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The wind blows across the plains of the Pewter countryside and a battered Misty slowly crawls up to her feet to face off a fierce Gyarados gapping its mouth wide in front of her. She orders a hydropump from her Staryu but the atrocious creature retaliates with the same attack and knocks out the star-shaped pokemon. Suddenly, Red appears behind the orange-haired girl and offers to help. Misty is about to warn him of the danger but Red has already released his Bulbasaur, Saur, and goes on to introduce himself. The Gyarados releases another hydropump and Misty looks on, worried, but to her surprise, the little seed pokemon appears to be enjoying the water and Red remarks that water attack does little damage to grass pokemons.

The boy orders Saur to use leech seed and the water dragon is instantly entangled in vines. Misty stares in awe at the techinique, then proceeds to tell her Staryu to recover, which to Red's surprise, heals all the wounds on the star-shaped pokemons flat little body. Meanwhile, the Gyarados has broken free of the constraining vines and is about to attack again. Red and Misty decide to join forces on their final attack as Saur launches a vine whip and Staryu releases a bubblebeam. The double assault knocks the Gyarados to near unconscious and Red hurls out a pokeball just in time to capture the pokemon. Misty stares at all this wordless in disbelief for a moment, and thanks Red for his help. She then goes on to say it's an embarrassing situation and asks the boy if he has thought about why a wild water pokemon like Gyarados would end up on the plains. Red seems to be confused about this as well and Misty decides to reveal to him that the Gyarados is in fact not a wild pokemon but belongs to her.

The girl further explains that someone stole her Gyarados one week ago and by the time it returns, it has turned totally ferocious and out of control. She says that she was trying to tame the pokemon when Red arrives at the scene earlier and once again thanks him for the help. Red, with his heroic attitude, immediately offers to track the culprits and is about to walk off when Misty reminds him that not even herself knows who were behind it. Red pauses to think for a while and suggests asking Prof. Oak for information.

A few moments later, the two arrive at the Pewter Pokemoncentre and Red tries to connect to Oak via a visual phone system. The professor's face appears on the screen after a while and Red introduces the old man to Misty. Oak greets them both and asks about the progress of the Pokedex. Red shows him the new information he collected of Gyarados and brags to Misty about the high-tech features of the machine as well as his quest to become the ultimate trainer with its help. Oak gets a little annoyed at Red's self-absorption and is about close the connection when Red remembers the reason they called the professor and asks him about known burglars of pokemons. Oak reveals to the two that several stealings have been reported in recent days and he believes that Team Rocket is behind all of them. He explains that Rocket is an underground evil association known to perform biological experiments on pokemons. He suggests Red visit Mt. Moon to the east of Pewter if he wishes to track the gang's activities, because the place houses the rare moonstones for certain pokemon evolutions which the Rockets would definitely be after.

Red and Misty leave the Pokemoncentre and the boy gets upset about all the interventions to his plan to become a great trainer. Misty tells him that she would go along to Mt. Moon with him because her city, Cerulean, lies in the same direction and she wishes to find out more about Team Rocket. Red warns her of the danger ahead but the girl pulls out a bunch of pokemons and Red sees that apart from the Gyarados and Staryu, she also owns various other water pokemons like Starmie. Misty explains that she is a also a trainer that specializes in water pokemons and that it would be a great help to face off the rock types in the caves of Mt. Moon. She extends her hand to formally introduce herself and Red takes it with an embarrassing look on his face. The two then head east towards the mystical Mt. Moon...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

006: VS. Gyarados!

Volume 01

Misty Joins Red and they head to Mt. Moon in search of the Rockets