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At the Pokemon Tower in Lavendar Town, Red stares in disbelief as his rival, Green, orders another deadly attack from his Charmeleon towards him. The fire lizard spins itself high up in the air and prepares to strike with its tail, but Red's Bulbasaur, Saur, holds it down with its vines just in time. Red sees the purple fog surrounding Green and decides that his rival must have been possessed as well. A Gastly slowly takes form above Green with a giggle and Red realizes the cadavers that attacked him earlier have all been under the psychic control of the gaseous pokemon. He has Saur unleash another vine whip but the attack goes right through the Gastly without hurting it. Green raises his arm and orders a fire spin from Charmeleon as Red thinks hard to come up with a strategy. But to his surprise as well as that of the Gastly, the fire generated begins to sway the gaseous exterior of the ghost pokemon and breaks the control it has over Green. The boy falls to the ground with his Charmeleon and Red immediately tells Saur to take care of the purple fog. Saur absorbs all the Gastly into the seed on its back and sends them away from the tower by releasing a beam from its mouth like he would with a solar beam. The pokemon zombies lay immobile on the floor as Green slowly wakes up.

Red walks up to his rival to check on him but the arrogant boy says he doesn't need Red's help. Green stands up and begins to walk further into the tower as he tells Red to leave him on his own to deal with the unfinished business there. Red sees the obvious anger in Green and rushes after him to push on the matter, but the other boy wouldn't say anything. Red decides to follow anyway and they begin climbing the stairs. A while later, Red begins to tire and wonders how many floors the tower has when a puddle of purple liquid starts to ooze out from the ground in front of him. The puddle suddenly bursts into a flood and Green immediately has his Charmeleon grab Red and lift him out of the way. Red looks in horror as his left sleeve is charred and Green explains that it is the deadly toxic attack of poison pokemons.

Green yells out for the enemy to appear as a man with a ninja scarf slowly takes form in front of the two. Red recognizes him as the same person who controlled the Rhydon at Mt. Moon and the man introduces himself as Koga, one of the three executives of Team Rocket. Green glares at him with fury as the man tells the two boys how they have messed with TR's plans to turn the Pokemon Tower into a secret base of the gang. Apparently, the ghost encounters in Lavendar have all been schemed by TR to drive people away from the building. Green orders a flamethrower from his Charmeleon towards Koga, only to discover that it is a projected image that they are seeing. Koga laughs and says no one has ever survived a battle against him as an Arbok crawls into the room with gleaming fangs. The giant cobra releases another acid attack and the two boys instantly spring to their feet and head for the stairs.

Green decides that Koga must be watching and controlling the Arbok from a distance through some visual devices and thinks on a plan. He lures the giant cobra to the floor where the zombies attacked Red earlier and turns around to face it. The poison pokemon hisses and charges towards the boy as he orders his Charmeleon to fend it off with a reflect shield. Outside the tower, Koga is being lifted in the air by his Golbat. He orders another acid attack from his Arbok to break the reflect shield by speaking through a little screen in the shape of a Golbat that he holds. He watches the shield shatter into pieces and grins evilly as he sees the corrosive acid pour all over the Charmeleon. Suddenly a flame flashes across his screen and the man is shocked to see his Arbok spliced into half by the Charmeleon's tail while the fire lizard remains unharmed. It turns out that Green has deliberated lured the Arbok to their current floor for his Charmeleon to make use of a zombie Psyduck as coverage when the acid poured down . And when the shattering glasses momentarily impeded Koga's vision on the screen, Green made use of the chance to unleash a surprise attack to finish off the big cobra. Outside the tower, Koga crushes his screen in his hands in anger and swears revenge.

The rain has stopped in Lavendar Town and Mr. Fuji is thanking Red and Green for their help in clearing up the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower. The old man shows Red the new graveyard he made for his Doduo inside the building and the boy wishes him the best. Green turns around to walk away without a word as Red watches him from behind and lets out a soft sigh. He then motions Pika, Poli and Saur to come along as they happily continue on their long journey...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

014: VS. Arbok!

Volume 01

Red & Green Meet Koga...a Team Rocket Executive