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Red continues to look at the photo Green handed him and wonders why Saffron and the evil Team Rocket are related. He looks at the damaged lab of Oak's and suddenly thinks of the Pokémon he sent back to the professor via Bill's transfer system. He rushes back into the room and checks his Pokémon storage on the computer, only to discover that his Eevee, Vee, has gone missing. Green checks his storage box but finds his box Pokémon intact. He coldly remarks that TR is clearly targetting at Red and says it must be his constant muggling into their business and trying to play hero that jeopardizes the safety of their home town. Red gets ticked off at his rival's words and delivers a punch at him. Green easily fends off the attack and states that Red should stay out of the whole business from now on and leave it to him to deal with TR. Red starts to protest and Green says that although he doesn't care about TR's Pokémon smuggling and biological experiments, he has the responsibilty to look after the interest of his grandfather and the people of his hometown. He remarks that the word Pallet stands for town of white and that it is the one place in the world that must not be contaminated. He says he would not allow anyone to mess with this sanctuary and lifts off on his Charizard. Red watches his rival disappearing into the horizon and decides that being a trainer of Pallet Town, he shares the same responsibility. The releases his Aerodactyl, Aero, and takes off towards Saffron City.

Later, at the western gates of Saffron, Green is trying to break through the barrier surrounding the metropolis with his Charizard's flames but to no avail. He thinks to himself that if the barrier is generated by psychic Pokémon, there must be certain areas of weakness that are easier to get through. He decides to try the central part of the dome-shaped invisible shield and orders his Charizard to fly up. Meanwhile, Red's Aerodactyl's hyperbeam isn't doing much to the tough barrier either. The boy suddenly gets the same idea as his rival and has Aero fly above the central part of the city. Red and Green meet up and start bickering at each other again. Not far from them, clinging onto her inflated Jigglypuff, Blue sees the two boys and realizes they are rivals of one another.

Aero's releases a sonic boom while Charizard tries another flamethrower, but even the central part of the barrier wouldn't give away to the attacks. Green sees that both physical and elemental attacks don't seem to work against the psychic generated walls and decides to try using ESP powers to counter it. He lands on the ground to release his Golduck, and orders the blue duck Pokémon to detect the position of the enemy with its telepathic skills. Golduck places one of its webbed hands on the barrier and starts sending signals into the city while Green projects and translates his Pokémon's thoughts and visions onto his Pokédex. The boy soon discovers that a Mr. Mime is responsible for generating the barrier and that its position lies at the very centre of Saffron in front of a tall building.

Red sees this from above and decides not to let his rival gain all the glory by do something as well. He lands and orders Pika to create a substitute of itself, which goes through the barrier into city without trouble. While Red's substitute Pika has trouble locating the enemy's Pokémon, Green has locked down the position of the Mr. Mime but lacks any means to stop its powers. Blue lands behind the two boys and calls them idiots for letting their rivalry interfere with their rescue plans. She remarks that they have plenty of time to take care of their rivalry when the whole business is over and suggests them working with each other on this one. Red and Green hesitate for a while, then decide to join forces. Green orders Golduck to help Red's substitute Pika find the Mr. Mime by sending out psychic signals, and not long after, the substitute Pika locates its enemy. Mr. Mime starts running away but Green's Golduck has no trouble keeping track of it. The substitute Pika locks down the barrier Pokémon and hurls itself towards it with a raging thunderbolt. The attack faints the Mr. Mime and the barrier surrounding Saffron instantly disappears. Green wastes no time and bolts into the city with Red tagging after him. Meanwhile, Blue smirks from behind that she can now gain access into Saffron without effort.

The two boys dash across the streets of Saffron and head towards the Silph. Company Building while Lt. Surge watches them from above with an evil grin on his face through a window in the headquarters of the building...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

028: VS. Mr. Mime!

Volume 03

Red finds his Eevee stolen
Red & Green enter Saffron City