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Pocket Monster Special (Pokemon Adventures) Outside the caves of Mt. Moon, the ground is sprawled with the gang of men in black suit that Red encountered in the Pallet woods. One of them is receiving orders via a walkie-talkie to scout for the mysterious moonstones and kill any intruders that get in their way. The rest of the team continue with their search in the maze of trees and rocks. Meanwhile, Red and Misty arrive at the place and immediately spot the gang outside the caves. Misty tells Red to scoot down in the bushes as they try to overhear what the men are talking about. Red says he recognizes their outfit and Misty remarks that they are probably members of Team Rocket. Red remembers the moonstone and is determined to get one of the rare evolutionary rock himself. The two slowly crawl their way around the TR men and make it into the caves.

A Zubat silently wings past Red and Misty in the darkness and the girl says they wouldn't be able to find anything with such poor vision. Red fumbles at his belt and releases his Pikachu, Pika, who still wears an attitude on its face when it pops out of the ball, and Misty worries that it is not very friendly. Red assures her that the little electric mouse is very good at acting and tells it to use flash. Pika charges up its tail and the room is instantly lit up with a bright light. The two continue to walk through the caves as more Zubats fly by. Red has turned around to joke with Misty when his back suddenly hits something hard and rocky. But no sooner has the boy complained about the geology of the place that the two realize it wasn't rocks that got in their way but a Rhyhorn that's glaring at them with gleaming eyes. A TR member wearing a ninja scarf appears next to the spiky pokemon and remarks that they would not let little kids interfere with their great plans. More TR members flood into the room and Red walks up to confront the guy with the scarf, who's apparently the leader in this expedition.

The man orders a rock throw from the Rhyhorn and the tumbling blocks immediately knock Pika back and bury it in big boulders, but a few seconds later a spark cuts through the rocks and the little rat hops out, twirls the boulders into rotation, and hurls them right back at its attacker, nearly fainting it. The TR man grins with surprise and says that Team Rocket always has back-up plans. He pulls out a syringe from his belt, plucks it into the Rhyhorn's back, and the creature instantly evolves into a ferocious Rhydon. Red and Misty stare in disbelief and the girl realizes her Gyarados must have been stolen by these same men and received a similar type of injection which accounts for its sudden change in behaviour. Her face reddens with fury and she orders a water gun from her Staryu which knocks the Rhydon back, but the TR guy has the drill pokemon retaliate with a horn drill that sends the stream of water surging back towards the two and knocks Misty unconscious against a wall.

Red starts to get mad as well and orders Pika to charge forward. The Rhydon stomps on the little rat and keeps hurling rocks towards the boy, but Pika protects itself against the big pokemon's weight with it sparks and slowly charges up an electric field to topple the Rhydon over. It then leaps high up and starts zapping the rocks above the TR members. The TR man is about to laugh at Pika's futile acts when he realizes the little rat to trying to set loose the ceiling over them. The top of the cave soon cracks and gives way to a huge boulder that plummets right between the Rockets and Red. With the enemies trapped on the other side of the boulder, Red quickly gathers up Pika and Misty and makes a run to the cave exit.

Outside the cave, Misty slowly awakes and is furious to find herself all muddy and dirty. The two start to make their way towards Cerulean but Misty is upset that they didn't manage to find the mysterious moonstone. Red giggles and pulls out a rock with a crescent moon carving on it. Misty is surprised and Red explains that he spotted the stone lying in a little pit after the ceiling fell off. Misty cheers up at the news and the two happily run off towards the next city, Cerulean...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

007: VS. Rhydon!

Volume 01

Red Gets a Moonstone