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On one of the multitude of abnormally oriented platforms in the Distortion World, Dia, Pearl and Platinum gasp in shock when they see the legendary lake guardians, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie, materialize out of thin air behind the cloaked Team Galactic grunt.

Without warning, the three pixies dash towards them, and the trio instinctively hold up their hands to shield themselves. To their surprise, each pixie stuffs a rectangular metallic item into their hands, and the three soon realize that they are holding the Pokedexes which they have lost at the Team Galactic Headquarters, Dia's blue one, Pearl's orange one, and Platinum's red one.

The cloaked grunt remarks that although he said his decision to leave Team Galactic was due to the fear of losing himself, after being freed from the personal thoughts of Storc implanted in him and then awaiting the forceful return to the organization's uniform thoughts, there was actually something else. He realizes that it would sound like a futile defense, but it really wasn't his own intention to snatch their Pokedexes.

During the time when he was already set free from Storc's will but still pending return to the organization's uniform thoughts, he spent days with much anguish and regret, feeling ashamed for all the evil work he has done while under Storc's mind control. At that time, as if they are able to sense the thoughts in his mind, the three lake guardians appeared before him. The three probably knew and felt in debt that the Pokedexes were sacrificed in exchange for their freedom, and thus came to approach him despite knowing the potential danger. Seeing that even Pokemon could grasp the idea of righteousness and gratitude, he made up his mind there and then that he would leave the organization.

Suddenly, the cloaked grunt is struck from behind, and falls to his knees while Dia, Pearl and Platinum jump in surprise. They see that the shadow-like creature is the culprit once again, and Pearl wonders what this being who just ambushed his daddy is. The grunt, who is grimacing with pain from his wound and being tended to by Platinum, states that it is known as Darkrai, and says it used to be owned by the woman who mind-controlled him. He recalls her claiming that the Pokemon is tremendously difficult to control, and thinks it is probably why she no longer holds on to it, and has released it into this world somehow.

The grunt believes that Darkrai is a phantom creature who is not meant to be easily handled, and remembers the brief period when he personally carried it with him. Although he never released it from its Pokeball, no matter where he went, it brought nightmares to not only him, but also every human and Pokemon nearby, including Platinum, Sailor Eldritch's son, as well as the wild Pokemon on Fullmoon Island.

Just then, a maniacal laughter echoes through the area, and everyone looks up to see that Charon has entered the scene again in his vessel. The Team Galactic Commander mocks at the cloaked grunt's remarks about Darkrai being a creature not meant to be easily handled and tremendously difficult to control, and says his weak soul is the reason why he could only be a simple grunt.

Dia and Pearl fume with rage at Charon's arrogant behavior, and the old Scientist giggles that he will not give up on his scheme. Taking out a radio-like device with two antennae, similar to the one he used at the Speak Pillar, he states that Darkrai is now under his control as well, and says before long, all the legendary Pokemon will belong to him. With that, he sends out Heatran from its Pokeball, and the lava Pokemon immediately throws itself towards Dia and Pearl, threatening to crush them with its weight.

Fortunately, Dia's Regigigas, Ghee, pops out from its Pokeball, which is kept temporarily in Pearl's backpack since Dia vanished from the real world, and knocks Heatran away, slamming it flat onto its back. The mighty struggle soon catches the attention of Giratina, who is still fighting Volkner and Flint, and the ghost dragon turns to see that not only Regigigas and Heatran have intruded its realm, but Dialga and Palkia have also been freed from their imprisonment and are running wild and free in its world.

Feeling a surge of rage, Giratina abandons the battle with Volkner and Flint, who are obviously annoyed by its distraction, and spins around to make its way towards the other legendary creatures. It rams through the platforms where the Battleground girls and the three Team Galactic Commanders are fighting on, and forces everyone to take shelter as it makes its bossy way across, shattering boulders and knocking things over as it passes by. During the process, Shaymin, who has been put aside by Marley before the fight, gets caught by one of Giratina's front horns, and ends up being dragged along.

Charon, noticing Giratina's approach, soon spots the little hedgehog on the ghost dragon's head, and exclaims at its unexpected presence. In the next instant, Giratina throws itself towards Dialga and Palkia to wrap its tentacles around them, but the two dragons are fully prepared this time and thrash around hard to fight back. With help from the Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, Regigigas lends its strength in holding down Giratina, while also keeping Heatran at bay. Cresselia continues its chase after Darkrai, and Shaymin, being the only one not directly battling, struggles to hold onto Giratina's horns.

Charon's eyes widen and gleam with greed at the violent battle scene, and he cries that it is almost like a dream come true. He declares that he shall have every single one of the creatures for himself, but Platinum states that she will not allow it. Charon grunts that he hates intruders who would not give up, and orders a Psychic from Slowking. However, Platinum sends out her full team, and the six Pokemon, Empoleon, Rapidash, Lopunny, Froslass, Cherrim and Pachirisu easily fend off the attack.

Dia and Pearl are glad to see that the three Pokemon nurtured at the hospital previously are now functional members on her team, but Dia soon notices something funny. He remarks that all six of the Lady's Pokemon seem to be breathing fast and perspiring a lot, almost as if they are ill, and Platinum grins that she thinks the same. The truth is, Froslass, Cherrim and Pachirisu were already in such a condition when they completed treatment from the hospital, and by the time she was at the Battle Hall, everyone on her team caught the same condition. Having her Pokedex back now, she could see that this condition actually has a name, and it makes the Pokemon inflicted with it much stronger than it usually is.

Back at the hospital block of the Sinnoh Pokemon Association's Headquarters, Platinum's mother, Prof. Willow Berlitz, is being informed about a virus they just discovered in the system that nurtures and restores health for Pokemon. Daisy states that the virus appears to have originated from the Pokemon Center, but it has somehow spread to the hospital now. Prof. Willow Berlitz rationalizes that it must be highly infectious, and believes Platinum's entire team should be affected by now.

Bebe gets baffled by the two's excited tone and wants to know why they don't seem concerned that the Pokemon are sick. Daisy explains that the virus actually has a positive effect on the Pokemon inflicted with it, and Prof. Willow Berlitz agrees that although there is limited data, it appears that the virus increases metabolism in a Pokemon's body, and helps it become stronger in a much easier and quicker way. In short, this virus, known as the Pokerus, is a beneficial thing to catch…

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439: Alternate Dimension Battle IX

Volume 40