draconids' 'legend' method since she is giving assistance to the 'nature' method. Granny lets out a sigh, and relents that she really has no choice because both methods one and two have already met their demise. Her words cause Emerald to jump in shock, and he requests to know what happened to Devon's 'science' method. Granny calls upon Tomatoma to answer Emerald's question, and the man promptly shows up with a PokeNav in hand. He proceeds to show them a video recording of the news broadcast just now, which featured the Mossdeep Space Center's unannounced rocket launch, speculated to be linked to the incoming asteroid. However, in the recording, it is shown that the rocket has crashed into the waters of Route 124 shortly after takeoff, and it is now believed to be caused by human factors after an amateur cameraman managed to film capture a Pokemon battle taking place on the rocket. The amateur clip is also included in the broadcast, and both Ruby and Emerald cry out in astonishment when they realize that the two trainers who fought were no other than Sapphire and Zinnia. Watching in horror, they see Salamence lash out with its claws, and in the next instant, Sapphire and her Tropius tumbled off the rocket and began to plummet straight downwards.

Emerald frantically tries to snatch the PokeNav for a closer look, but Tomatoma tells him to keep his hands off and just watch. He continues to play the clip, and it is clear from the recording that after getting rid of Sapphire, Zinnia successfully detached the Dimensional Shifter from the rocket and snapped it into pieces. Emerald grits his teeth in anger, and understands why Granny said Devon's 'science' method has failed. Ruby desperately asks about Sapphire with a worried look on his face, but Granny apologizes that she has no idea what became of her. On top of that, she reveals that no one in the village has managed to find Zinnia as well since the day she left with the scroll, which is why the 'legend' method has also hit a dead end.

Emerald contemplates in silence to let the information sink in, and starts to wonder how much time has passed since they were knocked out by Archie and Maxie. Tomatoma replies that they have been brought to the village for two days, and his answer alarms Ruby and Emerald, for it means that there are only 4 days left before the asteroid hits their planet. Granny lets out another sigh as she thinks of Zinnia, and wonders what she is up to with so little time left at hand. She believes that Zinnia must appear extremely callous and cold-hearted to Ruby and Emerald, but says the girl has already been doing her best. Tomatoma isn't happy that Granny is still defending Zinnia, and grunts that she has a personal agenda behind her role as the Successor. Granny admits that it is probably the truth, but also places the blame on herself since she was the one who accepted and chose Zinnia as the Successor to Aster over the other competitors who also fought for the post. At that time, her decision led to an uproar among some of the villagers, and as the elder of the clan, she takes full responsibility for it.

Ruby believes he now understands why Granny has resorted to work with evil people like Archie and Maxie, and thinks it has something to do with her guilt over the Successor issue she mentioned. His challenging tone quickly enrages Tomatoma, and the young Draconid hollers that Ruby needs to show some respect. However, Granny says it is alright, and explains that her hope actually lies in Kyogre and Groudon. 4 years ago, the titans took control of Archie and Maxie, and essentially rampaged out of their own will. This time, they are actually following the commands of the two men, probably because they also sensed the impending crisis and wish to avert the destruction of their home planet.

Ruby accepts Granny's reasoning, but states that he will personally never depend on people like Archie and Maxie. Emerald agrees, and says although the two men appear drastically different from their former selves for some reason, he still wouldn't trust them, especially Archie. Ruby echoes Emerald's thoughts, and tells Granny that the Draconids' 'legend' method is actually still viable. The old lady wonders what he means, and Ruby responds by showing her the scroll he snatched from Zinnia, causing both Granny and Tomatoma to gasp in shock. Tomatoma immediately demands that he return it, but Ruby refuses, and mentions the term 'Dragon Ascent'. Granny is bewildered that Ruby managed to interpret the scroll, and Ruby explains that it was Ultima who did it, albeit being partial. According to what Ultima said, the scroll functions like an ancient TM, and he postulates that it is meant to teach Rayquaza the move 'Dragon Ascent', which is necessary for destroying the giant asteroid.

Granny feels amused that Ruby managed to figure it all out on his own, and wants to know what he hopes to do. With a determined tone, Ruby states that he shall take up the responsibility of the Successor, and Tomatoma instantly freaks out at his remark. Ruby voices out his confidence, and reveals that he has once embarked on Rayquaza. If he remembers correctly, one can qualify as a Successor if he or she has earned the dragon lord's permission to soar the skies on it. His words cause Granny to shoot a look at Tomatoma, thinking that he was the one who told the boy, and Tomatoma quickly declares his innocence, stating that it was Renza who revealed the information. Ruby asserts that with the scroll and his past history with Rayquaza, all he needs to do is find the dragon lord, and Granny, after a moment of thought, lets out a little chuckle, amused that parents and children are sometimes so much alike.

Ruby wears a baffled look upon hearing Granny's comment, and the old lady states that it has been years since the man came repeatedly to her asking for Rayquaza's whereabouts. As fate would have it, when the villagers brought in Ruby and Emerald, the man has once again returned for the same purpose. She grins that she has almost forgotten to inform the man that is son has come around, and as she sends Tomatoma off to do so, Ruby's mind boggles at what Granny is suggesting. However, at that very moment, the man in question shows up, who is no other than Ruby's father Norman.

Speaking with his usual stern demeanor, the Petalburg Gymleader tells Ruby to leave the fine details to later, and wants to know what he has learnt about Rayquaza. Putting on his best attitude, Ruby reports that the Draconids could apparently see something known as cloud lines, which are left behind by Dragon type Pokemon who flew by, and reaffirms with Tomatoma that Pokemon can stand on where these cloud lines intersect. Granny shoots a look at the young Draconid again upon hearing that, and Tomatoma admits sheepishly this time that this bit of information was from him.

Norman recalls that cloud lines were what Granny used to guide him to Rayquaza in the past, and the old lady acknowledges the fact with a nod. Norman and Ruby request to know of the dragon's current location in that case, and Tomatoma thinks they are going overboard with their questions. However, Granny decides that she will tell him, but points out that Rayquaza is a dragon that soars free, which means there is no guarantee that cloud lines would lead to it. Tomatoma is upset that Granny is helping them find Rayquaza, but Granny points out that with the exception of Aster, no Draconid has ridden on the back of the dragon lord. Tomatoma sobs that everything has been taken away from the Draconids, and says they have not only lost the scroll but the dragon lord and the Successor's duty as well. Granny remarks that it is all fate sometimes, and reveals to Norman and Ruby that she has seen one cloud line two nights ago. Without a doubt, it was left behind by Rayquaza, and it appeared that the dragon lord was flying out of Hoenn to another region.

From the direction that Granny points, Norman realizes that the dragon was headed for Johto, and Ruby immediately thinks of the Pokemon Association's Research Building. Norman is amused that his son shares his thought, and Ruby explains that it is the only place that holds a special meaning to Rayquaza. Ruby believes that it is where they should go, and Norman agrees after a moment of thought. He then takes out a case containing expansion cartridges from Birch for their Pokedexes, and hands one each to Ruby and Emerald. Ruby sees the third one inside the case, which is clearly meant for Sapphire, and wants to know if his father knows of her whereabouts. Unfortunately, Norman has no idea, and worry once again shows on Ruby's face.

Emerald gives an encouraging pat on Ruby's shoulder, and tells him to just go ahead with his father. He promises to find Sapphire before he returns, and Ruby is shocked that Emerald isn't coming along. Emerald states that with 4 days left, they really don't have the luxury to cross oceans or soar the skies to reach Johto. That said, they require someone who could send them off and summon them back on the spot when needed. Ruby feels completely baffled by what Emerald is saying, and Emerald ushers Hoopa forward with a grin, explaining that its golden rings will be their travelling tool here.

The blonde-haired boy states that he has been wondering how Sapphire ended up in Mossdeep after seeing the news recording on Tomatoma's PokeNav. Back at Sea Mauville, President Stone had a strong desire to have the Dimensional Shifter delivered to Mossdeep, while Zinnia had the exact opposite wish. For Sapphire, she probably wanted to be as far away from Zinnia as possible, and when these powerful sentiments collided, Hoopa likely picked up the thoughts regarding 'Mossdeep' and 'far away', which resulted in its ring sending Sapphire off to Mossdeep. The little genie claps its little hands with a giggle upon hearing Emerald's postulation, and Tomatoma thinks the boy may have guessed it right, which means the thoughts of the person travelling through the ring will affect the location it connects to.

Norman thinks it is worth a try, and wants to know if Ruby has the confidence to do it. Ruby responds with a determined nod, and Hoopa proceeds to take off the golden ring around its waist. It then enlarges it to create a portal, and lets Ruby and Norman step through while Emerald, Granny and Tomatoma watch on. Meanwhile, in the region of Johto, the city of Goldenrod sleeps as the dragon lord Rayquaza soars high up in the skies…

Countdown to the asteroid's impact: 4 days!

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

014: VS Rayquaza I