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Dawn has just broken in the land of Sinnoh. On the eastern borders of Veilstone City, south of where the Team Galactic Headquarters lie, Cynthia, along with her Garchomp and her Grandma, arrive at a ragged area where the ground is uneven with multiple giant holes. Scattered pieces of meteorites rest in the bottom of several holes, and it appears that only a meteorite shower could have resulted in the peculiar landscape.

The Sinnoh Champion wears a frown on her face upon seeing the sight in front of her, and her Grandma instantly knows that she must be wondering why they are there. The old woman spots one of the bigger meteorites in a shallow hole, and merrily hops down to it. She explores its cold surface with fondness, and even places her cheek onto the foreign rock, marveling at the tremendous energy force that is emanating from it.

Cynthia gets a bit mad that her Grandma is still acting eccentric at such critical times, and yells for her to get serious. She cries that they don't have the luxury to play around now, as the battle is still going on and everyone else is working hard. Her madness is met with equal temper from her Grandma, who hollers back in a surge of rage, causing Garchomp to tumble back.

The old woman points towards the spiky-shaped building to their north to ask what it is, and Cynthia bitterly replies that it is the Galactic Veilstone Building. Grandma acknowledges that it is the place where Cynthia fought against Cyrus, and unleashed the Draco Meteor attack. Unfortunately, due to her uncontrolled anger, the attack was incomplete and far from perfect, which in her opinion, is quite a shame.

Cynthia gets a bit disheartened upon being reminded of the fact, and Grandma wants to know if she still plans to use Draco Meteor in her upcoming battles. The young woman assures her with an affirmative tone, and is confident that she will pull off a perfect hit next time. Her answer causes Grandma to laugh out loud, and the old woman mocks that it is quite a condescending remark. She states that a title can sometimes be a hindrance, especially when one is crowned the champion, for they may overestimate their strength, and forget the need to pay an effort.

Grandma wants to know if Cynthia agrees, and the Sinnoh Champion is left speechless at the statement. The old woman then asks if Cynthia knows why meteorites, which are rocks from space, would end up in such a place, and before Cynthia could respond, Grandma says the simple answer is that they did fall from space, thanks to something she herself did in the past. Cynthia bolts with astonishment at Grandma's words, and as soon as she realizes what the implication is, the old woman affirms her suspicion that the site was where she trained to master the move Draco Meteor when she was young.

Grandma states that Draco Meteor is the strongest dragon move, and it is time for Cynthia to forget about her champion title, and do things the right way from square one. Looking Cynthia into the eye, the old woman vows that she will make sure that Cynthia masters the move, and it is time to start their special training.

Meanwhile, at Eterna City, the giant bronze statue that was meant to depict the deities of time and space lies scattered on the ground in broken pieces. Standing amidst its debris is the serpentine creature that has taken on a basilisk-like appearance upon its entrance into this dimension. On the other side of the portal where it came from, Platinum's bodyguards, Phool and Ignor, gasp in shock at what they just witnessed, and are still bewildered by the forme change ability of the dark creature.

Soon enough, Ignor realizes that it is not the time to be an observer, and Phool agrees that they should try their luck at the portal as well since it is possibly their chance to leave this world. Together with their Pokemon, Burmy and Buizel, the two men start dashing towards the opening which is right beneath them. However, no matter how hard they try, they can't seem to reach it and keep getting lodged between the many platforms that are oddly oriented in this dimension. Eventually, the men give up and sit panting on the ground, Phool on an upside down platform while Ignor on another that is inclined at 90 degrees.

Phool sighs that this world is really incomprehensible after all, although to be honest it is hardly a new concept to them. The one thing they can be certain of is that, the serpentine creature is the absolute ruler of this world, and nothing can rebel against it in this place, not even the two mighty dragons which were dragged in there some time earlier. Hopping onto a normally oriented platform together, Phool and Ignor make their way towards an area that is overgrown with tall trees. Ahead, stalactite-like materials protrude from two of the surrounding platforms, trapping and imprisoning two gigantic dragons who are no other than the deities of time and space, Dialga and Palkia.

Ignor gazes upon the two completely motionless legendary Pokemon, who look as if they are in deep coma, and tells Phool that although he could simply be thinking too much, he honestly feels that the serpentine creature has somewhat changed ever since these two dragons were trapped. Before that, the creature was always chasing them around, treating them like its toys, but since the day that Dialga and Palkia were dragged in, it didn't even set eyes on them anymore, like it is decided to pursue something else.

Ignor pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts, and says it may be a weird postulation, but if their current world is 'this side', and the world on the other end of the portal where they originally came from is 'the other side', the trapped duo and the serpentine creature seem to have a role in keeping the balance between the two worlds. As long as the duo are present on 'the other side', the serpentine creature cannot enter that realm, nor could it lay its hands on them. However, for certain reason at a certain time not long ago, it became possible for the serpentine creature to pull the duo into 'this side', thus disrupting the balance of the two worlds.

Phool realizes with a start that Ignor may just be right, and remarks that with Dialga and Palkia in their current world, there will no longer be anyone who could keep the serpentine creature in place and make sure that it stays on 'this side'. The fact that the creature has intruded into Eterna and shattered the bronze statue, which was essentially a mixed image of Dialga and Palkia, shows that it is trying to make the strong declaration that 'the other side' should now fall under its total rule as well.

Just then, a voice comes on to comment that given enough time, it is certainly possible for one to make good observations and deductions, even in a world this weird. Phool and Ignor bolt with a start at their unexpected intruder, and look up to see a purple-haired Scientist and his Slowking hovering near the portal inside a flying vessel, the old man giggling as if he is amused by what they said. Phool comments that the guy doesn't seem to have come to their rescue, and the old man affirms his suspicion that he has come for something else, something far more interesting that is about to unfold. With that, he gestures towards two boys who are dashing through the streets of Eterna, two familiar faces which cause Phool and Ignor to jump in surprise.

Down on the street, Dia and Pearl hurry their way across along with Rotom, and are sure that the tremendous bang came from this direction. As soon as they turn the corner, they come face to face with the now basilisk-like creature, who glares at them and spreads its pitch-black wings with ferocity. Dia and Pearl gasp in astonishment at the creature's appearance, and finds its presence equally if not more intimidating than those of Dialga and Palkia at the Spear Pillar.

At that moment, something stirs in Dia's bagpack, and his Regigigas, Ghee, suddenly pops out from its Pokeball on its own will. As soon as that happens, a maniacal laugh echoes through the area, and the purple-haired Scientist enters the scene in his vessel, overjoyed about his correct guess that the mighty golem will take action again once another mighty legendary is encountered. Dia and Pearl instantly recognizes the old man as Charon, and the Team Galactic Commander is extremely elated that the legendary and mirage Pokemon of Sinnoh are appearing one by one. He grins that soon enough, all of them will gather together, and he shall possess them all by then. However, in order to achieve his goal, he will need to get rid of his intruders first.

Shooting an evil look at Dia and Pearl, Charon comments that Regigigas certainly seems ready to fight, and says he shall give it a good battle with something he captured at Stark Mountain in that case. With that, he calls out Heatran from its Pokeball, and the lave dome Pokemon wastes no time in sending out a blast of fire from its mouth towards the mighty golem…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

431: Alternate Dimension Battle I

Volume 40