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Koga is about to deliver the final attack to finish off Green when Red rushes towards his rival and releases Poli to stop the man, but the Fuchsia gymleader detects the attack instantly and turns around to swipe the boy and the big blue frog to the other side of the room with his Golbat. The Grimer on top of Green slides towards Red and wraps around him tight while Koga remarks that he deserves a big compliment for defeating Lt. Surge. Red yells for Green to get up but the ninja man steps his foot on the fallen boy and says it would be impossible for anyone to stay up after a fatal blow of razor wind. Koga aims the sharp wings of Golbat on Green's back and decides to finish him off, but a Pidgeot suddenly pops out from a pokeball in the boy's hand and dives into the stomach of the man. The Fuchsia gymleader steps back in pain and watches in surprise as Green slowly crawls back up. He says it is not possible for anyone to survive a razor wind across the heart, but the boy holds up a broken pendant in front of his chest and explains that the little metal ornament took the attack for him.

Koga gets furious and releases Articuno. The legendary pokemon starts a blizzard and swirling winds of ice immediately fill the room. Green struggles hard to stand his ground while the Fuchsia gymleader hops behind Red, who is still under the restraints of Grimer, and remarks that he should thank the boy for helping his capture of the ice bird. Red gets confused and the man explains with a smirk that back on Seafoams Island, Articuno used up most of its energy helping him defeat Muk, which made it weak and extra easy to capture. Red feels guilty upon hearing the story and steals an apologetic look towards Articuno, but the bird coldly turns away and continues its attack. Koga laughs that while the legendary pokemon helped him out last time, it is here to put an end to him this time. The man orders an ice beam from Articuno and the attack sweeps fiercely at Green and Red. Green finds it hard to understand why the ice bird has what seems to be an unlimited amount of power, and suddenly notices the Soul Badge in the man's hands.

Koga holds up the glistening heart-shaped badge and grins that the boys have forgotten the power-up property of gym badges. He remarks that different gym badges have different effects on the trainer's pokemon powers, and that with the four badges the TR boss and executives possess, the legendary bird's abilities are maximized. He adds that joining Team Rocket gives him the opportunity to experience such kind of mighty power and that it is the reason why he chose the job over his gymleader duties. The man orders another ice beam from Articuno, which narrowly misses Green and blasts a hole through the window. The bird then releases a blizzard and starts turning the room into an ice cave. Red and Green find themselves pinned to the ground with their feet trapped in jags of ice protruding out of the floor and soon get frozen from head to toe. Koga grins with satisfaction at the frozen bodies of the two boys and turns to walk away, but soon finds it odd when sweat drops start appearing on his forehead.

Suddenly, a blast hits him from behind and the man turns to find Red and Green smirking at him. He stares in disbelief and says the boys should have been frozen, then immediately understands the cause when he sees a Charizard outside the window spewing flames into the room, defrosting the place. Red's Pika and Green's Porygon unleash a combined thundershock and tri attack on the man and faint him, while Green remarks that the hole created by Articuno's ice beam earlier created an opening for Charizard to melt the ice with its flames from outside. Green picks up the Soul Badge from the floor and a partially charred Red complains that Charizard should have been more careful with its flames. The other boy releases his Golduck and tries to locate his grandfather with the pokemon's telepathic skills, but then discovers that certain energy waves in the building are interfering with the signals sent by Golduck onto his Pokdex. He grabs Koga's half-fainted Golbat and orders it to lead him to Prof. Oak. An image of Oak, who's being tied up in ropes, appears on Golbat's mouth and the boy sees that the old man is held captive in the basement.

Just then, the desperate cry of a girl comes from above and Red recognizes it as Blue's. Green tosses the Soul Badge to Red and tells him to help Blue while he goes to his grandfather's rescue. Red agrees and the two rivals head their separate ways...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

031: VS. Articuno!

Volume 03

Red & Green defeat Koga
Red gets a Soul Badge