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On Route 205, where the Eterna Forest lies, the sun has begun to set. The Sinnoh Pokemon Association Chairman stands with a frown, and tries to reiterate the aim of the formation of their thick-clothed-boys trio, which refers to himself, Diamond and Pearl. Pearl sweatdrops from behind, and mutters in annoyance that there was never a formation, and he is hardly thick-clothed.

The Chairman starts to speak about the legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh, but he is interrupted by an exclamation of joy, which comes from no other than Dr. Footstep. The chubby little guy rejoices that he has found yet another rare species' footprints which he has not collected yet, and jumps around merrily with the paper which the footprints are imprinted.

Pearl sighs that he knew things would become this way, and really wishes that they could have moved at a much quicker pace. The Chairman wants to know why the guy is tagging along, and Dia explains that it was actually him who made the request because he has a favour to ask from the footstep professor. He takes out the Pokeball of Regigigas, whom he nicknamed Ghee, and says after speaking with the Lady, he has learnt that the Pokemon entered her bagpack itself at the Snowpoint Temple. He believes that it did so to assist them in the battle at the Speak Pillar, but for some reason, Ghee has refused to come out of its Pokeball since the end of the fight, no matter how many times he tried to call it out.

Dia takes a look at Ghee, who is curled up in the Pokeball with its back turning towards him, and remarks that he still doesn't understand its emotions. Fortunately, one person in this world does, and that would be Dr. Footstep. He plans to let Dr. Footstep collect Ghee's footstep and decipher its feelings when it eventually decides to show itself again, and the Chairman agrees that it is a smart idea.

Pearl then proceeds to ask why exactly the Chairman is joining Diamond and himself on their journey, and wants to know what he has in mind. The Chairman explains that verification of Charon's memobook has made it clear that they are currently dealing with the many legendary and mirage Pokemon of Sinnoh, particularly Heatran, Cresselia, Darkrai, Manaphy, Shaymin, as well as Rotom. He hopes to find them one by one, and protect them from Charon before he captures them for evil purposes. Dr. Footstep chimes in to say at that moment that their chase for rare Pokemon and legendaries will allow him to obtain many precious footprints, and feels genuinely excited about it.

Having heard the Chairman's answer, Pearl and Dia give each other a look, and reveal that before they took on the task to seek out the legendary and mirage Pokemon in Charon's memobook, Prof. Rowan has actually already bestowed upon them the mission to investigate on Rotom. In fact, the two of them have encountered the Pokemon in person once previously, and the revelation makes the Chairman jump in surprise.

Dia takes out the memobook and flips to a page which depicts Rotom, and explains that their realization came when they read this part of the content right after the Speak Pillar battle. The Elite Four's supplementation notes later mentioned the keywords 'Eterna Forest', 'chateau' as well as 'plasma', which further confirmed their suspicion.

Both the Chairman and Dr. Footstep gather close to read what the memobook has to say, and footprint professor suddenly turns around and announces that he shall pass on the search for Rotom. His remark makes Dia's eyes pop out in shock, and the boys wishes to know why. Dr. Footstep explains Rotom is a Pokemon without any footprints, and because of that, he shall simply stay behind when they tackle this task.

The Chairman says the thick-clothed-boys trio will take on this mission in that case, and starts walking into the Eterna Forest as he grabs Dia and Pearl's arms fervently. However, Pearl quickly stops him, and suggests the Chairman leave it to just the two of them. He explains that in part, it is something Prof. Rowan personally ask of them, and more importantly, the fact that they have met Rotom before would probably make it feel safe to show itself and thus increase their likelihood to find it. The Chairman promptly agrees upon hearing Pearl's explanation, and without any second thoughts, tells them to make good use of Charon's memobook. He and Dr. Footstep wave them good luck, and while Dia waves back merrily, Pearl sweatdrops at the ease in changing the Chairman's mind.

Later, as night falls, Dia and Pearl finally arrive at the Old Chateau, which is sitting on the northern edge of the Eterna Forest. Under the evening skies, the two boys gaze up at this aged and enormous building, and put on pensive looks as their hearts beat rapidly at the eeriness of the place. Taking a bite out of his rice dumpling, Dia remarks that it is just as creepy as he remembers, and Pearl agrees that he really isn't keen on coming back again.

Previously, when the two boys stumbled across the Old Chateau with Lady Platinum while passing through the Eterna Forest, they spent a night at this old mansion, and ended up being haunted by an unidentified life form. Appearing as a globe of plasma energy, this creature possessed the ability to move between electrical appliances, and gave them quite a scare. They now know that its true identity is actually Rotom, and Pearl believes that this will be a good chance to investigate fully on it.

Pushing through the creaky big front doors in the company of Lee, Dia's Lickilicky, and Chatlord, Pearl's Chatot, Dia states that he feels just as handicapped even after knowing what the creature is, and Pearl immediately barks with an irritated tone that Dia certainly had no such doubts when he confidently took on the mission from Prof. Rowan.

Not long after the great battle at the Spear Pillar, Prof. Rowan gathered Dia and Pearl at Sandgem Town and told them about Rotom, being the creature that adhered itself to the plasma TV they saw before. The professor wished for someone to return to the Old Chateau to investigate upon the Pokemon, and when he tactfully praised Dia and Pearl's marvelous skills in being able to subdue it previously, Dia responded to this flattery and agreed to take upon the mission without hesitation, which Pearl could only swallow without any room to protest.

Staring at the long corridor ahead, Dia and Pearl soon see Gastlys materializing out from the walls, and begin to freak out when they start crowding towards them. Dia wishes they could have come during the daytime hours instead, but Pearl says they can only encounter the plasma Pokemon during night time. To be more specific, it only appears from 8pm until dawn of the next day.

The boys brace themselves to walk through the corridor and upstairs, and eventually arrive at the room which houses the television that the creature resides in. With shaky hands, they turn the knob on the door, and both take a huge gulp before peering into the room. Instantly, they see the silhouette of the plasma being flashing on the television screen, and Dia cries that they have found it.

Pearl quickly flips out Charon's memobook, and reads that it possesses body made of electricity, which enables it to enter and leave electrical appliances. He challenges Rotom to show itself, and the plasma Pokemon instantly zaps out from the television and lands on the corridor just outside the open door. Dia and Pearl hurriedly rush out of the room to meet it, and finally see the true form of this Pokemon, a pointed orange light-bulb-shaped creature with zigzag-shaped arms made of pure energy.

Pearl orders an Earthquake from his Diglett, Diglord, and Dia gets Lee to unleash a Slam. Yet, both attacks seem to have no effect on Rotom, which takes the boys by surprise. Pearl sees the electric sparks given off from the blue hue surrounding the Pokemon, and rationalizes that it must be an electric type. The fact that Earthquake has failed to hit it implies that it must possess the ability Levitate, which makes a Pokemon immune from ground moves. Dia points out that Lee's attack didn't work either, and believes that it probably also has ghost as a secondary type.

Before the boys could do anything else, Rotom shoots a mischievous grin at its intruders, and zaps them all with a pulse of high-voltage electricity, frying them onto the floor. It then floats out of the window, and dashes with the speed of light towards the direction of Eterna City.

Pearl climbs back onto his feet, still feeling sparks on his skin, and takes out his pair of binoculars to track down the route of Rotom. He sees that the creature has entered a building with a spiky globe on its rooftop, and tells Dia that they must give chase immediately. Dia shakes his head to clear his vision from the sparks, and just as he is about to get up, finds a key beneath him which has the words 'Secret Key' carved on it. Pearl, after taking a close look, notices that it also bears 'Eterna' on its other side, and the boys are convinced that it must have something to do with the building which Rotom fled to. Deciding to prove themselves, the boys hurry out of the Old Chateau, and make their way towards Eterna City.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemooon!!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: One can go on an adventure regardless of whether it is day or night!
Dia: Indeed~
Pearl: Since there are Pokemon that you can only meet at night, so do you think we should venture out at night?
Dia: Umm… let's do that, we may end up finding a Dragonite.
Pearl: (collapses)

Pearl: However, if you overwork yourself at night, you will become sleepy during the day. (yawns)
Dia: Indeed~
Pearl: (rubs eyes) It is tough for me to stay up at night since I am an early bird.
Dia: (wears a Ledyba hat and raises his arms) Ledyba~!!
Pearl: (annoyed) Yes, yes… I know that it is a ladybird with the ability Early Bird.

A while later, Dia and Pearl arrive in Eterna City, and stand in front of the Galactic Eterna Building which has been recently refurbished, now with a dome-shaped roof surrounded by a satellite ring that has spikes spurting out from the top instead of the side walls. Pearl remarks that being spontaneous in their Manzai verses is one thing, but acting impulsive in entering this building seems detrimental, especially when it obviously has a link to Team Galactic.

Dia nods in agreement, but on a second thought, decides that they must go inside and give their best as he himself is a robot maniac. Pearl sweatdrops with an annoyed face, and mutters that there are obviously more pressing reasons to do so, safeguarding the region from another crisis being one of them.

With that, the boys break into the front door of the Galactic Eterna Building, and Pearl begins to move swiftly in a stealthy manner, dashing from wall to wall with Chatlord, hiding behind pillars and frontdesks to assess his surroundings before advancing further. On the contrary, Dia runs in an extremely slow manner, almost as if taking a jog, and keeps calling out to Pearl to wait for him. Dia's tardiness, essentially having defeated the purpose of Pearl's secretive approach, eventually ticks Pearl off, and the blonde-haired boy hollers for his childhood companion to hurry up.

Just then, a zap strikes at the wall behind Pearl, and he screeches in alarm as he and Chatlord narrowly escape the attack. Dia looks up to see that Rotom is lurking just around the corner, and as soon as it is spotted, the plasma Pokemon turns to flee again. The two boys quickly give chase, but eventually come to a dead end of a corridor. However, on a closer look, they notice the faint letters 'Secret Room' on the wall, carved just above what appears to be a keyhole, and instantly relate it to the Secret Key which they stumbled across at the Old Chateau.

Pearl hurriedly flips out the Secret Key to fit into the keyhole, and almost immediately, feels a jolt of static electricity running through his hand, causing him to jump and pull out the key again. Dia asks worriedly if his companion is alright, and Pearl states that it seems as if some kind of electric signal was being triggered when the two came into contact. Indeed, the wall in front of them begins to shake with a buzzing noise, and without warning, slides open to reveal a room beyond it.

Dia and Pearl cautiously step into the strange chamber to find five electrical appliances lined up in the center: a microwave oven, a rotary fan, a refrigerator, a washing machine and a lawn mower, and wonder what purpose the place serves. Dia notices that each of the appliances has a strange light-bulb-like symbol on its engine, and finds the shape eerily familiar somehow. In that moment, something sparkles and buzzes from above, and he looks up to see Rotom hanging upside down on the ceiling with a mischievous grin on its face.

In a swift move, the plasma Pokemon dives down to disappear into the washing machine, and Dia and Pearl watch in astonishment as the machine starts to shake and morph. In a flash of light, it sprouts a horn and develops Rotom's face, while a blue hue surrounds it to form a pair of arms, the left resembling a hanger and the right taking possession of the hose. Dia gasps that the washing machine has come to life, and before he could say another word, the possessed electrical appliance fires a powerful stream of water at them through its hose, drenching the two boys and Chatlord completely.

Dia spats and coughs to get the water out of his lungs, and Pearl, having recognized the move as Hydro Pump, states that the creature was not able to use this attack back at the Old Chateau. Dia postulates that it must have earned the move by gaining possession of the washing machine, and Pearl thinks that they should treat it as a water type opponent in that case. He gets Dia to send out Roo, but as soon as the Torterra pops out from its Pokeball, Rotom wiggles free from the washing machine, and Pearl sees that the electrical appliance has instantly returned to normal.

The plasma Pokemon then takes control over the microwave oven, and morphs it into a creature that once again sports the horn and face of Rotom, lined with a red hue this time that extends into a pair of glove-like hands. Shooting the boys a grin, it unleashes a burst of flames from its oven lid, and causes Dia and Pearl to cry out in panic as they jump and dodge with Chatlord and Roo, the latter having weakness to fire attacks.

Pearl scrambles to his feet, and hollers that he finally understands what makes Rotom so special. With a body that is made of plasma, it is able to enter different machines and assimilate into them. As it does so, it gains the quality of that machine and learns a move that corresponds to its nature. This ability allows Rotom to always stay on the upperhand by changing into the forme that has a type advantage over its opponents.

Zapping out from the microwave oven, Rotom dives into the rotary fan next, and turns it alive by forming its face on the electrical appliance's base while enveloping it in a yellow hue that ends in a pair of coiled arms. Dia recalls how the plasma Pokemon became a water type in the washing machine and a fire type in the microwave oven, and tries hard to figure out what type it may be with the rotary fan. His query is soon answered by a blast of Air Slash from Rotom, and the boy cries that it has now gained the flying type.

The powerful gusts of wind sweep Dia, Pearl and Roo off their feet, and send them crashing through the walls of the room and flying out of the building. They eventually land on the grassland just outside the Galactic Eterna Building, and grunt in agony as they find themselves completely overwhelmed by Rotom's tricks.

In that moment, Pearl notices that the memobook actually has images and data on each of Rotom's different formes, and reads that in this current rotary fan appearance, it is known as Fan Rotom. Dia quickly browses through the pages depicting the other formes, and learns that in its washing machine state, it is called Wash Rotom, while as a microwave oven, it is named Heat Rotom.

An ominous sound all of a sudden buzzes from the direction of the wall which they crashed through, and the boys look up to see that yet another electrical appliance has been taken over by Rotom. Possessing the refrigerator, the creature's face and horn takes shape on its top while its hue, a purple shade this time, ends in a pair of spade-like hands. Dia reads from the memobook that this forme is given the name Frost Rotom, and almost as if to acknowledge his words, the plasma Pokemon opens up the doors on its chest to send out a freezing storm of Blizzard.

Dia and Pearl struggle to shield themselves from the powerful attack, and Dia orders Roo to counter with its special-mach-one-and-only Razor Leaf. However, before the blade of leaf manages to reach Rotom, it freezes in midair and shatters into pieces. The boys gasp that the move has failed to work, and watch in bewilderment as Rotom abandons the refrigerator and jumps into the last appliance, the lawn mower, sparking up a green hue around it which protrudes out from the bottom as a zigzag saw. They cry that it has become Mow Rotom, and quickly turn to flee as the creature starts chasing after them, cutting down trees and flattening bushes on its way with its blade-like saw.

Pearl feels frustrated that no strategy seems to work against Rotom, and says its random change between electrical appliances and formes makes it hard to predict what it will become. He keeps running around in circles, and wonders if there is any way to stop its rampaging or at least calm it down. Suddenly, he remembers that they have actually managed to subdue the creature once before at the Old Chateau, and recalls how Dia lurked and ambushed it when it tried to return to the television it resided in. Perhaps, if they manage to get their hands on the television now, it may lure Rotom back into it, and it might just give them a chance to anticipate its path.

After another moment of thought, the boy is convinced that the television is the only solution to their current situation, and calls out to Dia, telling him to keep Rotom busy while he goes off. Dia obviously has no idea what Pearl has in mind, but agrees to do his best anyway. Pearl then proceeds to send out his Tauros, Taulord, to climb onto it, and starts dashing back towards the Old Chateau.

Nearly an hour later, the sun has started to rise on the horizon, decorating the skies with a soft hue of blue and yellow. The Galactic Eterna Building finally comes into sight for Pearl, and the boy continues to pant as he runs next to Taulord, who has the Old Chateau's television strapped across its back with its three tails. They two hurry back to the grassland where Mow Rotom chased them down earlier, but to their utter shock, what they see is Dia snoring loudly on the floor with only his underpants on, while Rotom peacefully rests next to him. Beneath them, the grass is mowed into a pattern that resembles the face of Dia, and lying around are the five electrical appliances which Rotom uses to change its formes.

Pearl runs over to Dia to shake him awake, and demands to know what has happened. He doesn't understand what made Rotom stopped attacking, and why is it that he is in a nearly naked state. Dia groggily rubs his eyes as he puts on a grin, and reveals that they have misunderstood Rotom after all. At first, he also believed that the plasma Pokemon gave them a hard time because it wanted to battle, but after Pearl left, when he was fleeing from Mow Rotom on top of Roo, the creature suddenly stopped and looked up at him after running around in circles for a few times. He saw at that moment that it has mowed his face on the grassland, and realized that the reason Rotom led them to the Secret Room and kept changing formes was simply to show off its ability to them.

Having understood that, Dia allowed Rotom to demonstrate to him what it could do, and they had great fun. As Heat Rotom, it made him a Berry grill, and as Frost Rotom, it created a Berry ice dessert for him. It then wash his clothes by transforming into Wash Rotom, and even hung them up to blow dry them by changing to Fan Rotom, which is why he is only wearing his underpants now.

After hearing Dia's explanation, Pearl steals a glance at Rotom, who is waking up, and sees a look of satisfaction on its face. Dia giggles that it must feel content now, and Rotom happily pats him on the face. Pearl muses to himself that there are indeed many weird and mysterious Pokemon in the world, but Dia, with his ability to feel and share his emotions with Pokemon, always seems to have a way to get to them and save the day.

Pearl compliments Dia for his smartness, and Dia attributes it to the work of the Elite Four which helped them decode what's written in Charon's memobook and allowed them to finally uncover the secrets of Rotom's forme changing. Dia proceeds to put his clothes back on, but Pearl finds himself in another difficult situation. Even though they have completed their task in investigating upon Rotom, it still doesn't change the fact that Charon will try to capture it. Dia agrees and says while Rotom is probably capable of putting up a good fight to protect itself with its special ability, he still the detests the idea that it should fall under the grasps of evil people and become their pawn. Yet, they can't stay behind to protect it as they still need to seek out the other Pokemon in the memobook.

The two boys put on solemn looks as they unwillingly say goodbye to Rotom, but as they prepare to turn to leave, the plasma Pokemon suddenly zaps towards them and wiggles with a big grin. Dia gets the impression that it wants to come with them, and Rotom responds to his query by nodding its head. Dia and Pearl instantly beam with joy, and start making their way back to meet the Chairman and Dr. Footstep, now with a new companion on their party.

Meanwhile, on the most eastern edge of Sinnoh, Marley and her Arcanine have reached the end of a route which is overgrown with pink flowers that sprout six petals. Holding the letter signed off by Prof. Oak in hand, the girl takes a deep breath and gazes over to the island situated north of them, which is overgrown with similar flowers but only in a much larger amount. In a cavern far behind her, a portal swirls and distorts at the cave opening like a ripple on the water, connecting to a world far different from ours on its other end. There, isolated platforms of land float at odd angles with one another, with trees and rocks growing out and disappearing from the soil at time intervals that seem impossible. Waterfalls flow in reverse directions, and the whole place is in a shaded tone set against a whirlpool of dark purple clouds.

On one of the inverted platforms, Platinum's bodyguards Phool and Ignor, stand upside-down next to their Pokemon, Burmy and Buizel, and wonder exactly how much time has passed. The truth is, they have no idea how many days they have spent there, could not tell whether it is day or night, nor could they identify which side is up and which is down. On top of that, they don't even know if they are dead or still alive.

Suddenly, an ominous shriek echoes through the area, and the two men quickly hide themselves behind a tree. Almost immediately, a serpentine creature with red rings on its body and six tentacle-like wings hover below them, its eyes displaying what seems to be an intense fury. Phool states that while they are still clueless about many things, one thing is certain. Ever since they got sucked into this world which they could not comprehend, the creature has been trying to chase them around, this creature which appears to be the only inhabitant of this world, the ruler of this world.

Just then, the bodyguards notice that the serpentine creature is creating yet another portal which it uses to spy on the original world. As the creature's tentacles pull to enlarge the hole, Phool and Ignor could see through it the giant Pokemon bronze statue at Eterna City. Without warning, the creature flies out of the portal into the original world, and its body instantly beings to change. Its long body shortens to increase its girth and the six golden spikes on its sides extend out to form legs. Its head plate regresses sideways to show its mouth, and its six tentacles merge to form two black wings, each with three red spikes at the tip.

As the morphing process completes, the creature, now more basilisk-like, lands right on top of the bronze statue and shatters it in pieces as it lets out a shriek...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first half of the Manzai dialogue, Pearl says 'Yoru ni shika aenai Pokemon datte imasukarane, sono tame ni ha yonaka datte dekaketeikudesyo?', which means 'Since there are only Pokemon that you can meet at night, should we venture out during that night in that case?'. Dia replies that 'Dore dake Pokemon ga sukika ni yorudesyo', which means 'Depends on how much you like Pokemon'. The pun in on 'yoru', which means 'night' in Pearl's remark while it means 'depends' in Dia's context.
  2. In the second half, Pearl says working at night is tough for him because he is 'Asagata', which means he is the 'morning type of person'. Dia then disguises himself as Pinsir, which is the 'Kuwagata' Pokemon. 'Kuwagata' refers to the hoe-shaped helmet crest on stag beetles, and Pinsir is the stag beetle Pokemon. The pun here is on the phonetic similarity between 'Asagata' and 'Kuwagata'

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