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Red finally makes up his mind to meet Prof. Oak and has come to the old man's door. Unfortunately, no one seems to respond to the doorbell ringing and so Red tries on the door knob. To his surpise, it is not locked and the boy decides to venture into the lab and wait for the professor inside. The professor's lab is filled with machines and pokeballs all over. Red picks up one ball and sees a Bulbasaur inside. He brings it up to meet his Poliwhirl, which is also in a pokeball and the Bulbasaur seems to have a look of agitation on its face.

Just then, the door swings open and Prof. Oak steps into the room. The old man immediately deems Red a burglar and walks up to grab him. Red backs away and accidentally pushes a release button on one of Oak's machines. This causes all the pokeballs to snap open and the pokemons inside instantly flee and run. Within seconds, the whole lab is crowded with Pidgeys, Rattattas and all sort of bug pokemons, some even crack through the window and escape from the lab. Oak's face turns red with fury and he is about to yell at Red when an escaped Pidgey flies above him and drops a blob of dump on his forehead. The professor goes mad and demands the boy to retrieve all the lost pokemons immediately. Red complies and within half an hour, most pokemons have been recaptured and Oak says they should be going after the ones that escaped through the window. Red makes his way to the door but the professor grabs him and says he would be going with him, for fear that he would flee.

The sun is about to set when Red and Prof. Oak, who rode on a bike, arrive in Viridian City. They immediately spot an escaped Meowth and return it to its pokeball, and the professor happily says that they are down to one. After searching through the city for a little longer, the two see the last pokmon that fled, Bulbasaur, standing right in front of the abandoned Viridian Gym, but the little seed pokemon rushes into the building to hide as soon as it sees them. Oak and Red enter the gym and see spider webs hanging all over the dusty place, and find Bulbasaur crouching at a dark corner glaring at them. The professor walks up to it and prepares to retrieve it when the pokemon tackles him in the stomach. Oak wonders what has caused Bulbasaur's sudden hostile behavior. Red walks up to it with an understanding look and says it is probably sick of staying in the lab all day and wants to see the world outside. He explains that he realizes that when he saw Bulbasaur's look upon meeting his own Poliwhirl. Oak is still confused but Bulbasaur happily trot up to Red and the boy pats it on the head.

Suddenly, the three hear a deep growl from behind and turn to find a furious wild Machoke looking at them. The fighting pokemon charges at Red and the Oak as the two dodge and flee. The Machoke is about to throw a punch at Red's face when Bulbasaur releases a bundle of vines to strangle its arms. Red marvels at Bulbasaur's skills but turns to see that the professor has already been knocked out. The Machoke breaks off the vines and edges Red and Bulbasaur to a corner. Red is still trying to come up with a strategy when he notices sunlight pouring through the cracks of the wooden windows behind him. Without much thought, he swings them open and wide just as the seed on Bulbasaur's back glows and instantly releases a blinding beam towards the Machoke, fainting it.

Apparently, Oak has awaken by the time and sees the whole thing. He compliments on Red for knowing Bulbasaur's strongest attack, Solar Beam, but the boy confesses that he doesn't and just rationalizes that plants grow stronger with sunlight. Oak lets out a big laugh and tells Red that he can take Bulbasaur with him. The boy is overjoyed and tells Oak that he visited his lab that morning to ask him about what it takes to become a great pokemon trainer. The professor turns around, closes his eyes, and has Red think on the question for a while. He then explains that power and skills alone would not serve to make a trainer strong, but a caring heart and devotion to one's own pokemons are the keys to success.

Oak asks Red his name, then fumbles out a Pokedex from his lab coat and hands it to the boy. He explains that the dex records the data of all pokemons Red would come across and remarks that by the time the dex is complete, Red would be the ultimate pokemon trainer...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

002: VS. Machoke!

Volume 01

Red gets his Starter, Bulbasaur
Red gets his Pokédex from Prof. Oak and heads off on his Journey