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Out on Route 11, a cycling competition organized by the bike company Miracle Cycle is about is start. The announcer introduces the rules and shows on a map that the course extends from Route 11 all the way to the wooden planks along the water on Route 12. He hints to the contestants that somewhere in the woods of Route 11 lies a shortcut, but they'll have discover it on their own. Red waits along the starting line on his bike with the other contestants and as the announcer commences the race, all cyclers instantly dash out in a flock. After his showdown with Lt. Surge on S.S. Anne, Red has learnt that the winner of the race will be awarded an HM, and therefore spent 3000 yen to take part in the competition. The president of the Pokemon Fan Club has presented him a bike voucher for the vehicle, but unfortunately he was given an old-fashioned one that lacks speed, and thus he ends up way behind the other contestants.

After pushing himself hard enough to catch up with the others, Red soon finds a group of cyclers halting in front, waiting for something. It turns out that the course spans over a river and only a single narrow bridge is there for crossing. Red wonders why the contestants don't waddle through the shallow water and a young man points out to him that the waters are inhabited by ferocious Tentacruels. A swimmer with the number tag 20 in front of his chest laughs and says he will gain the upperhand here as he releases a Slowpoke and surfs on its back to cross the river. Red realizes using pokemon skills is allowed and releases Poli. The blue frog fires an ice beam on the river surface and creates an ice path, which the boy gracefully crosses over as the other contestants stare in awe.

Having a lot of time spared, Red continues on the road when he spots a cycler steer off course and into the woods ahead of him. He realizes it must be the secret shortcut and decides to follow. He spots a bugcatcher spraying repel over himself and the little kid snobbishly tells him that no cycler can make it through the dense forest without repels to ward off the bugs. Watching the bugcatcher enter the woods with his Scyther, Red suddenly gets an idea. He releases Pika on his back and has it fend off the attacking bugs with its thundershocks as he makes his way through the trees and bushes. He also has Saur crouch in front of him and clear the path ahead with its razor leaves. Suddenly, Red crashes through some trees and a Beedrill nest falls on the head of Saur. The boy smells danger and is proven right when a swarm of angry Beedrills start chasing after him. The three emerges from the forest with stings all over them and Saur is completely soaked in honey from the nest.

Meanwhile, the announcer is commenting on the race by images sent back from hidden cameras along the route. Apparently, Red is third in position and merely behind the swimmer and bugcatcher he encountered earlier. The announcer says the boy should catch up with the two in no time with his current speed and mentions that the winner will be awarded 1 million yen aside from the HM. Back on the course, Red has caught up with the swimmer and bugcatcher on the wooden planks of Route 12, which is a popular spot for fishing. The two have gotten off their bikes and are staring helplessly at a big and dark sleeping creature that blocks their way. Red walks up to them and recognizes it as Snorlax. He decides to capture the snoring beast and releases Poli to tackle it, but Poli bounces off Snorlax's fat belly immediately upon contact. Red has the blue frog attempy several more tackles but they don't seem to hurt the sleeping pokemon a single bit. The boy checks on his Pokedex and realizes that Snorlax constantly recovers its HP during sleep and it would be impossible to sufficiently weaken it for a capture.

The swimmer remarks that the only way to wake Snorlax would be to present it with food and Red instantly comes up with a plan. He holds up his honey-soaked Saur and yells at the Snorlax, which causes the swimmer and bugcatcher to freak, but the sleeping creature slowly opens its eyes to the sweet smell. Saur has a worried look on its face but Red assures it that it would be alright. Snorlax comes to awake fully and starts salivating at the sight of the honey-soaked Bulbasaur.

At the finish line, the announcer and the crowd hear a faint stir in the distance and realize that the contestants are nearing goal. Yet the stir slowly becomes a rumble and everyone gawks in silence as they see Red appear from the horizon with a honey-soaked Bulbasaur crouching on his lap and a giant Snorlax chasing from behind. The boy merely crosses the front line when the big creature crashes into the poles and tents, causing the crowd to scream and flee.

A few moments later, Red is sitting on the ground exhausted as Pika, Poli and Saur dance merrily around the HM. Snorlax plops down next to the boy and the numerous baskets of food and starts gobbling down his rewards. Red sighs how he ended up spending all 1 million yen on food alone for his newly captured pokemon...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

012: VS. Snorlax!

Volume 01

Red Catches a Snorlax