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Blue jumps back and draws up her arms in defence as Sabrina's Kadabra fires another psybeam towards her. The attack smashes the ground into rubbles and knocks the girl's Horsea down. Blue wonders how is it that her enemy can detect her in the smoke-filled room, and the Saffron gymleader remarks with a smirk that ever since she discovered she had the ability to bend metal spoons with her mind power during her childhood, she has worked every day to develop her psychic skills. Blue realizes she's not only facing a psychic Pokémon expert but a psychic herself. Sabrina creates a whirlwind with her hands to clear the smoke while recreating the outdoor bird tower scenery with her powers, and orders a psychic from her Kadabra. Blue tries to get Horsea to smokescreen again but the psi Pokémon freezes them both with a disable. Kadabra holds its spoon against the girl's throat and Sabrina grins that death is the only consequence for getting into the way of a battle expert like herself.

Blue grunts with disgust but then suddenly puts on a smirk. She remarks that Sabrina might have all the battle skills, but lacks the beauty and charm she possesses. The girl adds that the Saffron gymleader has incredibly bad grammar and this immediately ticks the young woman off. Sabrina orders a slash from Kadabra and the psychic Pokémon rips open the front of Blue's dress with its spoon. To Sabrina's surprise, the girl has hidden two Pokéballs in front of her chest and once her dress gets torn, a Clefairy and Jigglypuff instantly pop out and charge towards her. Blue orders a growl from the Clefairy, and a sing from Jigglypuff, and the combined noise immediately gives Sabrina and her Kadabra a headache, rendering them dazzled and returning the room to its original look. The girl regains her mobility and decides that her Pokémon wouldn't stand a chance against those of the psychic lady's if they start a head-on confrontation. While Sabrina remains in a daze from all the sound attacks, Blue heads towards the door but then hesitates and turns back to fumble through the young woman's clothes. She finds the Marsh Badge and trots off towards the stairs with a grin.

Somewhere else in the Silph. Co Building, Red is still looking for Blue amid the twisting corridors and maze-like arrangement of rooms. He stumbles into a dark empty room and finds a large circular plate with seven differently shaped holes on its edges. The boy picks the heavy item up and is about to examine it when two TR members walk by the door. Red immediately crouches down under a table and overhears the men talk about the fallen executives, Lt. Surge and Koga. The two also mentions about the need to guard the place storing the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier and Red realizes it is the item that he's holding. Suddenly, Sabrina appears behind the men and gives an annoyed snuffle at their gossipping. The two TR members immediately tense up and the young woman despatches them to search for the escaped girl.

Sabrina walks into the dark room and Red recognizes her as the one who rampaged Oak's lab in Pallet Town. He continues to hide underneath the table and places the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier on the floor to figure out its use. He sees that the seven holes bear the same shape as the gym badges and recalls his collection. With the Boulder Badge from Brock, the Cascade Badge from Misty, the Rainbow Badge from Erika, the Crimson Badge Blaine gave him after the showdown with Moltres, the Thunder Badge he snagged from Lt. Surge and the Soul Badge he and Green took from Koga, he realizes he still misses one badge. Just then, the amplifier topples over and makes a noise, which immediately grabs Sabrina's attention. With his hiding place discovered, Red decides to battle Sabrina face to face and orders Pika to charge towards her. To his surprise, the little electric rat suddenly halts its attack and cuddles up to the young woman while she pats its head with a grin. Sabrina walks up to a stunned Red and is about to grab him when her face starts to fall off. The boy watches in surprise as his enemy reveals herself to be Blue in disguise while her face slowly deforms into Ditto. The girl smirks that she excels at impersonating others but adds that Pika doesn't seem to be fooled by her masquerade.

Meanwhile, at the basement, Green is locating his grandfather with the help of Koga's Golbat. He soon finds he professor tied up behind a stack a wooden boxes and rushes up to free him. Oak tells the boy that the rest of Pallet's people are locked up in a training stadium one floor below and curses Team Rocket for risking everyone's life for the sake of their evil plans. Green helps his grandfather up and the old man explains that TR has captured him to try talking him into being their new scientist for their current Pokémon biological experiments after their last one betrayed them and went away. The boy lets Oak lean on him and slowly escorts him out of the building.

Back in the dark room upstairs, Blue shows off the Marsh Badge to Red and the boy immediately asks for it, but the girl refuses and says he would need to exchange for it with the moonstone he obtained from Mt. Moon. She says that it would be of great use to her the next time she faces off Sabrina and Red suggests that they work together to dissolve the evil organization. Blue again refuses and says she is there for a different purpose, and that they both would get what they want if he agrees to trade the items. Red hesitates for a moment then hands over his moonstone while Blue gives him the Marsh Badge. The girl remarks that the amplifier generates Pokémon ablity power-ups from the centre pad by placing all seven badges into the holes and Red immediately takes out his other badges to start inserting them into the circular plate. Blue smirks that the boy believes her lies every time and leans back against the wall to wonder whether it is true that the device would generate a new specie of Pokémon.

Just then, the real Sabrina barges into the room with her Kadabra and demands the amplifier back. Red grins that TR's time is over as he inserts the last badge and aims the device to Pika. To his surprise, nothing comes out and Kadabra fires a psybeam towards him, causing him to fall over. Blue yanks the amplifier away from the boy and apologizes that she has lied to him once again. She explains that the Boulder and Cascade badges she returned to him last time were fake, then rushes out of the room with another apology. Red flares up in anger and Sabrina laughs that even good friends betray each other. The Saffron gymleader releases Moltres and orders Kadabra to summon Articuno and Zapdos from the other floors with its psychic powers.

Red soon finds himself surrounded by the three legendary birds while Blue inserts the real Boulder and Cascade badges into the amplifier in another room. The girl patiently awaits for the incarnation of a new specie of Pokémon but as the device charges up, a ball of energy shoots out from the centre pad and dashes back into the dark room. The energy sphere speeds towards the three legendary birds as Red stares in shock and Sabrina grins with satisfaction...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

032: VS. Kadabra!

Volume 03

Blue Shows her Clefairy for the first time
Red gives Blue the Moon Stone
Red Gets the Marsh Badge
Red retrieves the Real Boulder and Cascade Badges from Blue