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Feeling extremely elated, the Team Galactic Scientist and Commander, Charon, laughs that with Dia fallen, the boys' battling force has just gone down tremendously. He taps Pearl on the shoulder mockingly, and wonders if he should capture the now injured Giratina, put an end to Pearl as well, or go capture Regigigas instead. The old man's tone, coupled with the sorrow of losing his childhood companion, causes Pearl to snap, and he hollers that he is not going to forgive him.

However, just as Pearl spins around and attempts to lunge at Charon, Slowking blows him backwards with its psychic powers, which makes Charon giggle even more maniacally. He gestures to both Giratina and Heatran, and says it is time to crush and burn this little brat. With that, Pearl finds himself surrounded by the two mighty legendaries, one acting under Charon's direct control, and the other, the more powerful one, acting out of whatever vengeful thought that caused it to rampage in the first place.

At that moment, Pearl notices a stir in Dia's jacket, and pulls it open to see Dia's Pokemon all crying and fuming with rage in their Pokeballs. The truth is, not only Roo, Lee, Pooh, Moo and Beh, but Rotom, whom they have just befriended a few hours ago, is also extremely emotional and furious about what just happened to Dia. Pearls finds himself tearing up just like the Pokemon, and vows to his childhood companion that he will seek revenge for him and definitely defeat Charon, Giratina, Heatran. Until that is achieved, they will not give up.

Calling out his full team of six, Chimlord, Chatlord, Raylord, Zellord, Diglord and Taulord, as well as their new friend Rotom, Pearl cries that they will fight to the end and charges towards Charon. The Team Galactic Commander gasps in shock when he spots Rotom, and wonders when it has joined the boys. He manages to keep his calm however, and says Rotom is just an ordinary Pokemon after all, and they will be no match to the legendary and mirage Pokemon with the likes of Giratina and Heatran.

Just then, something heavy stomps on the ground behind Charon, and he spins around in surprise to see that Regigigas has returned. The golem crouches down to place something on the ground, which Pearl recognizes to be the five electrical appliances of Rotom at the Galactic Eterna Building. Ghee steals a look at Dia, who remains motionless on the floor, and shares a nod with Rotom, who still has tears running down its face.

Wasting no time, Rotom assimilates itself into the lawn mower, changing into Mow Rotom, and fiercely attacks Charon with Leaf Storm. It then grabs the refrigerator to turn into Frost Rotom to deliver a Blizzard, and subsequently into Wash Rotom with the washing machine for Hydro Pump, and Heat Rotom with the microwave oven for Overheat. Finally, it morphs into Fan Rotom with the rotary fan to deliver an Air Slash, and floors both Charon and Slowking.

Giratina lurks up behind Ghee for a surprise attack, but the mighty golem grabs it with its big hands to do an overhead throw, slamming the ghost dragon into Heatran. It then conjures up a wall of cold energy, and unleashes a super effective Avalanche onto its opponents, burying them under heaps of thick snow.

After a moment, Giratina manages to break out from the avalanche, but appears exhausted and immediately escapes via the portal in the sky after changing into its Origin Forme. Charon gasps that the mighty lord of the Distortion World has decided to temporarily retreat, and knows that he must do the same. Retrieving Heatran into its Pokeball, the TG Commander gets back into his vessel with Slowking, and enters the portal as well, which gradually closes with Giratina's departure.

Pearl is upset that he has let the enemy get away, and notices that Giratina has changed into a serpentine appearance before it disappeared into the portal. Before he could process his thoughts, someone calls him from behind, and he turns around to see the Sinnoh Pokemon Association Chairman running over together with Dr. Footstep.

The Chairman states that after Pearl and Dia went off to the Old Chateau, he somehow dozed off, but was awakened by this deafening explosive sound from Eterna. He wants to know what has happened, and at that moment, Dr. Footstep spots the footprints of a six-legged Pokemon which he has never seen before. He instantly gets ecstatic and starts collecting them with his blank sheets, and reads from their appearance that whatever Pokemon made these prints carries the spite of being banishes as well as sentiments of 'destruction' and 'conquer'. The chubby professor also manages to pick up some of Regigigas's footprints, and senses extreme sorrow from them.

Pearl bitterly states that he could understand where that feeling came from, because it all happened right before his eyes. He gestures the Chairman and Dr. Footstep towards Dia who is lying on the ground, but suddenly notices that his childhood companion's body is start to distort and disappear. The Sinnoh Chairman gasps in shock and disbelief at what is going on with Dia, and in a flash of light, Dia's body gets engulfed in a rapidly expanding burst of light, leaving nothing but thin air behind as it disperses, and bringing a look of intense despair on Pearl's face.

Meanwhile, on Route 224, Marley holds onto a bright pink flower known as the Gracidea, and closes her eyes in prayer. She takes out the letter signed by Prof. Oak to read through the content again, and rationalizes that if her interpretation is correct, this is where she would meet that Pokemon. She voices out her plea for the Pokemon to appear, as they really need its powers now, and soon enough, a green bush overgrown with flowers reacts to the Gracidea that she is holding, and slowly uncurls itself into a hedgehog-like creature.

Marley gently walks up to the little Pokemon, and wants to know if its name is Shaymin…

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434: Alternate Dimension Battle IV

Volume 40