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At the Battle Frontier, Palmer, Platinum, Riley, Cheryl and Mira begin to set out from the Battle Zone as the other Frontier Brains wave goodbye and wish them good luck. Dahlia and Argenta assure them that they will look after the Frontier, Looker and Buck, and tell them not to worry and simply to focus on what they need to do. Palmer and Platinum turn their heads around to voice out their gratitude, and Darach wears a trustful smile on his face as he watches the group head off. Next to him, Thorton is already slumping on the balcony, fast asleep.

Riding on the swan-like Pokemon sent out by Palmer, Platinum gets ready to face whatever challenges lies ahead in the Distortion World, and remembers what the Castle Valet, Darach, told her while they were waiting for Thorton to fix the speaker-camera device…

At the Battle Castle's library, Platinum puts on a quizzical look and wonders what she is looking at when Darach shows her the ragged piece of drawing depicting a serpentine creature he found in the library's holdings. He states that the creature is named Giratina, and he has verified that it is connected to the Distortion World which Platinum is seeking. Giratina is in fact, is Sinnoh's third dragon Pokemon, whose power is on par with the legendary Dialga and Palkia, and if they are to follow the proper term which the ancient people call it, this serpentine appearance of Giratina in the drawing should be called Giratina Origin Forme.

Platinum rationalizes that it refers to the Pokemon's original appearance, and Darach nods in response, stating that there is a second drawing which is kept as a pair to this one in the library. The Castle Valet takes out another similar ragged piece of paper to show the girl, and this time it depicts a six-legged basilisk-like creature which again has pitched-black wings. He explains that this is called Giratina Altered Forme, and from the name, Platinum once again deduces that it refers to the Pokemon's alternate appearance.

The girl stares at the two drawings, and remarks that while there are similar parts, it is still hard to believe that they are the same Pokemon. Darach agrees, and says although he is just postulating, this forme-changing ability of the creature may shed some light on their tactics in the Distortion World. According to the ancient records, Giratina is known to change its own appearance depending on the world it is in. This enables it to function best by suiting to the environment, and perhaps they should take this aspect into account while planning on their strategy with it.

Darach adds that there are other old records which documented Giratina's title as the lord of the antimatter world, and this further proves that it is connected to the Distortion World since the name 'antimatter world' is essentially describing the Distortion World which exists on the reverse side of this world. Platinum thinks Darach is right in his tracks, but starts to get a little pensive because if she is to rescue her bodyguards, Phool and Ignor, from the Distortion World, she will have to face Giratina in a battle.

Darach remarks that while it may not be an easy task, he is confident that Platinum can pull it off if it really comes to the case, something which his lady, the owner of the Battle Castle, will have no reservation in betting on. Platinum wonders if he is referring to Lady Caitlin, and Darach grins with a nod. He states that Lady Caitlin has high regards for Platinum, and personally, he thinks that if his Lady could master the degree of self control that Platinum has, with her ability, she can easily rise up to the ranks of a Brain, or perhaps even reach a higher trainer class in the world. The Castle Valet's words causes Platinum to gasp in awe, but the man decides that he has been too carried away, and laughs it off with an embarrassing face. He hopes that what he found could be of help to Platnum, and wishes them the best of luck in their quest…

As Platinum returns to reality from her thoughts, she sees that they are already off the shore of the Battle Zone island, with Riley, Lucario and Riolu guiding in front in their motor boat, which Cheryl and Mira have also boarded, while Palmer and herself following on the swan-like Pokemon from behind.

On a nearby cliff, Volkner watches the group head off, and wants to know if Flint would like to go along with them. He remarks that Flint's anger pertaining to Buck's injuries surely surpasses those of the Battleground people, but Flint tells Volkner to shut up, threatening to burn him into a dark piece of charcoal if he says another silly word. The afro-haired Elite 4 is clearly upset that someone else is getting ahead in what they planned to do, almost as if their party is being spoiled, and decides that they must set off to face and defeat that extremely powerful opponent before the others get to it.

Back at Eterna City, Giratina spreads its dark wings and goes airborne, breaking off another rooftop as it does so. It charges straight towards Pearl, who narrowly evades the hit as Chatlord flies him out of the way. The boy keeps hovering in circles around the might dragon, but finds that he still has trouble gaining the upperhand despite his advantage in speed due to their small size. Giratina then lands among the rubbles, and thrusts its wings upwards, turning them into sharp claw-like structures which Pearl again narrowly escapes from. The boy gasps that it is the move Shadow Claw, and sees that Giratina is a dragon Pokemon who is capable of using ghost type attacks.

Charon is amused that Pearl has the ability to identify the opponent's move in an instant with his keen eye, and giggles that the distraction provided by the boy is making his work on Giratina much easier. With that, he secretly orders a Trump Card from Slowking, and the psychic hippo immediately unleashes a storm of energy striking Giratina from behind. The antimatter world lord lets out a shriek of pain as it thrashes around, and Pearl, oblivious to Charon's actions, wonders what caused the mighty Pokemon's agony all of a sudden.

Without warning, Giratina dives into the ground to vanish into its own shadow, and Pearl exclaims that it is using Shadow Force. He fervently looks around to see where it would be resurfacing from, but it is essentially an impossible task, given the amount of rubbles and broken cement lying all over the place. Underneath him, black claws start to creep out from the shadows of a fallen rooftop, and Charon, who has managed to spot it, grins that it is time for one of the boys to go down.

In the next split second, Giratina's dark claws burst out from the shadow, aiming straight at Pearl, but Dia suddenly leaps out from a building and dashes towards Pearl, knocking aside Charon and Slowking as he cries out for Pearl to look out. Dia pushes Pearl out of the way just in time, but the sharp claws pierce right into his chest from below, turning his face white and blank and knocking the air out of him instantly. Startled and horrified at what just happened, Pearl watches as Dia plummet and hit the ground like a block, motionless. Charon relents that the unintended one got hit first at the end, but decides that it is not a problem as the outcome is the same anyway.

Trembling with fear and disbelief, Pearl makes his way towards his fallen childhood companion, and hopes that this is just a joke. He wants to believe that Dia simply passed out, or is playing dopey in preparation for his One-shot Gag line and would get up soon and say 'I'm perfectly okeeay~'. However, even as Pearl raises his voice and tells Dia to say his line, the boy remains still with his eyes staring blankly upwards, causing Beh to start tearing up.

Charon hops out from his vessel and laughs that things are going better than he has hoped. While it may have been an accident, Diamond has been taken out and Regigigas has now lost its trainer, making it a free wild Pokemon again. The giant golem pauses in its motions as it gazes upon Dia, and then to Pearl and Beh's dismay, slowly turns to walk away despite Pearl's desperate call of its nickname, Ghee…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

433: Alternate Dimension Battle III

Volume 40