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Inside the crumbled cave at Stark Mountain, Buck thumps his fists on the ground in regret, and mourns that he has awakened Heatran right in front of the enemy. Looker continues to stare at the four-legged creature in astonishment, and wonders if it is the lava dome Pokemon, the Lord of Stark Mountain which Buck talked about.

The purple-haired Scientist confirms his query, and says it is now a valuable battle force of Team Galactic's. With that, the old man orders a Magma Storm, and Heatran immediately opens its metallic mouth to spit out a maelstrom of fire. Looker hurriedly picks up Buck and Claydol under his arms and jumps out of the way, and realizes that it must be the attack which traps and burns its foes until they are turned into ashes. Knowing that it will be a disaster if they get caught up in it, he pulls out the International Police Arms gadget 2, the Invisible Cloak, and takes shelter under a big boulder while the searing flames start to spread out inside the tunnel.

The Team Galactic Scientist instantly loses sight of Looker and Buck, and after a moment of thought, finds it amusing that the man is merely using a piece of vulnerable cloth in hopes of escaping from this sea of flames. He addresses Looker by his codename and his international police officer title, which completely astounds the man, making him wonder who this old man is.

The Scientist puts on a grin, and introduces himself as Charon, a Team Galactic Commander. He states that fate has in fact been kind to him, for although he knows that Heatran resides at Stark Mountain, he had no clue on how to unleash the Pokemon from its sealed area. He now knows that the key lies in the Magma Stone, but it was all thanks to Buck.

Apart from being a center figure at the Battleground where skilled trainers gather, Buck is also related to the Elite Four, which gives him the ability to gain access to wide source of important information. It has come to Charon's notice for some time that Buck is sticking his nose into their business at Stark Mountain, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before the boy took action and led them to what they wanted. Mocking the boy of his stupidity, the old man begins to laugh, and this makes Buck thump his fists on the ground once again, angry at himself for what he did.

Looker tries to pacify Buck, and tells him that it is not the time for regret. He wants the boy to listen carefully, and asks him to order his Claydol to use Teleport. Buck puts on a look of surprise upon hearing that, and Looker states that although the psychic Pokemon is injured, it is definitely still capable of unleashing the move. However, before he could elaborate further, a Team Galactic Grunt manages to discover their hiding place, and yanks the Invisible Cloak away to expose them.

Charon orders his team of Combuskens and Charmeleons to attack, and Looker quickly hurls out Arms gadget 3, the Protect Rock, to stump his foes. Carrying Buck on his back, he pulls Claydol along and starts running to the opposite side of the tunnel. Team Galactic's fire Pokemon manage to shatter the Protect Rock, and Buck exclaims that it doesn't seem like they will be able to escape. He states that Teleport only allows one to run away from a battle, but it is unable to take them far or to places they have never seen before, which means the move is not a method they can rely on to flee.

Looker remarks that he never said anything about fleeing, and Buck starts to get confused, wondering why he asked him to use Teleport in that case. The international police officer explains that he was asking Buck to unleash Teleport, but didn't specify whom or what to unleash it on. Perhaps, instead of mentioning the move, he should simply have said psychic powers. What he was suggesting is that, Buck should use Claydol's psychic powers to reclaim the Magma Stone which he moved.

Buck gasps in surprise at Looker's words, and the man tells him to remember how Heatran awakened as a result of him moving the rock. The rock itself is clearly the seal on the Pokemon, and if they return it to its original place, it might just prove to be the one way to reseal Heatran again. Looker wants to know where the Magma Stone is now, and Buck recalls that when the powerful energy wave rippled through the chamber to cause the cave in, his lost grip of the rock on the spot. He believes that it must lie somewhere in the pile of fallen boulders ahead, and Looker proceeds to put the boy down, telling him to do his best.

Behind them, having overheard their conversation, Charon continues to give chase with his team of fire Pokemon, and hollers that he will not allow such a thing to happen. He orders Heatran to attack again, but before he could finish his sentence, Looker ambushes him from his side, and uses gadget 10 of the International Police Arms, Super Hard Tight Tape to seal his mouth and wrap around his body like a mummy.

With the old man immobilized and muted, Looker disables him from passing down commands to Heatran, and calls out to Buck to hurry up. The red haired boy quickly gets Claydol to send ripples of energy towards the pile of fallen boulders, and soon manages to uncover the Magma Stone buried underneath, giving him hope that perhaps not all is lost.

Looker then turns his attention back to Charon, and makes him confess on why he is after Heatran. He yanks the tape away from the Scientist's mouth for him to answer, and the old man decides that there is no reason to keep it a secret. He explains that Team Galactic's interest lies not in the things in this world, but rather, the reverse side of this world. To prepare for the time that they make their entrance to this place where things cannot be handled the normal way, they must build and strong enough fighting force, and Heatran, being a powerful Pokemon, is certainly a favourable candidate on their list.

As Charon starts to laugh maniacally, Looker's eyes slowly widen in bewilderment after digesting what he has just heard. He demands to know if the reverse side of the world is in fact the Distortion World, and the Team Galactic Commander simply responds with a sly grin, making the international police officer positive that he has made the right guess. Finally, things become connected. The evil organization 'Team Galactic' which he is after and the 'Distortion World' that Platinum is seeking, the two keywords, finally become connected.

Back at the Battle Arcade, Platinum orders a final blow from Medicham, and the attack sends Rapidash tumbling backwards, fainting as it crashes. Mecha Starly and the Game Corner Manager announce that following the demise Lopunny and Empoleon, Rapidash has also fallen, making the challenger, Platinum Berlitz, the winner of the match.

Platinum bends to place her hands on her knees as she pants to catch her breath, and Dahlia, similarly exhausted, grins that it has been a great battle. The Arcade Star says she doesn't really comprehend what exactly it was that made Platinum clear her initial hesitation and take the fight seriously, but the girl has certainly showed her some splendid skills. Yet, she still thinks the main reason why Platinum won was because of the powerful Pokemon she swapped with her, and shares a grin with Togekiss, Medicham and Ludicolo.

Dahlia takes out the Commemorative Print and gets ready to present it to Platinum, but the girl suddenly dashes past her and runs towards her three fallen companions with tears forming in her eyes. She throws her arms around Rapidash while reaching out to stroke Empoleon and Lopunny, and thanks them for fighting with their whole might, apologizing for the pain she inflicted on them.

The Arcade Star feels moved by the girl's close bond with her Pokemon, and sees that her Vs. Recorder has fallen out of her pocket. She picks it up to attach the Battle Arcade's Commemorative Print on it, and crouches down to hand it back to Platinum. She then remembers that the girl is hoping to ask something from her, and says as recognition of her skills and conquering the Arcade, she shall answer any question of hers.

Platinum beams with gratitude at the offer, and proceeds to ask if Dahlia knows anything about a place called the Distortion World. The Arcade Star pauses for a moment upon hearing the name, and replies that while not much, she does in fact know of it. Platinum gasps in excitement and wishes to learn of its location, and Dahlia recalls that it is a world that is on the reverse side of their world, where everything is twisted and no logic applies. The words 'reverse side of the world' cause Platinum's eyes to widen in shock, as they are exactly the same phrases Charon said to her at the Speak Pillar, and she quickly asks how the place can be reached.

Unfortunately, Dahlia says she has no idea, and adds that if her memory serves her right, she isn't the only one, but no one in this world actually knows. A sense of despair instantly washes over Platinum, and her body begins to tremble with a feeling of hopelessness. Yet, just when it seems like things have hit a wall again, Dahlia starts to recall something…

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425: VS Heatran

Volume 39