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High up in the Team Rocket Battle Airship, Red and Blue gasp in shock as Giovanni states that his intention is to avert the crisis that is about to befall the planet. The Team Rocket Boss shows them a real-time video capture on the wall screen, and the two Pokedex Holders are bewildered to see Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre tackling a huge asteroid that has fallen from the sky. Blaise and Amber exclaim that Rayquaza is also at the scene, and it appears to be attacking the asteroid as well. Blue recalls that Rayquaza is the third legendary Pokemon of Hoenn, and Red says it was said to have helped put an end to the region's catastrophe 4 years ago. Red believes that the asteroid must be the one mentioned on the news, but to his astonishment, Giovanni reveals that it is only one of the smaller meteoroids that come before the giant asteroid. Giovanni's words cause Red to bolt in shock, and he finds it hard to comprehend the enormous space object in front of his eyes is considered small compared with the actual thing. The screen then shows Maxie and Archie issuing commands to the land and sea titans to combat the meteoroid, and Blaise finds the scene a bit disturbing as he doesn't like the idea of the two men working alongside each other in wielding the powers of Primal Reversion. He is convinced that this current Maxie must be a fake, since the Team Magma leader he knew would never have this demeanor. To this day, he still clearly remembers how Maxie once said they shall awaken Groudon and cover the entire Hoenn and world with burning lava. Amber tries to make Blaise see that their leaders are acting out of character simply because of their planet's current situation, and Blaise snaps with frustration that he is well aware of that. He grunts that it is one thing to have the world burnt to ashes by their own hands, but he definitely doesn't want to meet his end by some stupid asteroid that came out of nowhere. Giovanni grins that he feels the same, and says there would be no world domination if the planet is to fall. Letting out a sigh, he remarks that he couldn't let Team Rocket end just yet, and Red is furious that these men really have no shame with their evil talk. Blaise retorts that he is already doing his best to play nice until the asteroid is destroyed, and Amber concurs that they are currently having a cease-fire for the sake of the planet. Red finds himself speechless and even more upset by their response, and Blue tries to calm him down. She states that it must hard to sit in the same boat as the enemy, but they should indeed focus on the asteroid right now. She turns to ask Giovanni of their current situation, and the TR Boss believes that there is no need for them to interfere at the moment. He gestures to the screen, and everyone sees that the meteoroid is starting to get vaporized by the titans' attacks, turning smaller and smaller by the minute. Straightening out its body, Rayquaza unleashes another Dragon Ascent and dives straight through the meteoroid once more. Ruby and Sapphire struggle to cling onto its body, and Ruby checks to make sure that Sapphire is doing alright with the intense heat generated from the powerful impacts. Down below, Archie is frustrated by how difficult it is to take out the meteoroid, and Maxie thinks the need to find a way to increase their power output if they are to deal with the actual giant asteroid 3 days later. Suddenly, Archie's left knee snaps, and starts to shatter into particles. Maxie cries out in surprise as the Team Aqua leader tumbles onto the ground, but soon realizes that his left elbow is breaking up in the same way. Archie grunts that it seems their bodies cannot make it to the actual fight, and Maxie sighs that they must have overspent the little energy that they have left. Gazing upon the disintegrating meteoroid, Maxie believes that they could at least take care of this piece, and Archie relents that things seem to go well when the two of them work together. At that moment, the meteoroid begins to crack from the inside, and Sapphire senses it before everyone else does. She quickly taps Rayquaza on the side to alert it, and the dragon lord does a rapid backflip away from the meteoroid, just a split second before it explodes into pieces. The powerful explosion sends a shower of meteorites plummeting onto Route 120 below, and destroys the long wooden bridge in addition to hitting hard on Primal Groudon and Kyogre. Up in the TR Battle Airship, Amber rejoices that they have succeeded, but quickly sees from the screen that Archie and Maxie have been knocked down. He urges Giovanni to let them go, and jumps off from the airship with Blaise on his Swellow. The two hurry over to their leaders as they land, and are both horrified by the scene in front of their eyes. Lying sprawled across the ground, Archie and Maxie weakly greet their former admins using their old tones as their bodies slowly disintegrate. Amber wants to know what is going on, and Blaise suddenly realizes that the man in front of him is indeed his real leader. He reaches out to grab Maxie's hand, but it shatters into pieces under his grip. Amber quickly stops Blaise from touching them, and Blaise is desperate to know what they should do. Maxie tells Blaise not to fret as their time is simply up, and Amber really wants to know what has happened. Archie thinks it may not be a bad idea to do some explanation with their final moments, and Maxie agrees with a grin. 4 years ago, after the two men assimilated the Red and Blue Orbs into their bodies to become one with Groudon and Kyogre, they have exhausted their energy to a point that they could no longer sustain their physical bodies. At that time, they were offered a chance to extend their time with the Armor of Eternity and the Sword of Instant. Alas, there was only one set of equipment and after a battle of death, Archie emerged victorious. Defeated, Maxie ended up in a strange world where nothing made sense. There was no concept of up and down, vertical and horizontal, instant and eternity, and Maxie believed that he was in the afterworld. After Archie was defeated at the Battle Frontier, he too arrived in that world. There, they existed without bodies and were merely threads of consciousness. Perhaps they were nothing more than molecules, and somewhere in the process, they have become one. After an uncertain amount of time has passed, a portal opened up in that world, and the two of them heard a calling. They approached the opening, and before they realized, they took on their bodies once again and found themselves at the Ruins of Alph. Following the voices that called to them, they headed to Kanto and acquired the skill of Mega Evolution. They then repossessed the Orbs, and returned to Hoenn to become one with Groudon and Kyogre once again. They had no idea if the voices belonged to the ancient titans or the planet itself, but regardless, it summoned them from that strange realm in order to safeguard the planet. Unfortunately, it would appear that they don't have enough power, literally, to finish their job. Archie sincerely hopes that he will get to collaborate with Maxie again should they get another chance to live, and Maxie feels the same way. As the final body parts of the two men disintegrate, they hope that Amber and Blaise can carry on their task and protect the planet. With that, the Team Aqua and Magma leaders fade into thin air, and both Amber and Blaise break down in tears as they let out a cry of agony. Watching the scene from the TR Battle Airship, Red and Blue are at a loss of words, but soon notice that Groudon and Kyogre have returned to their usual appearance as they lay immobile on the nearby ground. Giovanni states that the combination of the titans' powers barely managed to destroy the small meteoroid, and imagines that it would be a tough task to take on the actual asteroid arriving 3 days later, which will be a hundred times bigger. Red says they can't sit back and watch and wants to know what they can do, but Giovanni keeps a frown on his face and hesitates in his response. Meanwhile, Ruby is trying to calm down Rayquaza, who is for some reason restless about something. Sapphire takes the Green Orb from Ruby, and closes her hands around it as she tries to read from it. Suddenly, she realizes what Rayquaza wants, and writes on Ruby's palm to inform him that the dragon is asking for more power. Ruby rationalizes that Rayquaza must be feeling unsettled because its powers are not enough to take on the asteroid, and wonders what they should do. He then gets an idea, and takes out his camera to access the snapshots he took of the mural paintings at the Sky Pillar. He shows them to Sapphire, hoping that she might see something from them, and soon enough, Sapphire's attention to drawn to a drawing which depicts a serpentine creature with a delta-shaped head flying down from the skies. Still unable to speak, she fervently gestures to Rayquaza as she taps at the picture, and Ruby realizes that the drawing portrays Rayquaza in its Mega form, which means they must Mega Evolve Rayquaza in order to tackle the asteroid. At that moment, something swoops down towards Ruby and Sapphire, and the two narrowly duck down to avoid being hit. Their surprise attacker is no other than Zinnia and her Salamence, and Ruby states that he knows she would come. In fact, he has been expecting her, and says she has arrived at the perfect time. Zinnia is less than pleased to see them, however, and finds them disrespectful for having a rendezvous on top of their dragon lord. She declares that it is only fair that she fights the two of them with two on her side, and shows the additional Mega Anklet she has on the left leg as she calls for the assistance of Aster…

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018: VS Rayquaza V