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In the generator room of the Battle Factory, Palmer and Argenta are checking on the machineries and electrical cables. They are joined by Riley and his Lucario, who are scanning the area with their aura-sensing abilities. Argenta comments that the connections appear intact, and Palmer also concludes that the interference is definitely not caused by Thorton's machines.

The Tower Tycoon turns to Riley, asking for his opinion, and the aura-wielder comments that he could detect a tense ripple in the air, which comes from outside of the facilities. The eerie thing is that this aura is very similar to the one he felt back at the Speak Pillar, and Palmer realizes what his old friend is suggesting.

Down at the battle arena, Platinum continues her facility challenge, and orders a Toxic Spike from Qwilfish. The balloon Pokemon inflates its circular body, and starts shooting out a barrage of poisonous pins onto the ground, causing its opponent, a Kadabra, to freeze in its motions. Kadabra's short moment of hesitation gives Qwilfish the chance to fire off a Pin Missile, and the super effective move quickly knocks out the psychic Pokemon.

On the spectator's area which is located on an upper floor, the Game Corner Manager pops out of nowhere to announce Kadabra's inability to fight any further, and praises Platinum's strategy in locking down her foe's movement by the venom-filled Toxic Spikes before bombarding them with distant attacks. The opposing trainer next sends out a Seedot, but as soon as the acorn Pokemon sets foot on the Toxic Spikes, it becomes poisoned, and before long, loses all its health point and passes out. The Manager exclaims at the horror of Toxic Spikes, which induces the poison status on any subsequent Pokemon that enters the battlefield, and proceeds to declare Platinum's victory in this 6th battle of the second set, gaining a streak of 13 consecutive wins.

Mecha Starly cries out in annoyance at the man, and demands to know why he is there again when he should be stationed at the Battle Arcade. The Manager grins with an embarrassed look that he is just trying to find something to do, and says the Battle Arcade's service has been urgently suspended. Mecha Starly is astonished to hear it, and the man explains that Dahlia has decided to go on an intense course of self-training. Although the Arcade Star appears to carry the 'que sera sera' nonchalant attitude, it is nevertheless her first defeat since the opening of the Battle Frontier, and she is currently throwing a tantrum over it.

Just then, something explodes behind the Manager to throw him off his feet, and he turns around to see Thorton materializing out of the smoke. The young man wears a frown on his face, and says the Manager seems to imply that their current challenger, Platinum Berlitz, is skillful enough to induce such temperaments to the Frontier Brains. He takes a peek at the battle down at the arena, and sees that the girl is currently deciding on what Pokemon to trade.

In the Battle Factory challenge, after winning each match, challengers may release a Pokemon from their team, and select one from the three opponents they just defeated. This process is called the trade, a unique feature to the Factory. Platinum, after much contemplation, finally decides to let go of Grimer, and recruits Kadabra into her team.

Thorton tells the Manager and Mecha Starly that battles at the Factory are not combat-oriented alone. Since it is possible that your opponent may become a Pokemon on your own party later on, it is essential to learn of its moves, ability, hold item, and do a thorough analysis on its suitability and compatibility as a team member. For that reason, Thorton has invented the data-analyzing machine, and he states that at the end, it all boils down to knowledge about Pokemon.

Continuing on her challenge, Platinum faces a Porygon as her last opponent in the seventh and last match of the second set, and manages to faint it by using Qwilfish's Destiny Bond. Mecha Starly and the Manager declare her victory once again, and count that she has achieved a streak of 14 consecutive wins, leaving her one more set to conquer before going up against the Frontier Brain.

On a transfer belt adjacent to the battle arena, Palmer and Argenta are still discussing on the issue about their communication system's signal interference. Palmer laughs that it was bad of them to accuse Thorton for being responsible, and Argenta says she didn't really mean it when she said Thorton's invented machine was the culprit for interrupting their appliances. The truth is, while she cannot pinpoint the exact source of these interfering signals, she is sure that their origin isn't from the Factory. In fact, it doesn't seem to lie within the Frontier, but far north towards the mountainous side of the Battle Zone.

Just then, the sound of a crowd cheering and roaring in the battle arena catches Palmer and Argenta's attention, and through the glass windows, they see that Platinum has already beaten the sixth opponent of her third set, earning a streak of 20 consecutive wins. The Tower Tycoon exclaims that the challenger shall face Thorton next, and Argenta, who didn't pay much heed to the girl before, finds it astonishing that someone has managed to go so far so soon in the Factory challenge.

Looking around in the battle arena, Platinum finds it odd that Thorton is nowhere to be seen, and wonders if something going on. Suddenly, the man crops up right behind her with his data-analyzing machine in hand, and causes the girl to bolt up in surprise. The Factory Head scans Platinum head to toe with his device, making her freak out more, and comments that her final team after trading the rental Pokemon around consists of a Loudred, Kadabra and Qwilfish. He thinks that it is a fine combo, perhaps up to a level of 93%, but tells the girl not to let the number concern her.

The Game Corner Manager states that the Frontier Brain shall use rental Pokemon just like the challenger, and commences the battle with Mecha Starly. Platinum proceeds to send out her Loudred, and Thorton reveals his first Pokemon to be a Tyranitar. A Sandstorm is quickly whipped up on the field, and the Manager exclaims that the Factory Head's Pokemon is one of the most powerful and high-tiered species among all dark type.

Wearing a determined look, Platinum orders a Stomp from Loudred, and the big voice Pokemon immediately delivers a hard blow on Tyranitar's head with its foot, slamming it towards the floor. Thorton remarks that his challenger would be stupid to think that she can gain the upperhand by unleashing the first strike, and says pure power struggles are never a problem for Tyranitar. With that, the armor Pokemon thrusts it body upwards to throw Loudred off itself, and charges forward to engage in a close-up combat with it.

Clearly, Loudred's physical capability is greatly outclassed by Tyranitar, and Thorton shoots Platinum a smug grin to prove his point. However, the girl remains calm, and retaliates by commanding a Roar from Loudred, which sends Tyranitar back into its Pokeball and bounces it back to Thorton, hitting him on the forehead during the process. Thorton's second Pokemon, Ledian, automatically enters the battlefield, and the Factory head gets annoyed that he was forced to switch. He decides to inflict the confuse status on his opponent, and orders a Supersonic from Ledian.

Yet, Loudred is apparently unaffected by the attack, and Thorton realizes with a start that it has the Soundproof ability, which makes it immune from sound moves. It is Platinum's turn to grin at Thorton, and the young man challenges her to tell him all the sound moves she knows of. With no effort at all, Platinum remarks that apart from Supersonic which was just used, there is Bug Buzz, Chatter, Growl, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Metal Sound, Perish Song, Roar, Screech, Sing, Snore, as well as Uproar. Her comprehensive answer astonishes Thorton, and he gives her an applause to show his appreciation. He wonders how she came to possess such great knowledge, and the girl explains that she reads at least 10 books each day at home.

Thorton comments that it is really something remarkable, and believes that she shall know the consequence of Ledian's fighting type assaults in that case. With that, the five star Pokemon delivers a powerful blow onto Loudred with its fists, and the Manager exclaims that it is a Focus Punch. The super effective attack faints Loudred in one-hit, and Platinum proceeds to send out Kadabra, whose eyes twinkle upon popping out from its Pokeball.

Thorton decides to switch in Tyranitar again, and Platinum gets Kadabra to unleash a Psycho Cut. The Factory Head mocks that dark types are immune to psychic moves, but to his shock, the attack actually manages to hit Tyranitar, and causes the Pokemon to wince in pain. Platinum grins that Thorton should have noticed the twinkle in Kadabra's eyes, and reveals it to be the move Miracle Eye, which enables attacks that normally do not hit to inflict damage.

Throwing up his hands in astonishment, the Factory Head feels utterly bewildered by the girl's knowledge, and realizes that he has severely underestimated her…

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427: VS Seedot

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