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Inside the temporary tent set up at Sootopolis, everyone gathers as Ruby and Sapphire get equipped with the modified Magma and Aqua Suits. The Trick Master explains that after the asteroid's destruction is confirmed, the Link Cable will activate and warp Ruby and Sapphire back to this room immediately, which is why they need not worry and should simply focus on Mega Evolving Rayquaza and getting it to use Dragon Ascent.

Ruby wonders if the many Keystones embedded on the suit are those of Aster's that Devon retrieved, and Zinnia responds with a nod, stating that they also include her own and Aster's personal one. Joseph Stone adds that the Green Orb is also equipped to Sapphire's suit, and Emerald giggles that it is a pity that they couldn't see each others' Contest outfits underneath the suits. Sapphire grins that it would be no problem, and says they can see them until they get bored after they return. However, Ruby isn't too happy that she anticipated being 'bored' by the outfits, and scoffs that he really thought they suited her. Sapphire is annoyed that Ruby is always picking on her words, and the two begin bickering again, causing everyone to grin and sweatdrop.

Winona says they should leave their quarrels to later, and Wallace offers to take them to Rayquaza on his air-car. At that moment, Steven hears an unsettlement outside, and in the next instant, the tent is blown apart as Rayquaza comes swooping down from the sky. Before Ruby and Sapphire could react, the legendary dragon picks them up in its claws and without warning darts straight up into the sky again. Astonished, Emerald calls after the two but they are quickly disappearing from sight. Wallace hurriedly tells Winona and Wallace to inform the aerial team that combat time has been advanced, and he shall join them as soon as he makes contact with those in other regions. And so, the Hoenn Gymleaders, Elite 4, Frontier Brains, Draconids and miscellaneous trainers including Red, Blue, Blaise, Amber and Wally get ready and take their spots in a circle in midair, some supported by flying Pokemon while others standing at the intersection of the cloud lines.

Higher up in the stratosphere, Rayquaza continues to ascend, and both Ruby and Sapphire steal a nervous look at one another as they gain altitude. Suddenly, things quiet down around them, and they realize that they have gone into space. Right in front of them is no other than the giant asteroid Grand Meteor Delta, and Ruby is completely astounded by its humongous size. He wonders if Rayquaza alone can really destroy it, but Sapphire points out to him that Rayquaza is not showing any signs of doubt or hesitation. Rather, it appears to be simply waiting, waiting for its chance to utilize its great power. Ruby knows that it is now or never, and together with Sapphire, calls upon Rayquaza to intertwine with the light of their Keystones.

In a flash of rainbow light, Rayquaza Mega Evolves, with its jaw-horns extending and taking the shape of a 'delta', and golden tendrils flowing from its body. Ruby and Sapphire command a Dragon Ascent, and it begins to envelope its body in a green hue as it charges straight towards the giant asteroid. Upon making contact, Prof. Cozmo's monitor shows that Grand Meteor Delta's mass is rapidly decreasing from its impact point, and everyone cheers that their plan is working. Joseph Stone relays the message to Steven, who immediately alerts the aerial team. Counting down from 5, all trainers get their Pokemon to unleash a combined attack, and the powerful energy blast stretches all the way into space. As it comes into contact with the already dissipating asteroid, the impact further demolishes it and shatters it into a million pieces.

Prof. Cozmo cries that the asteroid has broken up, and the room roars with excitement that they have succeeded. Joseph tells Steven to take care of the shards with the aerial team, and thinks it's time to warp Ruby and Sapphire back. However, Emerald suddenly spots a mysterious triangular object from the space camera, and wonders what it is. Suddenly, the object breaks open, and he catches sight of what appears to be tentacles coming out from it before the screen goes completely black. Shelly exclaims that the life support system has been cut off, and Tabitha is bewildered that the Link Cable has also failed detection. Emerald wants to know what is going on, but the Trick Master states that he has no idea either. Joseph Stone realizes with a start that it is the triangular object but not the asteroid that is harboring some form of living being, and Emerald is alarmed as to what will happen to Ruby and Sapphire.

High up in space, the mysterious creature reveals itself to be the DNA Pokemon, Deoxys, and throws its tentacles around Mega Rayquaza, who is apparently startled as well by the creature's presence. Ruby and Sapphire are thrown off from Rayquaza and quickly lock hands with one another. However, they start to drift off into space without gravity.

Down at Sootopolis, Emerald tries to get Hoopa to bring Ruby and Sapphire back through its golden ring, but no matter how hard it tries, it keeps pulling out asteroid fragments only and Emerald becomes furious. Back in space, Deoxys gathers up the millions of shards with its psychic power, and sends them all crashing down to Earth with force. The aerial team is shocked by the amount of incoming shards, and Prof. Cozmo is also bewildered to see all fragments targeting Sootopolis in a unified manner. Giovanni heads outside to look up into the sky, and realizes that it is indeed who he thinks it is, the creature whom he created and subsequently abandoned.

As Ruby and Sapphire continue to drift, they watch as Mega Rayquaza battle it out with Deoxys, the Pokemon from space as Red has told and showed them. Having learnt of the creature's weakness, they know there is only one spot they should attack, and quickly command Rayquaza is use Dragon Ascent once more, targeting the crystalline core on Deoxy's chest. Wasting no time, Mega Rayquaza charges towards Deoxy's core to shatter it, and the DNA Pokemon instantly blacks out and begins to drift off in space.

Ruby cheers that they have done it, and tells Sapphire that they seem to have succeeded in protecting the planet after all. However, to his surprise, Sapphire begins to cry. The girl sobs as she apologizes that the ticket to the Meteor Show which he gave her has been torn and damaged after she fell into the sea, which means she may not be able to watch the show with him now. Ruby pauses for a moment, and says tickets are not necessary anymore. He tells Sapphire to look around her, and to Sapphire bewilderment, the meteor shower is taking place right in front of her eyes. Drifting off into space with her hand intertwined with Ruby's, Sapphire has never seen such a beautiful sight before and is glad that she and Ruby are still together until the very end.

At that moment, Sapphire's hand slips off from Ruby's, and the two desperately cry out for one another as they begin to drift in opposite directions. In that instant, Rayquaza, who has reverted into its usual state, grabs the two trainers in its claws and begins its descent back to Earth. Soon, the Hoenn region comes into sight, and Ruby and Sapphire find themselves heading back to Sootopolis City, where their friends, comrades, past enemies and everyone else merrily welcome their return…

It has been some time since the threat of the giant asteroid. Underneath the clear blue sky, Emerald wakes from his nap and feels great that they do not have to worry about the planet coming to an end anymore. Suddenly, he is hit by on the head by a substitute doll, and turns around to see that Hoopa is pulling things out from its golden ring. He hollers that it should be aware of its surroundings when it practices its summoning, and at that moment, Ruby cheers that Hoopa has done it. It turns out that Hoopa has been trying to summon the Diancite and it has finally succeeded in obtaining the personal Mega Stone of Diancie.

Hoopa blushes as Ruby thanks it for the item, and Emerald grins that Hoopa isn't really practicing its summoning but is just trying to make Diancie happy. Ruby feels glad that Hoopa managed to get the Diancite before Steven takes Diancie to Kalos the next day, and the revelation hits Hoopa like a radical. The little genie immediately slumps as its drifts off, and Ruby wonders if he said something wrong. With a knowing look, Emerald comforts Hoopa by patting it on its back, and says true companions will eventually get back together again no matter how far they are apart.

Emerald then wants to know if Ruby gave Rayquaza a Pokeblock before it left, and Ruby says he gifted it with an extra spicy Pokeblock for its brave nature, not only as a gesture of gratitude but also as an appeal that it will return to save the planet from future crisis one thousand or two thousand years later. Emerald laughs that one Pokeblock is certainly not enough in that case, and suddenly wonders why Ruby is still there. Ruby doesn't understand what he means, and Emerald reminds him that Sapphire is waiting for him. Ruby bolt with a start, and Emerald wonders how Ruby can be so oblivious to people's feelings when he is able to sense a Pokemon's nature. Ruby quickly climbs onto Latios with Diancie and asks if Emerald is coming along, and Emerald says he shall join them after he shares a word with the Frontier Brains.

Later, at the Contest Hall, Sapphire hollers that Ruby can really be infuriating sometimes. Ruby explains that he simply wants her live Contest debut to be impeccable, but Sapphire scoffs that he is merely fulfilling his own fantasy. Ruby pouts sheepishly as what Sapphire said is indeed true, and Sapphire tells him not to procrastinate any longer and just go change into their costumes.

And so, Ruby and Sapphire are finally freed from the despair that shrouded them for the past 10 days. Standing on the Contest stage side by side with Diancie and Phado, they know that there is still a lot to think about for the future. Perhaps they will soon forget that each new day is an earned blessing, and perhaps they may take tomorrow for granted again. However, there is one thing that they will always remember.

As Ruby Mega Evolves Diancie to deliver a Dazzling Gleam and Sapphire commands a Giga Impact from Phado, they both know that they have the power to safeguard their future as long as people and Pokemon understand one another and are willing work together, hand in hand…

--Fin. The Thirteenth Chapter--

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

021: VS Mega Rayquaza