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Red has earned Prof. Oak's recognition as a pokemon trainer and received a Pokedex from the professor. Oak says that different pokemons inhabit different areas in the world and he suggests the boy head towards Viridian Forest to begin his quest to become the ultimate pokemon trainer. The professor is about to say something more but then pauses and brushes it aside. A few moments later, Red arrives at the entrance to the forest and ensures that he has brought along some pokeballs with him. He then releases Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur to walk alongside and dreams about the many kinds of pokemons he would come across.

Deep in the Viridian Forest, the boy in purple sweater that Red met earlier stands calmly in the woods with his eyes closed and listens to the movements of the wild pokemon he is tracking. A muffle comes from a nearby bush and he snaps his eyes open and orders an ember attack from his Charmander towards the source of the sound. A thud immediately follows and the boy walks up to see that he has fainted a wild Venomoth. He checks on his Pokedex and realizes that he already owns one, then leaves it behind and continues with his search.

Meanwhile, Red is fervently looking around for a wild Caterpie but can't seem is find any. He sees a sudden movement in the bush and tells Poliwhirl, which he calls Poli, to charge in. But as he makes his way through the bush not long after, he is surprised to see Poli burnt and fainted on the ground. Red looks up to find a Charmander and the boy in purple sweater. The boy chuckles and says he didn't realize it was a trainer's pokemon because it was awfully weak and this immediately ticks Red off. Red charges towards the boy but the other easily blocks his punch and calls him an illiterate who only knows how to use brutal force. It is only then that Red recognizes the boy as the same one he met earlier on the night he encountered Mew.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and the two turn to find a wild Kangaskhan heading towards them. Red excalims at its size while the other boy smirks and remarks that it is the pokemon he was searching for. The boy orders his Charmander to attack and pulls out his Pokedex exactly the same time Red does. Both are shocked at the sight but the other boy immediately bursts out in laughter and says that he couldn't believe that it was Red his grandfather was talking about when he told him that only one other person besides himself received a Pokedex. Red, on the other hand, is shocked to learn that the boy is Oak's grandson.

The boy says it is a waste to give a Pokedex to people like Red and tells him to learn from great pokemon trainers like himself. He orders his Charmander to power up the flames and prepares to attempt a capture. He aims the pokeball right at the back of the Kangaskhan but the large pokemon turns around just in time to swipe it off. The boy tries a second time but to no avail again. While he commands his little fire lizard to power up the fire attacks even more, Red notices that the Kangaskhan does not retaliate at all but always turns its pouch away from the fire. He immediately realizes something is wrong with the infant pokemon inside. He tries to get the other boy to stop and when the other wouldn't, Red releases his Poliwhirl to put out the flames and water gun the Charmander. The other boy yells in rage after him as Red runs up to the severely burnt Kangaskhan. A baby Kangaskhan pops up weakly from the pouch and Red realizes that it has been poisoned by some poison pokemons in the area. He heals it with some antidote and praises the parent pokemon for its care of the child. The Kangaskhan lets out a gentle smile and turns to go back into the woods.

The other boy is still upset and angry over not being able to capture the pokemon but Red tells him that it is immoral to capture a pokemon when you have the upperhand. The other boy snorts and begins to walk away when Red runs after him to introduce himself. At first the boy gives no response when Red asks about his name but eventually gets annoyed by the other's persistance and turns around to impatiently introduce himself as Green. Red yells out from behind that he is going to train hard and would not lose to Green if they should meet again someday. Green continues to walk off annoyed and the two take their separate ways. Behind some trees and bushes not far away, Prof. Oak watches the two part and secretly hopes that they would both one day return as great pokemon trainers...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

003: VS. Kangaskhan!

Volume 01

Red and Green have a rivalry over a Kangaskhan