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In the water city of Cerulean, Red and Misty has arrived at the big and grand mansion Misty lives in. Red gawks in awe as a line of beautiful maids come up to greet them and Misty introduces the boy to the ladies. A few moments later, Red has changed into a comfortable robe while his clothes are being tended by the maids and his pokemons being healed at Misty's private HP regenerating machine. Red makes his way to the dining hall and is shocked to see all the well-dressed guests as well as the extravagant layout of the room. Misty soon enters wearing an elegant silk dress and commences the dinner.

Half way through the meal, Red is still fervently talking about his journey so far as well as the battle against the Rockets at Mt. Moon, and all the guests seem genuinely entertained. Misty comments that people should try not to talk during meals but Red brushes it off with a laugh. Misty goes on to say that he should get enough rest that night because they will be starting on their special training the next day. Red gets confused and Misty explains that their strength right now is still no match against TR, especially the man with the ninja scarf at Mt. Moon, and that they would need to heighten their battling skills to help rid the evil. Red puts up an arrogant look and says he doesn't need any training as he believes in his own strength. Misty warns him of the greater danger TR houses but Red remarks that Misty simply didn't see his strength and skills because she fainted during their battle at Mt. Moon. This immediately outrages Misty and she runs off to her room teary-eyed.

Late in the evening that night, Red is lying on the bed talking to his pokemons about his plans to go out on dates with Misty's beautiful maids when the lights suddenly go off and a tornado sweeps in from the window, hurling everything in the room including the boy into a spin. Red's Bulbasaur, Saur, hops out from its pokeball and immediately grabs its trainer with his vines to pull him down. A shadowy figure appears briefly at the window and the wind dies down as quick as it comes. Red looks around his damaged room and wonders what could have caused the tornado when he spots a Gyarados scale lying on the floor.

The next morning by the light of day, Red is having breakfast at the dining room pondering on the events the night before. The maids look at him baffled and the boy reassures them that he is fine. He tells them that he will let them witness his strength later that day after his date with them because he will be challenging at the Cerulean Gym. The maids go silent for a moment after hearing this and burst out laughing. Red is still wondering what's so funny about his words when Misty enters the room with a dignified look and suggests him make the challenge now. The boy agrees and Misty takes him out of the mansion and into the woods. Red wonders why the gym is so far away from the city centre but Misty reassures him that it lies just at the border of the Cerulean.

A few moments later the two arrive at the Cerulean Gym and Misty invites Red in with a cold stare. The boy wonders what has caused the girl's sudden hostility as he follows her to the last room along the corridor. The two enter the empty room and Red asks Misty where the gymleader is, and the girl defiantly unveils herself to be the one he's looking for. Red still thinks Misty is joking but the girl has released her Starmie and ordered a water attack. The boy runs and dodges while the girl further reveals that it was her that attacked him the night before. Red starts to get mad and releases Saur to retaliate. He orders a vine whip but Misty has Stamie knock the two back with a strong bubblebeam. Red wonders why the girl has suddenly grew so strong and he suddenly realizes she is standing there motionless, trembling with soft sobs.

Misty replies with a cracked voice that she wishes Red would understand more of her reasons for having special training. She begins to burst out in tears and remarks that she lacks the skill to pull off effective attacks during intense battles like the one in Mt. Moon and that if don't take the matter seriously, they could never survive a combat against the enemies. She says she wishes Red would train with her for a while to exchange their different strength and skills, and slowly drops to the floor wiping her eyes. Red realizes the girl's good intentions and decides to put his journey on hold for a while as he extends his hand to help her up. He says he would cancel all his dates with the maids and focus on training with her in the coming days as the girl's face lightens up with joy.

One week later, Misty and Red shake hands outside her mansion and the boy prepares to continue with his quest to become the ultimate pokemon trainer. The maids ask why Misty is letting him go so soon and the girl says the two of them have come to fully learn all the special skills and tactics they each possess in the past week and that the rest would be up to their own training. The girl looks over the plains and ponders on their next meeting as Red waves goodbye with his pokemons from afar, the Boulder and Cascade badges reflecting the sunlight in front of his black T-shirt...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

008: VS. Starmie!

Volume 01

Red gets a Cascade Badge
Misty stays at the Gym