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At the Battle Castle, Platinum's Lopunny delivers a Dizzy Punch to faint its opponent, and Darach declares her the winner in the sixth match of the second round, adding up to a streak of 13 consecutive wins. Platinum, who has taken off her scarf from the intensity of the battles, rejoices with Lopunny while Looker nods approvingly.

Sitting on her throne high above, Caitlin tells Darach to reward the challenger with Castle Points, and the young butler bows to take the order, adding 26 further CP to Platinum's profile on a computer monitor.

Next to him, Looker puts on a pondering look, and in his mind, silently reviews Platinum's challenge so far at this Battle Castle of the Battle Zone's Battle Frontier. At the beginning, each challenger was given 10CP to start with, and with each battle won, additional CP were rewarded and summed up with the existing points. Using these saved CP, challengers may heal their Pokemon, or choose to rent items. Right now, with the 26CP she has just earned, Platinum's profile has a total of 85CP.

Looker is curious as to how Platinum Berlitz is going to use them, and wonders if she can wisely 'manage' these assets. On Platinum's side, the girl fiddles with her fingers as she has a hard time deciding what to do. Although it is the logical thing to restore her Pokemon's HP, if she wastes too much CP on that, she wouldn't be able to get adequate information about her opponents. On the other hand, she should perhaps consider renting useful Berries and items as well.

Keeping a smiling face, Darach wants to know if his challenger wishes to use her Castle Points or save them, and when he sees that the girl remains indecisive about it, his face looms up to her as he repeats the question, his pushiness finally causing Platinum to freak out and simply choose to save the CP, making Looker tumble over with a sweatdrop.

Platinum is ushered back into the battle room again for her next match, and Darach starts to giggle to himself, drawing Looker's attention. The young butler states that Platinum's team of three, Empoleon, Rapidash and Lopunny, are considerably strong and the girl herself possesses quite a high standard of battling skills. However, those are not enough to get one through the Battle Castle. On top of battle sense, the ability of 'management' is equally important, and from what he has observed, his challenger unfortunately lacks this, an interesting point he surely plans on sharing with Lady Caitlin. Annoyed by the young man's attitude, Looker makes a face at him and silently calls him a big-mouth.

Back inside the battle room, Platinum is down to her opponent's third and last Pokemon, a Zangoose, and sends out Empoleon to deliver an Aqua Jet. However, to her shock, Zangoose somehow evades the attack, and throws itself towards Empoleon with a deadly Crush Claw, causing the emperor penguin to tumble backwards. Panicking, Platinum quickly swaps in Rapidash to continue the fight, who luckily manages to faint the white mongoose with its powerful flames.

Darach declares Platinum the winner in the seventh match of her second round, and before Platinum has time to catch her breath, she is yanked away by a heavily annoyed Looker. Once they are on the corridors outside, the police officer puts on a serious look, and states that from his observation, the key to conquering the Battle Castle is to know how to use the Castle Points. He asks if Platinum knows why Empoleon's Aqua Jet missed in the previous battle, and Platinum swings her head side to side with a solemn look.

Without warning, Looker smacks his palm hard on the wall and hollers that it was because the opponent used the move Detect, enabling it to anticipate Empoleon's attacks. He yells that she wouldn't have gone into panic if she knew what to expect by using the Castle Points to see the moves of her opponents' Pokemon beforehand, and begs the girl to use her CP and 'manage' them wisely instead of just saving them up.

Platinum puts on a dejected expression, and says she has never been in such a situation before. All her life, she has never had to make a decision between limited choices, and she truly has no experience about it. Looker's face gets twisted with rage upon hearing that, and he raises his voice even louder, scolding her for the nonsense and stating that he has read through the Rule Book during her challenge. He slaps his hand hard on the book, and furiously reminds her that 10CP are needed to restore the HP of one Pokemon; 8CP can restore a move's PP; 2CP allows her to rent the Cheri, Chesto and Pecha Berries; 1CP is all that is required to see the Pokemon of her upcoming opponent; and 2CP can further probe the Pokemon's stats and ability.

Finishing his line, Looker notices that Platinum has turned around and fell on her knees. He demands to know what she is doing, and Platinum sobs that although she knows she has really poor skills in managing assets, she wishes Looker would teach her the more gentle way, since her butler at home, Sebastian, as well as the two boys who have kept her company on her journey, never spoke to her in such a strict and harsh way.

Unfortunately, Platinum's words simply annoy Looker further, and he decides to leave the scene for a while and let her think on her own if his advice is giving her that much pressure. With that, he flips out gadget number 5 of the International Police Arms, the Galactica Jet, and promptly takes off on the rocket-like bagpack, its smoke causing Platinum to wince and cough.

However, after circling the Battle Castle a few times, the Galactica Jet explodes in mid-air, and throws Looker down on the facility's rooftop. Sitting on the roof tiles with his arms and legs crossed, the police officer thinks of how he has always had troubling handling girls, even more so with young kids and parenting. He knows that he should have controlled his emotions better instead of letting it get to his head, and starts reciting Zen teachings and taking deep breaths to calm his rage. He reminds himself why he came to the Battle Zone, which is to seize the evil organization, Team Galactic, on behalf of the international police, and it is for that reason that he joined forces with Lady Platinum, who is there to gather information about the Torn World. Looker is certain that skilled trainers must know certain information, and their tactic is to get acquainted with them through battling and defeating them.

Having calmed himself down, the police officer returns to the hallway of the Castle, but soon finds himself lost in the big and lavish facility. He walks by a corridor that has oil paintings of each generation's castle owner, and stops in front of the one depicting Caitlin. Looker muses to himself how Caitlin is referred to as the Lady, and incidentally, Platinum is also a Lady. He believes that the battle between these two Ladies should be interesting to watch, and suddenly realizes that he has wasted too much time wandering around.

The police officer hurriedly runs around the corridors to find the battle room, and soon comes face to face with Mecha-Starly, who squawks that the challenger Platinum Berlitz has already made it to the match against the Battle Frontier. Looker bolts with shock at the revelation, and quickly follows Mecha-Starly's lead back to the battle room, where he sees from the display board that Platinum has indeed accomplished a streak of 20 consecutive wins, and is about to start her 21st, the one against the Frontier Brain.

However, to Looker's surprise, he sees that Caitlin remains seated on her throne, and both Platinum and Looker jump in astonishment when Darach enters the room as the next opponent. Looker gasps that the Frontier Brain isn't the castle owner but the butler, and Darach, with a menacing grin, admits that he is the Battle Castle's Brain, his title being the Castle Valet.

With that, Darach sends out Gallade from its Pokeball, and Platinum calls forward Empoleon to fight. Gallade launches its signature Psycho Cut, but Empoleon manages to jump out of the way, and lands behind the blade Pokemon, holding back its two elbows to restrain its movements. Platinum compliments Empoleon for the move, but Darach snickers that such kind of strategies will not deter Gallade. As soon as he says that, Gallade turns its elbows backwards, and delivers a slash on Empoleon, knocking it over and causing Platinum to gasp in shock.

Darach states that Gallade's sword-like elbows are freely extendible, and declares that he will not allow himself to lose in front of his Lady. With an almost maniacal look, the Castle Valet vows on victory, and hopes that Lady Caitlin will enjoy his performance...

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419: VS Gallade I

Volume 38